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I can't wait for the game! I'm a huge fan of all of your games! My favorite is Suiza! He seems like my type though I might change for Tai, who knows~

I launched it from's client, it worked. Thank you.

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Hello! After downloading the game, when I click the icon it doesn't open. I've already restarted my computer and deleted a lot of tabs and it still doesn't work. I have a mac.

Hello! I'm having the same problem as TabbySan, and I have a Mac.

Will you release it in Steam?

Hello! I was wondering when the Beta (James route) was coming out since it says it's coming Feb 2019 and it's April 2019.

It looks good! When will it be released?

Hello! How's the progress? It says Summer 2018 and we're in the fall.

The game looks great! Though will you add Creed's epilogue back into the game soon?

I bought this game two years ago and the development has been incredibly slow, I only bought this game for Shuye but later on I found out you could buy the parts separately -.- I have also read the comments and dislike the lack of romance, this is an otome game there needs to be romance and a kiss scene would be nice. I would like  a refund as well. I might buy Shuye's route alone if I learn that Shuye has some actual romantic moments, but please give me a refund.  

Yeah I've seen their post. But its been 9 months since their update which is why I was wondering if it was still in progress.

It's been awhile since they've updated. Does anyone know if the game is still in progress? Because I'm really interested in one of the routes.

I love it! specially how their personalities are intensified to the extreme! XD But dang! just two days seem crazy in their world, it's a true wonder how JB managed to stay alive and 'sane' (well enough) for a whole year.

When will the full game be out?

Hello, is the game finished? If so could you tell me the completed link?

Hello! I was wondering how to get the extra story with Emma and Landon. I played Daire's route and choose Landon for Emma. But didn't get Landon/Emma extra story from the extra story section.

Hey have you though about doing a walkthrough? I would love to see a walkthrough :D

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Great! Thanks~ I bought it :D Also are you making a second game? Because on the tutorial it said skills are more important in the second game also can you send me a walkthrough? Also whats this about updating? Because it says error. Thanks for answering all my questions, you're great! :D

Is it a full game? or the demo? Because if it is a full game can you send me the link to buy it

Is this really a demo? Because i've seen that you have been working on this game for awhile and i would buy this if its completed

Hello it looks really good but i was wondering is this the final product? Because i've been waiting for the final version to come up for awhile

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Hey love the game though i've only been able to get 4 endings, a better place, forgotten, a strange world and grateful. It would be nice if you did a guide.

oohhh okay got it, thanks!

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Hello i got the twins good end but i cant seem to get the mermaid's good end its always the bad end or the worst end and the guide is confusing since the guide says 3 choices when we only have 2

Hello i'm very interested in playing the game I was wondering when the english version is gonna be out?

Hello I was wondering if you were gonna make a mac download?

Pretty Please community · Created a new topic walkthrough

Can u post a walkthrough because i always get the mildly disappointed ending:/

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The game is great tho could you make a walkthrough? that would help a lot! :D i always get the devil paws ending even when i change my choices.

lol that explains it, well hope you make it for mac soon

it still doesn't work is it because i have a mac?

I have played all 3 characters but i still don't get the secret one, am i doing something wrong?

I keeps telling me there is an error while extracting.