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When will the mac version be released?

Yeah I did that and I was able to make it work on my sister's Windows computer. But on my Mac it says the file needs to be updated.

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The download link also opens up link a blank tab and when I click it, it says that there is no application to open it. I have a Mac. Please help.

I've also tried it in my sister's window's laptop and it doesn't work.

Okay, I think I found it. I sent it to your  email since it doesn't let me attach it here.

It doesn't let me click it. I've clicked at every pillar but nothing. I'm using the steam version so I'm not sure if that version has this bug.

Kind of, I was never able to play it on my Mac or Windows but I found the game on the app store (Iphone) and I played it mobile instead. Same experience! :D Hope you can do the same.

I'm playing Visual Novel Mode and I have gone through everyone's memories (Even romanced Kraken) But afterwards, it doesn't let me click on any of the realms. I can only go to the Battle Realms but can't move the story along. I've loaded a previous save and it still doesn't let me move forward. Please help!

My love as well!

Yeah, he was my favorite as well. Leopold was actually the last character I romanced in the prequel game lol (Out of the 3 guys, since I didn't romance the girls) He was a nice surprise and I enjoyed his route but my liking only increased in the sequel.

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Yesss! I remember! How sweet~! I can't wait for their POV's to come out so I can see more of what Leopold felt in the story. 

Yeah, he did get better but I wish he would give her priority instead of following tradition. Leopold said screw tradition and gave MC her own throne AND got crowned at the same time instead of him putting her the crown 'as though I were some mere aide.' (His words exactly) Wish Leopold got the extra story like Guillaume and Sofia did but alas the kickstart backers made their pick.

I'm looking forward to Bastien's route! I know that him not being a noble is going to be a struggle for him but I hope he can still have the MC's back and defend her and stand up to others. 

(Spoilers ahead) Yeah, Guillaume was bipolar, being sweet and a few scenes later he yells at her and expecting her to be his pretty wife to be at his beck and call (As if the MC doesn't have better things to do) God, and when he didn't put her name down to be under the Vilquine and was refused entry like WTF, how humiliating. I was looking forward for a scene in Leopold's route where she needs to come in the room and see that Leo more than likely did note her name down on the Stavizzi side (but alas she didn't have to enter the room.) Though Leo did invite her on his ally meetings which Guillaume didn't. 

As for Guillaume getting better I did feel like it was a progressive, because MC had told him many times (or at least in my playthrough) that she didn't like him talking to her like that or pointed out that his Father was in the wrong. So when he had his breakdown, he spent some time being quiet and thinking about what he learned and about his mistakes. before talking to the MC and deciding to be King and apologizing for his behavior. The MC did forgive him quickly, I would have let him repent more and to beg for her forgiveness  but well just agreeing to be King was a milestone for him and time was of the essence so it wasn't so. I wish he would have found out way sooner so he would have 'changed' sooner and they could have been more partners in crime like Leopold and the MC in Leo's route.  Since I felt the MC had her hidden agenda (making Guillaume king) way longer than I would have liked since he took forever to decide to fight for the throne. 

I also would have demanded to have my own throne, like wth, she did way more than him and she can't even sit in the damn chair.

Yes, they did! And I will definitely play Bastien's route now! I'm eagerly waiting for Sir Mathyl's route! I will also play Frederique's route on the prequel and will wait for his route to be finished in the sequel!

Yes, I loved Leopold's route! For me I did like Guillaume just hated how he didn't always give the MC priority over his Father. I'd probably give him a 7/10 as a character/route. (Leopold is a 10/10 of course!)

Glad to see that Bastien is way sweeter! And the MC has her brother's support!

I will definitely play it!

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Oh really? That's good! I thought that it was more angsty than Guillaume and phew that was a rollercoaster on its own. So good to hear! I'll play Bastien's route as well then! Thank you for answering my questions!

Thank you for the update! I loved the game! So much drama and politics! Really great to see that aside from the romance. I've only played Guillaume and Leopold. I got both of their good endings! First I played Guillaume and then Leopold.


For Guillaume, he really annoyed me how loyal he was to his Father when he had complained so much on the previous game but because of their Father-son relationship I somewhat understood. What really grilled me was how he dared to snub her in front of his allies. (God, I almost chose to change tactics and divorce the fool after that instant but I calmed down) I didn't like how Frederique abandonded the MC especially when she mostly needed him as she had no true allies. I wished there had been a way to reconcile them but was not given the option. I was happy that Mariette was there for the MC as her brother had left her, she had no real relationship to her Mom and she was often at odds with Guillaume. Mariette was a great friend! Ehem, back to Guillaume, while playing his route, although frustrating at times with how stubborn and naive he was made me think of my real life relationships and how the game captures the feeling of being hurt but still loving the person. (Especially when they don't appreciate all the work one does for them) So although he was flawed, he felt like a real person and like a real person he admitted his mistakes and did his best to change for the MC which I appreciated. (I would have appreciated more if he would have gotten her, her own throne but alas he's no Leopold)

Now into Leopold! I was much more eager to play his route after seeing how much cunning and smarter he was than Guillaume. I was not disappointed as unlike Guillaume he realized that the peace talks were nothing but stalling for time after only a day or two of them. Leopold (unlike Guillaume) knew how important MC's job was from the start and admired and thanked her for it. He did keep a secret from her which put a dent into their relationship but he soon confessed and only became true parters in crime! I loved his romantic and mischievous personality, and how his high position in court did not detract from his affections to the MC. I also liked how there was a small scene where he calls Frederique his brother which I liked. (As Guillaume never had a scene like that with MC's brother.) Although not as flawed as Guillaume, he did make mistakes but never any so bad as to break MC's heart so for that I am thankful. I did think it was sad how bad Francesca's marriage to Guillaume was, (Much worse than MC's for a long shot) so although at first I disliked her, I was happy to help her later in the story. It did make me sad that in Leopold's route, Guillaume keeps being loyal to his Dad and has an unhappy marriage with Francesca, sticking with his Dad until the bitter end.  I wish Mariette and the MC could have been friends in this storyline but I understood as Mariette house was allied with the King. Thankfully, MC had her share of allies with  Count Pietro and Duchess La Fouch. I couldn't stand Franchelli but even that fool had his uses towards the end.

The writing was exceptional! Bravo to all the writers for being able to be able to write so beautifully and come up with such a captivating story! I have been playing nonstop! 

I want to keep playing but I'm not interested on the girls, and I don't want to play Bastien as I keep reading about how angsty and sad his route is. I may play Frederique, though first I have to play his route on Rose of Segunda and see how that can even happen, them being siblings and all. (But I'm guessing one of them is adopted or something of the sort.)

I'm one of the backers of the kickstarters and I have a question, is Sir Mathyl's route going to come out with the Single route the Dev is working on? I'm excited to play his route! Was happy to catch a glimpse of him on Leopold's route! Also what exactly is the loveless route?

Love the game! Can't wait for all your future games! You can be sure I'll buy them! I have already played all of your other games! Still waiting for the BFF game, will buy it the second it comes out!

I liked the game! But how do I fight Li? It doesn't give me the option. I always just die.

Is there any update? It's been awhile

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I have a question. Who says the voiced name? Because neither the Moms, Cove's Dad, Shiloh or Lizzie  seem to  voice it even though I clicked on the name Stella (Which is voiced)

Hello, I have downloaded the mac version but only the name Jamie is voiced, is there a specific link I have to download for the mac voiced name version?

Hello, I remember playing this game a few years back and decided to try it out again. I have tried to play it on my Mac but it doesn't let me open it. (I have already clicked on "Allow app" from my System Preferences)  I have restarted and even updated my software to the latest build but it still doesn't work. I tried downloading it and playing it from my Windows computer and it also doesn't work. I know the team is no longer together but please help me. I have good memories of this game and my favorite boy Benjamin and I'd like to relive it.

I bought the game from (I thought it included Fai) now that the kickstarter was a success will I also receive the final copy??

Hello, is it possible now to get a steam key? I just bought the game and would like to have it in steam for achievements.

Okay thank you!

When the full game is released (Like all the characters are available) will you release a 18+ patch dlc? Because I wouldn't mind paying for that.

Noooo, I've been wanting to play a victorian otome game, there's barely any in the market... Can't they sell their game to another visual novel company? The game is too good to be canceled.

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Wow sorry to hear that, I had no idea the studio was having problems. Thank you for being so open. As fans of your work I hope we can give you some ideas. Marketing is definitely important. I'm not much of a social media person myself but I work in a company and know it's vital for the sales. My suggestion is to put your game out in sites like me and many other otome fans visit sites like those. Maybe make a tumblr page and a DeviantArt page? You could get word out that way. 

As of Kickstarters, I don't really know what people are wary of, I've backed many projects in there and would happily back Bff and thorns of war. As far as rewards go, exclusive wallpaper, digital icons etc. are good rewards for starters. I like the plot of both games, being a fan of high school themed games (Makes me wish I had that romance when I was in high school) and Victorian era themed (I love movies like Pride and prejudice and the way things used to be in that era.)

I've played Heaven's grave. (I won it :D) I liked the game, the writing was amazing! I love the way people talked in those times, you're writing was very time accurate. As of now I've only played Suiza, as that's the type I usually go for. And I enjoyed his route, their banters and relationship and how he developed as a character. My only complaint would be that I didn't feel they had all that many romantic scenes. I don't even remember the protagonist thinking she had feelings for him, I understand the world is ending but it would still be nice to see her even be attracted to him. So it was kind of surprising to hear her say I love you to him after he kissed her at the end(Spoiler oops.) The romance felt rushed at the end, the game focused too much on the plot of the world ending and did not focus on their romance, at least in my opinion. I'm hoping to see more romance on the other games. The romance was also lacking a bit on Rose of Segunda but it was smaller compared to Heaven's grave. I hope it gets expanded on the sequel. 

But nevertheless I love all your games! I've played all of your games and will continue playing all the ones to come. I hope you don't give up or postpone BFF or thorns of war, they both seem like good games. Also maybe you should ask other devs on what they do? I'm sure they can give you tips. I'm not a dev so that's all I can tell you as an otome player. But I wish you the best of luck! Don't give up! 

I can't wait for the game! I'm a huge fan of all of your games! My favorite is Suiza! He seems like my type though I might change for Tai, who knows~

I launched it from's client, it worked. Thank you.

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Hello! After downloading the game, when I click the icon it doesn't open. I've already restarted my computer and deleted a lot of tabs and it still doesn't work. I have a mac.

Hello! I'm having the same problem as TabbySan, and I have a Mac.

Will you release it in Steam?

Hello! I was wondering when the Beta (James route) was coming out since it says it's coming Feb 2019 and it's April 2019.

It looks good! When will it be released?

Hello! How's the progress? It says Summer 2018 and we're in the fall.

The game looks great! Though will you add Creed's epilogue back into the game soon?

I bought this game two years ago and the development has been incredibly slow, I only bought this game for Shuye but later on I found out you could buy the parts separately -.- I have also read the comments and dislike the lack of romance, this is an otome game there needs to be romance and a kiss scene would be nice. I would like  a refund as well. I might buy Shuye's route alone if I learn that Shuye has some actual romantic moments, but please give me a refund.  

Yeah I've seen their post. But its been 9 months since their update which is why I was wondering if it was still in progress.

It's been awhile since they've updated. Does anyone know if the game is still in progress? Because I'm really interested in one of the routes.