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[DevLog] Amoris Flores

A topic by Mysteryprof created Jul 11, 2016 Views: 1,790 Replies: 17
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Well, hello everyone! This is our first ever game jam and we're excited to be participating! We're an artist-writer combo team with no prior game making experience, but we're going to try our best. My name is Mysteryprof (Prof) and I'll be the one cranking out the dialogue. My partner in crime is Rugiku (Rugi) and they'll be producing all of the game's art. Here's to hoping we'll finish in time!

*The game's title is temporary and subject to change*


You awaken from your cryogenic stasis pod as the last remaining human on Earth. Your own name is a blur and it's clear that you've been out of commission for quite some time, 5,000 years as a matter of fact. The landscape before you is not the one you remember scarred by war, but rather it's filled with luscious fields of green; Mother Nature has taken back her planet. This post apocalyptic garden grown from the radiation of mankind's war has brought about entirely different new life, and with it a plethora of new opportunities. Your goal: Explore the new world before you and.... date plants?


  • Yes, you read that correctly. This is a short and sweet game about dating plants.
  • It's being made with Ren'py
  • There will be three different characters to choose from and each one represents an ending respectively (a good end, a bad end, and a joke end)
  • There will be a secret forth ending after the other three have been completed. ;3c

Characters/Progress Report

  • All of our characters are Non Binary and will be referred to with They/Them/Their as such
  • The MC's name hasn't been decided on yet
  • The three plant species that will be available to you are: Osiria Rose, Wisteria, and Succulent
  • Wisteria and Succulent's designs are still in the works

Rose: The rather dashing noble knight

Here are some roughs of their design; we've decided to go with the middle one


This image is more of what the sprites are going to look like


Annnnd that's all we have for now! More updates to come in the future...



Cool story !! Cool art !! I can't wait to date all these plants !


This is a really great concept and I am so excited to date these plants! the art is absolutely wonderful and I'm looking forward to it

Loving the concept, I would really be interested in writing music for the game. I've already completed one soundtrack for a game in this jam, which can be found here:

Other examples of my work in various styles:

An upbeat and energetic Mario Kart-like song

Airy and dreamlike, inspired by Qbeh-1

Bright and open RPG town theme

Let me know if I can contribute to the project, it looks like it will be pretty great


Thanks for the interest! Your music has a nice, consistent style to it and I enjoyed listening to your work on youtube.

Unfortunately we've already found the music that's going to be used in the game, but we wish you luck in future projects!

- Rugi

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Log #2

Hello again! Today's log is going to be shorter than the previous one, so let's get right to it!

Art Development

Wisteria: The mysterious overseer of The Garden

The rough designs are done and we've decided to go with our hooded number three! More updates soon...


Succulent: The charming caretaker of The Greenhouse

Succulent's design is still in progress, but they're getting there.... Updates soon


Come on, there's no way you can resist these meme bedroom eyes.

Writing Development

  • The plot was the main focus today (the goal was to try and create a solid intro, work out ideal word limits for the paths, motives for the MC; it was essentially a lot of world building)
  • As you can see I've included Wisteria and Succulent as working in The Garden and at The Greenhouse, they're two important places that'll be explained in game.
  • So far Rose has the most fleshed out story; I'm going to try focusing on one path at a time to make things easier
  • Bees? BEES. A lot of bees. I really hope you like puns. >:3c

That's all for today! Thank you to those who are interested and we hope to bring you more future updates!!



OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD OHHH MY GOD OH M YGOD ?? THANK YOU ??? I LOVE THIS ????? i joked every time about making a plant dating sim but im so glad you are doing it because that art is incredible and im dying and im going to play the shit out of this


These designs are incredible! It's cool to see humanized versions of plants.


I love the concept and the designs. Definitely looking forward to what you make!


I love this, good god can't wait to see how it turns out.


Log #3

A small update comes with today's log!

Art Development

First things first, we now have a polished version of Wisteria's sprite including with and without their hood.


  • Each character is going to have an array of different sprites for certain emotions; all of these are currently their base sprites.
  • *Update* Rose is no longer going to be an Osiria Rose, but a Purple Rose instead.
  • We'll have an update for those waiting on Succulent soon
Writing Development
  • It has been a very hectic day for me (still is) so I wasn't able to accomplish much of what I wanted, but we're setting an ambitious goal to have most of our plot and dialogue done by the end of this week. You may be able to explore The Kingdom of Eden sooner than you think... B3c
Other Development
  • We've started looking at the music we'll be using and if we have time we'd like to have each character have their own ending song play when the credits roll
  • Finally, and most importantly, the very basics of the game are up and running! Nothing is implemented yet, but the menus and dialogue choices are working like they should.
  • The option to name the Main Character yourself is still up in the air at the moment
That wraps up today's progress! Thank you again for your continued interest and we'll update you again soon!

- Prof

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Log #4

Apologizes for no update yesterday, folks! Let's get right to it!

Art Development

Here's some more official Rose sprites, especially since we changed them from an Osiria Rose to a Purple Rose


AND YES, THE ROUGHS FOR SUCCULENT ARE FINALLY HERE! We've decided to go with the middle design for them minus the scar over their eye; they'll have both eyes. There will be a more polished version soon...


Here is a conceptial peek at one the the game's locations: The Greenhouse! As I've said in a previous Log, Succulent works here along side the many caretaker worker bees; it's a plant nursery! If you're curious about more... Follow their path. ;3c


If we have time, we'd like to include some CGs in the paths since we have some ideas, but we'll see if we can make it happen. owo;;

Writing Development

  • In addition to Rose's plot path being planned out fully, Succulent's path is now fleshed out too (I'm having a lot of fun writing these paths, let me tell you)
  • Wisteria on the other hand is weird in that I'm working backwards on them since I know how I want it to end
  • Once I can figure out what big event can happen in the middle of Wisteria's path the game's plot is completely done!

That's all for now until then! Let's see what tomorrow brings...

- Prof

these designs look great!


this looks cute as heck i love plants


oohhh these latest sprites are so lovely!! keep it up friends!

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Log #5

Hello everyone! I hope all your projects are going well! The deadline is arriving ever so quickly and we'll be rushing to finish on the final day most likely. I wasn't planning on making another log, but I realized we never showed a polished sprite of Succulent! It's been done for quite a while now so I apologize! All the sprites have been done and Ru is now working on BGs. Honestly, give all your love for this game to Ru. While I may have done all the writing, it would be nothing without Ru's art and coding.


As for writing, I'm rushing to finish the paths right now as I type this! The intro and Wisteria's paths are 100% done and hopefully Succulent's will be too by morning, and then straight on to Rose. Tonight will be an all nighter!! @v@

- Prof

I have played all 3 characters but i still don't get the secret one, am i doing something wrong?

The plan was to have a secret ending, but the way the plot turned out we ended up dropping it. I appologize.

- Prof