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No wiki yet, but we do have a Discord with some people capable of 18000+ scores on the highest difficulty and probably willing to talk strategy :)

The new version is still going to be plenty chill, though definitely less retro :)
I'm afraid there is no option of making the new version use pixel art graphics, even though I understand some might prefer it. It'd require making two versions of everything in the game, essentially - which probably wouldn't be a good investment of the development effort as opposed to actually finishing the game :)

The new PC/Mac version should have this as an option :)

PICO-8 0.2.1b has a small bug due to how the add() function is changed. This has unfortunately broken most of my cartridges.
I reported the bug and it is already fixed for 0.2.1c - but I'm not sure if that update is released already.

0.2.1b had a bug that causes this - I reported it and it's already fixed in PICO-8 0.2.1c, though I'm not sure if this version is out yet.

German/French keyboard, maybe? If so, just press whatever key is in the same space as Z in a QWERTY keyboard (or just can use C/V in place of Z/X) :)

Possibly a bug? This game has quite a lot of quick and dirty code ;)

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It appears to be a bug on the PICO-8 end, introduced in a recent update. It affects most of my carts and I'd have to work around it by changing the carts one by one, so for now I contacted Zep (the creator of PICO-8) to see if I can get it fixed in a future version.

(EDIT: zep tells me that the bug will be fixed in the next PICO-8 version, 0.2.1.c)

This cart will work fine in any 0.2.0 or earlier version (you can get those at

Thanks! Difficulty is really hard to get right in jam games - you have basically no time for playtesting, and the only person testing the game (you) has so much practice that it's very easy to make things almost impossible for new players :)

No worries - feedback is valuable, even for a jam game :) As you both noticed, it's unlikely I'll ever update this - but it's never a problem hearing what others think, even if it's negative. I actually agree with a lot of the issues - but I'm still really happy with the game considering the whole thing was done in 6 days ;)

I was surprised it wasn't in the downloads yet ;). Added now, it's indeed very little hassle to export them.

Have you tried the unminified source code (it's a .p8 file that you can download from the game's page). That's as readable as it's gonna get ;)

Limitation of PICO-8 (ESDF are the 'player 2' keys).

If you'd like to hack the PICO-8 source code (and have access to the .p8), just search for "self.game_end=", though the game is really not designed for infinite play.

The new version will have a longer campaign and probably some kind of infinite mode as well.

Well, there is always the new thing: :) No problems with pixels there ;)

That's weird - what PICO-8 version is this on, and is this for the minified .png or editable .p8 version?

It will - at least for now, the Mac build is in-sync with the PC one, and everything works on both platforms :)

That's a shame, but I can definitely understand being burned out on a project, happened many times to me as well. 

Take care of yourself and take your time to rebuild your motivation to do cool stuff - big fan of the original Witchway! :)

That's not possible with PICO-8 (the software used to make this game), sorry - this is the best I can do at the moment.

This version of the game should work well on mobile - you just have to open its itch site in a browser :)

Played enough of it to complete it :) Pretty basic for now, but has quite a bit of potential! 

If you're up to polishing it, I think all that's needed is more types of islands and more fun adventures to be had on them, a little balancing (digging repeatedly until your hold is full of coins feels like cheating, I'd look towards forcing the player to work for their gold) and something to make the combat a bit more tactical/dynamic. Maybe a shifting wind direction giving one side the advantage (shot carries farther downwind, you can sail faster downwind)?

Hi, as you noticed, the downloads are just additional materials for the game. If you're not a PICO-8 user, the best way you can play the game currently is right here on the site, with no download necessary. I haven't prepared a standalone version yet.

The new, expanded version is still under heavy development. You can track it's progress on Twitter ( and find out more about the plans at So I'm afraid it's not available for download or purchase yet - but I'm working on that! :)

I'm sorry if the page is somehow unclear - but this page and all the downloads on it are for the original, PICO-8 version of the game.

Hey, sorry for that. I updated the downloadable Mac app to support 64-bit, which means it should theoretically work on Catalina now - but I can't check myself, since my only Apple computer is still on Mojave. Let me know if you have any more trouble!

And your contribution is much appreciated - what helps even more than money is knowing that people enjoy the game and are looking forward to the sequel :)

Unfortunately no, unless somebody made a fan version - you'll have to explore on your own! :) There are four tech levels, you can get 2/2/3 from the first three, and all five from the last level (if you can afford them).

The full PC version is something I'm still very much working on, and isn't available for order yet - that one is definitely going to have an endless mode, plus gobs of other improvements.

The Windows etc. versions for download on this page are just the same as the web version, but wrapped as a standalone app for convenience.

Ah, so close to 1337! Congrats, I think this beats my best of around 700 ;)

It's not on the BBS for some reason - could have sworn I've uploaded it there. I'll have to submit it one of these days, but I'd have to minify it so it works in the .png format etc.

For now, here is a link to the .p8 if you're curious:

You can, with the right technology - though it takes some doing to invent it :)

My pleasure - have fun! Should be a good solitaire replacement for those boring lulls :)

No, this page is only for the PICO-8 version, which is what you get for buying on right now.

The "big" PC version in development is not available to purchase yet - the earliest opportunity to buy it will be during crowdfunding early next year. Hope that clears it up!

The Patreon is currently suspended - I had a very demanding job which didn't leave me much time for me indie pursuits. Now that I'm back to working on SlipWays full-time, I'm thinking of reactivating it - but haven't done it yet. In any case, I've removed the misleading link from the description, thanks!

Currently, the best way to support the project is to either buy this version, or wait for the Indiegogo campaign and back it then! :)

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Don't want to tie myself to specific features yet, but one will definitely be available once the crowdfunding campaign is underway and later during development.

If you're interested in the broad strokes, the first devlog post on the site ( goes into the goals for the PC version.

Both things on the roadmap for the PC version!

Possibly! Some new information about the PC version is coming soon :)

Glad you liked it! I'm working on the PC/Mac/Linux version first, but I'm not ruling out a mobile version in the future.

Thanks for the kind words!
I am working on a bigger PC version of the game - there is a link to a website in the description. This version will have an endless mode, since it's a really common request among players (though it'll be a challenge to design it properly so it doesn't get tedious).
The development was on a hiatus for a while, but I'm now back to working on Slipways full-time - leave your e-mail on the site if you'd like to be kept up to date :)

Glad you liked it, and good to hear!

Impressive! :)

Hey, glad you liked it! The fullscreen mode still works for me, can you tell me what browser you were using so I can fix it?