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Sadly, it's not under active development right now, but I'm super-happy that people are still interested after this much of a hiatus!

Due to mostly financial reasons, I had to get a proper job as a project lead at a game company. It's a big responsibility and I have very little time and energy left for other projects, so I had to regretably put my indie life on hiatus. 

However, this is all about to change! My contract is soon going to be up, and while this job was my chance to get into "proper" game development (with an actual budget and everything ;), it did not pan out as I'd hoped. This means I'm now parting ways with the company, so I will be free to pursue my own projects soon.

The plan right now is to get back to SlipWays as soon as possible - right after I pass my responsibilities at the job to new people and recharge my batteries a little, perhaps by doing a smaller project first. 

The details are still in flux (the decision to quit is still fresh), but SlipWays PC is definitely the top of my priority list!

You have to figure out what the wand is for. Hint: It's got a bit more range than the other items :)

From the cartridge side, it's identical to just doing mouse support (a special poke() to turn the mouse on, then stat() calls to get mouse coordinates). The only thing done on the Javascript side is letting the cart know it's a phone/tablet (via pico8_gpio) so it can hide the mouse cursor.

I'll have to invent a new cake adjective just to accomodate that score! :)

Yeah, the picture is of a pie, you caught me.  In my defense, there is only one word for cakes and pies in my native language, so the difference was always a little bit confusing. Glad you liked the game itself, though!

I definitely want to release the source code for the project! I'd like to properly finish it first, for a post-compo version with sound and a slightly larger and better designed world. Going through some crazy life changes right now, though, so I'm not sure I'll have the time to do it all soon.

Sad to hear that. The balance might be a bit off, since this was done in a week with minimal playtesting - but I can still learn something from that if you tell me what frustrated you in particular.

Whoops, that's a bug - going to fix it this evening, it's just a missing screen exit in the level map. Well, at least it doesn't take long to replay ;)

Probably should have teamed up with somebody to do the audio side - but when I thought to do that, I was already running out of time for implementing the actual mechanics ;)

At least I have an excuse for the palette this time, remaking a game that mostly takes place underground! :)

Nothing wrong on your end - just ran out of time before I could get to sound :)

I'll have a little bit more flexibility in the PC version, where there is more space to experiment. The PICO-8 version is working under tight constraints, so there is only one mode - the 25 years was chosen to strike the right balance between sandboxy fun and challenge.

Sure - it's just CSS styling. Adding {cursor: none;} on any element will turn off the cursor when the mouse is over it.

I'm hoping to address that in the PC version by offering a longer experience to those who want it.

Thanks for reporting this! I think it's actually an obscure and hard to track down bug in PICO-8, since I've seen a few different versions of this message reported, all happening in seemingly random places. As such, I'll try to raise the issue with PICO-8's creator, but unfortunately it's not a guarantee that we'll be able to reproduce it (let alone fix it). The one good thing about it is that it only happens very rarely.

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I'm using custom events to set up links inside my text. I'm using markup like "<e=link:start>foo<e=link:end>" to trigger events so that I can get coordinates and generate a proper collider. I've hit a snag, though - this does not work at the end of the string.

If you trigger a custom event at the last position in the string, the STMTextInfo object passed to the callback has invalid data in it. 'pos' does not reflect where the string actually ends, and all the XXXVert properties are filled with NaN vectors.

I understand that there is no actual next character at the end of the string, but maybe STM could pretend there is a 'virtual' zero-width character there, so that all these properties are usable when an event is placed at the end of the string?

Adding a zero-width space to strings right now as a work-around, but would really prefer this to be fixed.

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Just bought the asset and I'm taking it for a test-drive to see if everything I need it to do is possible. I hit upon a bug with quad rendering - if you use a texture with a number of columns that's not equal to the number of rows, indexing is off. If you have a 16 columns x 4 rows image, the row changes once every 4 indices instead of every 16 - <quad=foo,8> draws the image at (8,2) instead of (8,0).

Traced it down to this line in STMQuadData.cs - the division should be by the number of columns (the number of images in a row), not the number of rows.

int row = (int)Mathf.Floor((float)myIconIndex / (float)rows);

Impressive scores! The undo feature *is* definitely going to be there in the PC version - like you guessed, only for moves where no hidden information was revealed.

You're in luck - the "slipgates" technology on the second tech level is exactly this. "Space folding" from the first level also gives you a bit more range, but is more limited.

Yeah, it's about people breeding alien lifeforms for their benefit, so breeding as in "selective breeding".

Thank you for the detailed feedback. It's always appreciated, especially since many of the points apply to the upcoming PC version as well.

I'm building the engine of the PC version with the possibility of doing "undos" built-in from the very start. I also think I came up with a good UI solution for the slipway routing that would let you just drag exports from slipway to slipway - but we'll see how it works in practice. The "kickstarting" is "works as intended", but maybe not "works like it should". Will think about it when coding the new economy engine. The last two are bugs, but they're pretty minor - and at this moment I'm really focused on getting the PC version off the ground, so they might be left unfixed for a while.

I'm planning to have Linux build. Unity supports it, so it's only a question of a little extra elbow grease to get it done.

I don't have a Linux box at hand to test with, but I'm just using the default PICO-8 binary export. I'll check it out tomorrow and see if I can help. In the meantime, Alt+Enter toggles fullscreen on all the other platforms, so maybe it'll help here as well?

The PC version will definitely have a bigger viewport! :) This one is limited by PICO-8's capabilities.
The ability to take down slipways is also something often suggested by players, so I will definitely keep it in consideration for the PC version.

Drop a gate anywhere, then connect slipways to it. All planets connected to a gate work as if they were connected ditectly.

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It was a bug in the trade system, thanks for reporting it! I think I found it and fixed it, so this shouldn't happen anymore.

Being able to tear down slipways is probably going a feature of one of the low-level techs in the HD edition - turns out, tunnels through timespace are not so easy to stop once they get going ;) 

There is now a fullscreen button in the bottom-right corner, should help - though it only zooms in, as PICO-8 only does 128x128 pixels.

There is a fullscreen button now - thanks for pointing me in the right direction :)

No, the odds of dud signatures do not change. The biggest difference between levels is the income from trade. The only planet-related change is that on lower levels the odds are titlted a bit in your favor when generating starting planet types.

Thanks! It was a tight fit, but I think it should be worth the effort yo squeeze it in :)

Thanks for the review! Watched it and enjoyed it to the extent my rusty high-school German permitted :)
I'm actually surprised it took this long for somebody to mention the lack of zoom. Couldn't do it in the PICO-8 edition due to technical constraints, but that's obviously one shortcoming I intend to remedy with the full version. Same goes for a comprehensive in-game tutorial. What do you mean by non-planets? The ones that turn out to be useless and disappear, or the hard-to-use ones (barren, iceball, etc.)?

I really don't appreciate the tone. 
From what I see in the screenshots, the food went to the planet you can see in the lower left corner in the first image. Planets are greedy and always take as much resources as possible - the planet with the oldest connection to the slipgate wins, currently. Ideally, I'd make it so the most "needy" planet wins, but that'd require big changes to the algorithm that assigns trade. Definitely will do it for the full version, but it likely won't fit in the PICO-8 edition.

PICO-8 code space is very limited, and it was cheaper to do SDFE since these are PICO-8's default player 2 controls - and I figured it wasn't worth removing actual features from the game in order to be able to move this one key to the left ;)

There is no way I can fit an undo option in the PICO-8 version (very costly to implement), but I totally get that - it sucks when a plan goes awry because of a misclick or a "brain-typo". I'm going to keep this suggestion in mind for the PC version!

I'm gonna try to improve the readability of the resources for the next update. I'll also put a resource chart in the quickstart so that it's clearer what's what and what it does (it might be hard to put one in-game due to PICO-8 space restrictions). The resource collapsed stars make is "energy" - it can a) replace anything a planet needs and b) increase any planet's production

This pair caused trouble since the very beginning. Thought I fixed it, but I'll try to fiddle with it some more before the next update.

It's still very early in the process, so rather hard to say. I'm currently in the process of writing down an initial design and gathering the team to make it happen.

There is still that last star to get on "tough" ;)

Glad you enjoyed it! The full version will deliver something to help with the missing fourth "X" (though not the classical empire vs empire battle, something more akin to tower defense where you have to protect from outside threats), along with a host of other stuff that just wouldn't fit into a PICO-8 cartridge (no matter how hard I pushed).

Tried to do my best, but PICO-8 is a harsh mistress sometimes - the resource icons are 5x5 pixels total, for example, which makes it hard to make them readable.
Is there any particular part that caused you readability troubles? I can always try to improve stuff, though tooltips might not be the way to go on a cramped screen like that.

Repeatedly :) Every time it was harder and harder to whittle down the token count, but it somehow fits in the end (with a few compressed bytes to spare).