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Thanks dude! I really appreciate it!

The level was something I kept pushing until 30 minutes before the deadline, I wanted to make it bigger, but I panicked when I realized I had 5 minutes to upload a build haha.

I also wanted to add a toast message saying "nice moves" or something like that when you make a flip, but yeah I had no time to figure out how to detect a flip ;-;

But thanks for reaching out, it really made my day. 

The core game mechanic is a lot of fun, the art is as cute as it can get and the music is just vibes through and through. Loved it! :))

Cool idea for a game mechanic, and you guys really nailed the win98 aesthetic. (:

whoa, I was definitely not expecting voice over. The art style is amazing too!! great job. :)

Loved the mini-games and how well they fit in the theme, the writing had some good puns as well. :))

Really enjoyed this game! It also got a few laughs out of me with the different sprites for the character and the sound effects!

I didn't manage to get into heaven, but had fun trying. Also I hate this Crowley guy, haha. (:

Interesting mechanic. The other enemy types really caught me off-guard. :)

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Por a resolução do meu PC ser baixa eu perco parte da tela e não to conseguindo jogar. Tem como fazer habilitar pra dar resize na tela? :(

Parece ser bem top, to empolgadão pra jogar.

EDIT: Esse é o problema. D:

Thanks for commenting.  (:

Yeah, I agree. I was crunching in my spare time to finish this game in time for the jam, didn't have enough time to playtest it correctly.

I never touched it since though, might come back to it one day, improve the controls and add some new levels.

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Deixe nos comentários que função você precisa pra sua equipe:

Programadores? Artistas?

Whoa, really cool concept. I loved the whole idea of evolving your game, especially the initial part where you have to choose between graphics and movement. The graphics are also really cool and I liked the boss fight. (:

Really fun take on the theme with really good sprites. I caught myself looking for Easter eggs on the code. hahaha (:

Really loved that the bugs are actual ladybugs. hahaha (:

First of all, thanks for the kind words, this is the first game jam I took part on and I also started the development kinda late, since I had no idea of what to do for the half of the week, so it's really cool to see people playing my game and leaving positive comments.

I absolutely agree with everything you said. The problem with the music loop (and the fact that it gets ultra repetitive after just two stages) was a thing that I realized only the day after submissions ended, since I left to do the music at the end of the development, I was tired and just wanted to end it as quick as possible to go to bed.

About allowing the player to type "left" instead of "l", that is a thing that I didn't accounted for, but I can clearly see this as an improvement, for sure. And also, in retrospect, how did I not think about adding a grid? Well, thank you for the amazing feedback!

Really cool art style. Loved the pixelated trail on the player and the whole god rays aesthetic.

Source code: