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It is very cool that this exists. Just knowing it does makes me happy.

Why call it "utala"? Just checking, but it's not a competition or the like, is it?

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It seems to have been a while since you worked on this, but some feedback:

  • The pre-made puzzles feel randomly generated. I'd like to see puzzles that have an "intended solve path". For example, a puzzle that teaches a technique, or one that has deductions that nicely lead from one to the next. Or even just a puzzle that looks like something.
  • When you right-click a tile to see what affects it, it would be nice if there was some animation to the purple tiles to draw the eye. It can be hard to tell exactly which tiles have changed colour, especially when the view has to zoom out to show them all.
  • On that note, I'd like to not have to hold a button to see these. Physical disability can make holding buttons difficult, and this game requires a lot. Perhaps a click to toggle would be better?
  • I'd also like a way to see which tiles are affected by the current tile, not just the other way around. Just as a visual reminder.

All that said, I love the ruleset. It's a very clever game. I hope you finish it.

Edited to add:

  • Please wait a moment before showing the win screen, or have it out of the way somehow. I want to see the final animation as the colours fall into place. It would be satisfying!
  • You have undo. What about redo? I often accidentally click undo too much, and I miss what I undid, which can be confusing.

Ha! Immediately worked. Should have been obvious to me. Thing not found, so install thing. I appreciate it, thankyou. :)

suwi mute a!

Huh, the "linux" build seems to think it's the steam build? At least that's what the folder says. Either way, it doesn't run.

I'm getting:

./rawexec: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
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I would have loved to, but it was a game jam, and I ran out of time (working alone, and discovering it takes way more maths than I expected). But also, annoyingly, it was hard to find the fun. It's a fun proof-of-concept as-is, but if I were to put more effort in, I'd want there to be more to it than just a maze. And it turned out to be really hard to take in a fun direction (especially as a dev that likes procedural generation over hand-crafting).

Still occasionally thinking, though. It would be kind of a shame to waste such a good game title. I'm still proud of that. :3

Well that helps!

I'll still test on Wine first out of curiosity, tho. :3

Oh, good to know about Proton, thanks. Had no idea it was related. I'd test on Wine myself, but I'm poor enough I need to be sure it's gonna' work before I buy a game. I just know how good itch is for devs.

I like buying things here rather than Steam, because more goes to the developer, but I'm on Linux. Does anyone know if this works with Wine?

RYB comments · Replied to FLEB in RYB comments

I'm on openSUSE. We use .rpm files. I dunno if there's kinds beyond rpm and deb, but even if there aren't, software often needs to build for each distro separately anyway, or provide sourcecode for people to build themselves. I'm new to building games for linux, but I've built the prototype for my game as a .x86_64 (Godot's default for building linux games). I don't yet know how portable that is either. That's why I suggested Appimage. That should be able to be built once and run on any linux system.

Still, I'm also new to this. There may be a better way.

Heyo. Some linux distros (like mine) don't use .deb files and can't play this. Perhaps an Appimage would be more portable?

Don't mind me, just seeing how long it can take to drain the world's oceans into one enormous pit that used to be the tallest mountain.

It's a Pico-8 game. This is its only resolution. That said, the dev is making a higher resolution version. Check it out!

(I played the pyromancer street rat in Peanuts' comment. :3 )

Played a one-shot today. It was amazing! Really enjoyed it. With world creation, we kind of answered upcoming questions by mistake, but we worked around it. Also, managing what I'm capable of based on what cards I have in my hand feels a bit strange, because why am I suddenly not as effective at, say, physical tasks? Then again, it probably doesn't have to be characterised that way. Either way, I had a fantastic time, and I'd love to play a longer game. ^_^

This game is really lovely and beautiful. Clever puzzles, too. The last few levels are getting really challenging.

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Just researching for a different game I want to make, and stumbled across this which may explain some things?

"For dozens of popular Game Boy titles, the Game Boy Color has an enhanced palette built in featuring up to 16 colors - four colors for each of the Game Boy's four layers. If the system does not have a palette stored for a game, it defaults to a palette of green, blue, salmon, black, and white. However, when the user turns on the system, they may choose one of 12 built-in color palettes by pressing certain button combinations (namely a direction key and optionally A or B) while the Game Boy logo is present on the screen."

On the Gameboy Advance page, they also say this: "Game Boy games can be played using the same selectable color palettes as on the Game Boy Color."

The GBA added colours to black-and-white GB games. So did the gameboy colour. When you turn it on while holding different button combinations, they choose a different colour theme to apply.

Yo! I'm Albey. An autistic enby programmer/designer. I'll make games in virtually anything.

My life is pretty hectic and I don't know how much I'll be able to do for the jam, but this is an exciting idea! And also a good opportunity for me to practise with Godot.