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The Monster in the WoodsView game page

A brief tale of a child escaping the monster in the woods.
Submitted by SmokeAndAsh (@smokeandash95) — 6 days, 2 hours before the deadline
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How does your game discuss the nonbinary experience? / What nonbinary characters does your game have?
The sibling of the main character is nonbinary and the main character is constantly trying to uncomfortably correct her guardian on her sibling's pronouns. I wanted to try to express that struggle without drawing direct attention to it. The guardian is pretty dismissive and mean in general, but the younger sister really cares about her sibling and is still doing what she can to honor them.

Did you decide to make a game that fits the jam's theme?
Kiiiiind of. I went with a "home" kind of theme, where the main character and her sibling felt like the woods were their home, even with their house being nearby. The monster lives in the woods as well, but I don't want to go into too much detail about that. Potential spoilers.

Anything else about your game you want players to know?
Definitely content warning for child abuse, verbal abuse, and mention of c-ptsd. I pulled from a lot of personal emotions and experience to make this and I'm honestly really proud of it. It is kind of heavy at points, but I tried to make the ending worthwhile and satisfying to that end.

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Hey. Phew. Good game. It was a bit heavy in parts (as in reading about this violence), but very well written and I am happy that all endings are kind of well!? The atmosphere and the art are really cool too.

There was one bug I encountered in the browser version: One time I tried to go in the house before having picked the vegetables (and got the message that I can't) and when I picked them afterwards I couldn't go into the house anymore so I had to restart. Not sure what causes that, but maybe you can fix it.


Thank you! I'm really happy you enjoyed it. =) Yeah, I realized while making this that I don't feel particularly compelled to write "bad" endings, especially not in a game where the main character is a traumatized child. I'm really happy you liked the endings as well!

Ah! Thank you for pointing that out, I will get around to fixing that when I get the chance. I really appreciate your feedback. ^-^