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Ah thank you!! It was fun making it <3

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Thanks so much! And haha yeah, there aren't many files since it's a short game, glad you like it :D

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Thank you!! Don't know if I'll be in the next jam but I'll still check out all the games that will be made :D

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I looked it up and it seems like RPG maker games aren't compatible for users without the files from RTP.

I'm still not sure how to make the game downloadable to people without RTP, so try downloading it from here:

The RTP version is for RPG Maker 2003 so you can play every game made with RPG Maker 2003 with it installed in your computer. I think this should fix it?

okay, here's the link to the page:

i'm not sure if the download works, please let me know!

hi, just an update, the game isn't ready for the deadline yet, there's only an hour and a few minutes left as I type this. Scripting is taking longer than expected and I still have to do a little more sprites plus the graphics for the game page?

I think I'm more than half done with the script rn. I hope to be late by only a day!

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Hi everyone! sorry i haven't updated in a while, the last few days of the jam got too intense for me HHHFFFFGGdedfhhkj so i didn't feel like making a new log. and anyway most of it was just working on tilesets. i'm happy to say that all maps are basically done now! and i worked on some more expressions of talk sprites and drew some pictures. so many pixel art has been done these past 2 weeks

can't believe it's almost done, i just need to make a few little pictures and one last talk sprite. and also setting up the script for the game itself, which ended up being the last part of this project. i worked on some of it today. i think i'll write as i go for the parts that i haven't written down in a notebook. don't know how it will turn out in the end

here are some teaser images for things that have been done since, making this extra longer due to the lack of logs :D

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I've seen it now, thanks for the feature!

finally finished that title screen! i used this picture as ref

i wrote down quick summaries of what happens in the game in a notebook along with sketches of map layouts and dialogue. i'll work on a few more maps, talksprites, and pictures. the tileset for mina's home is pretty much done, it still needs the events.

just testing it out

working on a tileset

okay the two other character + talk sprites are done! they're junie and mina's mom. junie's ~5 years older than mina/maylene

along with their talksprites, i made different expressions for all. i'll make more later on

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thank you everyone for your comments! and i'll keep in mind to use the brown system graphic to be the game's main color scheme.

so maylene's character sprite is done and today i wanted to just see and try tilesets so i made these quick wall and floor tiles

i'm still kinda scared of tilesets, i've heard nothing but bad news from them

my character sprites are kind of tall so i was worried that the walls would make the room too small for them but it was fine because sprites don't go up all the way to the walls. and maylene's talksprite is done too! just like the character sprites, they're faster to do once you make the first one. i'm hoping that i can finish all character and talk sprites before the first week of the jam is over, i know for sure that there's 2 more characters that need them.

These designs are incredible! It's cool to see humanized versions of plants.

I completed a template for talk sprites and finished one! it's going to be hard to keep these consistent because i always end up flattening all the layers

drawing in pixels is challenging because it's really restrictive so the face is set at a weird expression. but her resting face is (._.) naturally though..

i didn't end up doing anything for a title screen, so custom system graphics were made. there's 2 versions, one blue and one brown

i still have no idea when and what the tilesets will be. trying to understand how they work gives me headaches, mainly those water tiles and path tiles. for now i'll try to work on character sprites and the plot

New update. completed the walk cycles for Mina

and also started working on a new sprite. Making a new sprite is much faster since I can use the first one as a template. Her name is Maylene and is the same age as Mina

I made a starting draft for talk sprites. I meant to post it yesterday but I had to install and update this computer for it to download so I ran out of time. This was made in iDraw3 but edited in paint which changed the image depth to 24? So I opened it in GIMP to change it back to 8 bit but it turned into 2 bit. Didn't know that existed

Today I hope to create the template for talksprites and maybe even finish one? And to also make a draft/start working on the title screen.

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thank you! and i used this free program called iDraw3 and it's amazing, my favorite features are its support for 8bit colors where you can look/edit the palette of 256 colors and its animation tool. the link is if you're interested!

tysm <3 i really hope i can make something and have it done!

Log for yesterday and today

Mina's sprite was done a while ago, but here's an update!

it was actually REALLY fun making this! i had a bit of trouble arranging it in order for RPG maker though. tbh i'm not sure how to feel about it, i originally wanted the sprites to have an outline but it looks weird and too messy with it so it's all just solid shapes basically. i'll tackle walk cycles later today or tomorrow. also, i drew some scenes in a notebook along with dialogue for the intro scene (yesterday).

and here are original designs for the title, also from yesterday

these took hours to make and in the end, they got dropped for a design that took a few minutes because they were uggo...the amount of disrespect

and it's funny because the text i used for the title is called "rainy hearts" so it matches the game's theme!

btw thanks to the people who voted for this name in the discord chat!

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Hi everyone I meant to make this devlog yesterday but got too sleepy

It's really nice to finally participate in this jam, this is my first time ever making a game. I didn't get a chance to post in the introduction thread yet so here's a bit of background; I like pixel art and I think 2D games like Very Retrouvaille, Melon Journey, Pom Gets Wi-Fi, games like that are really charming and nice and simple. And it would be cool if I could make something like that

Yesterday I made the title graphic

This game is based on a story I had to write for language arts class in middle school. The main protag is a girl named Mina during the end of the school year where an annual science fair takes place. She has trouble working on her project and the deadline keeps drawing closer (i hope this won't be me lmao). I can't remember all the details clearly but I know the main theme of it was about her feelings towards her friend/someone she admired and how it affected her during the month of the science fair.

I plan it to be pretty short and simple enough for this jam's duration. My main goal is to do my best in finishing it in time.

also this


Everything looks pretty

excited to see how this will turn out!

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Wow that's spooky

Urban legends are cool, this sounds like an interesting concept for a game! Looking forward to it