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I like buying things here rather than Steam, because more goes to the developer, but I'm on Linux. Does anyone know if this works with Wine?

The Steam version works well with Proton, which I think is just Wine + their patches? The only issue consistently reported there is that you can't see the tutorial videos (video parts of Windows are not well emulated, it seems). I don't think I heard from anybody trying on straight-up Wine and I'm not sure how that compares to Proton.

Note: We don't officially support Linux, so I might not be able to help if there are issues.

Oh, good to know about Proton, thanks. Had no idea it was related. I'd test on Wine myself, but I'm poor enough I need to be sure it's gonna' work before I buy a game. I just know how good itch is for devs.


FWIW - we now give out a Steam key with every purchase, and the video issue is fixed under Proton, so the game should be fully playable under Linux.

Well that helps!

I'll still test on Wine first out of curiosity, tho. :3