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Introductions Sticky

A topic by Naomi Norbez created Mar 31, 2019 Views: 345 Replies: 17
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Hello friends!

I figured it might be a nice idea if we all had a place to introduce ourselves!  I'll go first.

I'm Naomi Norbez, an enby trans dude.  I make mostly Twines, but I've also dabbled in Construct 2 and RPG Maker.  The topics in my games include abusive relationships, romantic confusion, self-love, loneliness, and storytelling.  I like exploring real-world topics so that the player can explore more about themselves.

In my free time, I enjoy writing and drawing--I have a few YA novels in the works.  My favorite food is tacos.

What about you? C:

Hi, I'm silent ferrets, aka thousandheads, and I mostly make ttrpgs . Are those allowed for this jam or should I make a video game? 


Nice to meet you, thousandheads!  :D

TTRPGS are absolutely welcome!  I'll update the rules to mention that. C: Looking forward to playing it!

Thanks. I've already made two games that I felt were explicitly NB and one where nonbinary is a character type that is encouraged. So I figure I might end up with my next project just involving this. I'm excited. Thanks for including me!


Awesome! & thank YOU for participating! C: Good luck with your game!


Hey ✋

I’m Ash, and I usually make little web games for jams. Board games are my full-time jam. Thank you so much for putting this on 💕 hopefully I have time to participate. 


Hi Ash!  Nice to meet you! C: Board games are a great full-time jam to have. ;)

I hope you have time to participate too! :D I've been blown away by the community response to this so far; it's been my pleasure to run this game jam.  Also, it's a sign we DEFINITELY need to do another one in a few months. >:3

All the best with your game, if you do have time to make one for the jam.  Have a good one!


Yo! I'm Albey. An autistic enby programmer/designer. I'll make games in virtually anything.

My life is pretty hectic and I don't know how much I'll be able to do for the jam, but this is an exciting idea! And also a good opportunity for me to practise with Godot.


Hey Albey!  Welcome! :) If you do get to make something for the jam, good luck! C:

Hey, y'all! I am Niel.I love making games.

I may be interested in making a tiny game


Hello Niel! C: Tiny games are good!  I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Deleted post

Welcome Irene! C: I hope you'll be able to contribute to this jam too!  All the best! <3


I'm Kaiju (they/them) I blog, I stream, I get up on hills to fight for LGBTQIA+ advocacy and this is my first game jam and will probably be my first completed game (paws crossed). I'm currently working on a visual novel but that's gonna take a while to finish so this seems like a great way to boost my motivation <3 


Welcome Kaiju! :D Hope this jam sufficiently motivates you.  All the best! C:


Hello! My name is Ash, non-binary, they/them. I only recently became more serious about creating games on my own and I'm very excited to be a part of this jam! I have a lot of game ideas I'm working on, but small projects like these help keep me focused on what I am actually capable of doing and learning at the moment. =) Very excited to see everyone's games!


Hi Ash! :) That's awesome to hear.  I'm excited to see your game, too! :D

Hi my name is leif (they/he) and I have never made a digital game before, so that's what I would like to accomplish in Twine since I have a bit of experience in HTML. These days, I make visual art and virtual reality films. I've always been interested in games as a dissemination tool, but never thought that I could make games!

Then I discovered Anna Anthropy and the games she makes as a trans game creator and thought, if she can do it, I can do it. So now I feel more empowered to make a game and I'm very excited about it!


He Leif!  Twine is a great engine to start with--you can do it! ^u^ & Anna Anthropy is an inspiration to me too!