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Unus Lupus

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Good game, looks great. But not the best idea to use dual-controller for a PC-based gamejam

Great game, only criticism would be having a script that checks if audio is playing, or at least cancelling the current audio and overplaying.. Bit annoying having two sounds going on at once.

Bugged out with the level where you match the pyramid with a green triangle to the socket on the ground. That said what I did play was very good. Would have liked some snappier/faster movement, but that's a personal preference. Very nicely done.

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Very fun game! Loved the minigames, really nicely done!

Very good game, lovely artwork and good story. Only criticism would be that the white text is hard to focus on with light backgrounds. A black outline would have helped. Also a few typos and repetitions in the sentences that throw you off the story a bit.

Glad to hear you found it spooky Radu!