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Slipways is not very content-driven, being more of a replay-based game with 1h-long runs (with each run featuring different content when it comes to eg. technologies). It should take you about 10 hours to see all of the technologies, perks and then go through the campaign, but it all boils down to whether you like the style of gameplay the game offers. Right now, the average "time played" on Steam is a little over 12h, with quite a few hardcore players having 100h+.

That's just how energy works - and that's true even in the updated PC version. If you use it to replace a need, that needs gets replaced completely - only more energy will be accepted, not the original resource. So, not a bug - but maybe a little counterintuitive.

Have fun with both versions of the game! :)

Busy making a sequel to Slipways! :)

But hey, who knows, maybe for the next game :)

FWIW - we now give out a Steam key with every purchase, and the video issue is fixed under Proton, so the game should be fully playable under Linux.

For now, Steam only.

I'm not 100% sure if setting up a similar solution for GOG would be possible. If it's something more people want, we can look into it.

The Steam version works well with Proton, which I think is just Wine + their patches? The only issue consistently reported there is that you can't see the tutorial videos (video parts of Windows are not well emulated, it seems). I don't think I heard from anybody trying on straight-up Wine and I'm not sure how that compares to Proton.

Note: We don't officially support Linux, so I might not be able to help if there are issues.

That's how cartridges work on PICO-8! (the PNG contains all the data necessary to run the game, as well as the picture)

Thanks! Still working around the clock to make the game even better for release!

The game will be available on Steam, Epic, GOG and I'm a little behind on my announcements, what with all the open beta excitement, but I will be updating all of the information sprinkled in various places soon :)

I hope so too! :)

Not in this version. The upcoming PC version (coming June 3rd!) has an sandbox-like endless mode where you can play as long as you wish :)

Techs have resource icons on the left - if you have a lab researching that resource, you get a discount.

Synthesizers can only supply a missing need (people don't want fake synthesized versions of the things they're already getting ;). So, doesn't look like a bug this time around, at least doesn't look so from the screenshot - but I understand it's a bit confusing since this is not explained ingame.

Well done :) PICO-8 integers top out at 32767, so without special tricks that's the highest score it'll display. Looks like yours was 33001.
Will be harder in the PC version, we'll top out at 2 billion there ;)

Completed the demo on hard on my first run, but had immense fun doing so! The dice mechanics are solid and there is a lot to think about.

The one thing I disliked a little bit was the mana and spell system, which often overshadowed the dice abilities. It's good, but I feel spells should cost more to offset the flexibility. This is less of a problem once you level up a bit and the dice start getting better compared to the spells.

Other than that, really solid. I loved the variety of mechanics between the various monsters, had great fun upgrading my guys to completely new dice and can't wait for more.

I would definitely pay more than $3 for the full version - don't be afraid to ask for money for this one!

Time to tackle the harder modes, maybe? :)

Unfortunately not, sorry. Supporting every additional platform is a big thing for a solo developer and Linux is uniquely challenging in how varied it is.

The Steam version does reportedly work well under Proton (their emulation platform), so you can try that way (and get a refund if it doesn't work to your satisfaction). I might tackle a dedicated Linux port after release, but can't promise anything for sure.

I know people have been playing the Steam demo under Linux via their Proton compatibility layer without any issues, so that's a good way to play if you're on Linux - but I understand if you dislike Steam.
A dedicated Linux port is unfortunately not something I can afford to do at release, but might be something to consider later down the road.

Sorry! I really tried shouting from all the rooftops about the SGF, but it seems I wasn't loud enough yet :)
If you follow the game either on Twitter, Discord or Steam, you won't miss the next thing (which is now sign-up for the closed beta!).

I honestly didn't think about doing that until you mentioned it. It might be possible, but I'd definitely have to check with (I'd have a tier that is basically a pre-order and doesn't give any rewards now). I'll think about it some more, but realistically, I won't be doing anything about until the Steam Game Festival ends.

The safest best right now is to simply wishlist the game on Steam to be reminded of it at release. Once it releases, it will be available both there and on, so you can buy on either site.

Either way, thanks for being so invested that you're willing to part with your money now for a game you'll only get later! :)

I'll look into that at some point (really focusing on PC Slipways now), but this looks pretty weird, especially since it only happens on a local cart.

There are 12 verses, forming one poem - but yeah, it's just a tiny bit of lore for the persistent :)

Hit them early and hit them hard. They're wimps if you take the fight to them :)

Possibly, but it's not a given - I'll know for certain closer to release.

I'd love to have a native build, but it's really hard to justify the extra development time, and I'm a solo developer - which means trying to keep multiple OS builds working is very hard and a huge drain on my time (learned that the hard way with the Mac build that's already falling behind the Windows one).

But, I hear only good things about Proton these days, which would let you play the Windows version under Linux with little trouble, probably. That's probably the safest bet for getting Slipways on Linux. If you buy it and it turns out you can't play it that way, I'll be happy to refund it.

I'm happy to hear feedback whenever and wherever - you can just post under the Slipways comment section. I'm actually trying to figur out what people's expectations for the endless mode are, so if you want to elaborate on that, I'll listen :)

Request granted :) Lots of people wanted an endless mode, so it's in the works.

In fact, I'll be polling players on Discord soon about their expectations from that mode, since it's a little bit outside my usual design sensibilities (I believe strongly in time/resource limits for better, more "meaningful" gameplay).

15-20USD, specific number to be determined a little later!

Thank you!

The version on the BBS/splore doesn't crash for me on PICO-8 0.2.1b. Can you screenshot the crash?

Glad you liked the game! Actually working on a sequel to Slipways (another PICO-8 game of mine), so PoC will have to wait its turn :)

No wiki yet, but we do have a Discord with some people capable of 18000+ scores on the highest difficulty and probably willing to talk strategy :)

The new version is still going to be plenty chill, though definitely less retro :)
I'm afraid there is no option of making the new version use pixel art graphics, even though I understand some might prefer it. It'd require making two versions of everything in the game, essentially - which probably wouldn't be a good investment of the development effort as opposed to actually finishing the game :)

The new PC/Mac version should have this as an option :)

PICO-8 0.2.1b has a small bug due to how the add() function is changed. This has unfortunately broken most of my cartridges.
I reported the bug and it is already fixed for 0.2.1c - but I'm not sure if that update is released already.

0.2.1b had a bug that causes this - I reported it and it's already fixed in PICO-8 0.2.1c, though I'm not sure if this version is out yet.

German/French keyboard, maybe? If so, just press whatever key is in the same space as Z in a QWERTY keyboard (or just can use C/V in place of Z/X) :)

Possibly a bug? This game has quite a lot of quick and dirty code ;)

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It appears to be a bug on the PICO-8 end, introduced in a recent update. It affects most of my carts and I'd have to work around it by changing the carts one by one, so for now I contacted Zep (the creator of PICO-8) to see if I can get it fixed in a future version.

(EDIT: zep tells me that the bug will be fixed in the next PICO-8 version, 0.2.1.c)

This cart will work fine in any 0.2.0 or earlier version (you can get those at