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Ah, that explains it. Currently we only have a working Windows version, sorry!

Game url

Fern Flower

I'd like feedback on

  • Was the story interesting? How did you like the characters? What about the setting?
  • How did you like the visual side of the game? Did it fit the story and setting? Did the sprites fit well with the backgrounds?
  • How did you like the music? Did if fit the scenes?

I tried downloading it and didn't have problems but I'll reupload the file just in case. It might also be your antivirus as for example Avast considers the game file suspicious (it's in fact not dangerous at all.) I'm sorry that you are having this problem, i hope this fixes it!

I haven't been updating since i've worked on the script for better part of the week and character sprites are still in progress. But! So far:

- we have script of one of the routes finished and almost finished the Tyranobuilder setup of it that uses temporary sprites

- got permission to use some of the music our friend has composed

My current goal is to finish the script by tomorrow as I have a good portion of the second route written already as well.

Late with the devlog topic, but welcome! I'm Aru and I'm working with a group of three and this is our first time participating in a jam or making a game. One of our members has RPG Maker experience but we're making a visual novel in Tyranobuilder.


The story is set in a present day world, in alternate universe where monotheistic religions never existed, so everyone still worships the gods their ancestors worshipped thousands years ago. We were inspired by the theme and thought that while there are many stories featuring Greek, Nordic or Egyptian mythology, we haven't really seen any about Slavic gods and myths. There are reasons for this, of course, old Slavic beliefs being poorly documented being one of the main ones, but we decided that this is the playground we wanted to play in for this game jam. We want to put together a short dating sim with two available dating options, one dateable character being a god and the other a demon. Of course we do not claim 100% historical and mythological accuracy.


Character sprites will be drawn by our artist and for backgrounds, for now we are planning to make them as well but if it doesn't work out, we'll be using free resources. For music, I'm hoping to enlist the help of a composer friend or resort to free resources as well.

So Far

I've written a part of the script and prepared temporary assets (I won't be showing them as it's literally stickmen) to be replaced with actual sprites and backgrounds later. I plan to finish the full script by Friday.

I love the concept and the designs. Definitely looking forward to what you make!