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Interplanet ExView game page

A lonely space trucker journey... With pirates.
Submitted by Gus Costa — 29 minutes, 15 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Technical Implementation#103.6773.778

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game apply the limitation and theme?
It's a mundane routine on a constant decay situation

Team Size

Solo (1)


Game Maker

Which diversifiers did you use, if any?
Acesprite and Pyxel Edit for the art, and Reaper for the music

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This was a very nice game (≧▽≦) I died due to a lack of oxygen ( ̄ω ̄;) whoops lol

It felt lonely to play which I guess is good for a spaceship trip alone vibe, less days to get to the place would have been good but I do plan on trying it again in a moment to see if I can survive it lol

Great job! (∗≧ꇴ≦)人(≧ꈊ≦∗) It looks really nice and clean and polished, and I like the multi-tool mallet to squish the bugs AND fix the oxygen tanks and engines with lol


Thank you for playing! 

I'm really glad to hear that you liked it. I'm still working on it and making some improvements to turn the idea more enjoyable. =) 


I love the art style, it's very polished, and you got that classic gray and orange space ship vibe. Waking up in the room every day is very comfy, too. I think my main problem is that the game is pretty long for the amount of content. I think you have a great base to build on though, interested to see where it goes.


Thank you for playing and for the review.
I actually coudn't complete the project before the jam limit time so the gameplay itself didn't became so enjoyable as I would like, but I'm still working on it. 
It's better already! =)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

it is fun but gets boring after a while. the art is great tho


Thank you for playing! =)
I'm working on implement some mechanics to make the game less boring.. haha


Really good looking art. It's all around polished and good looking. There's a lot I didnt understand tho, I was pretty much only getting a burger then repairing stuff downstairs, it seems like I could have done something else but I could fine any reason why or how. There was seeds going away every turn but I didnt know what to do about them and I lost because I "didnt have any more cargo" don't know how or why I lost. The art and polish was on point, but the onboarding could have been better.

Cool game.


Yeah, sorry..  I could be more clear on the tutorial... on the Storage Room, in the second floor, there are some creatures that eat the cargo. The idea is that you manege your actions between fix the things on the third floor and kill the creatures on the second one.
I'm working on it to get a clearer gameplay and more enjoyable. It's a pain that we can't fix that kind of things before the voting period.
Thank you for the compliments and the critics! It's great to know what I'm doing right and wrong. =)


The full screen text at thw start were pretty good, I think the "zerg escaped" or something could heve been more specific with the consequences. I went there slap a couple of those, didnt understand what was the point and never came back.


Great graphics and animation nice touches with status and progress displays. Repetitive tasks fits well with the theme. 


Thank you @191brain =)


I really like the aesthetic and how the mechanics work :)


Thank you very much =)


I found a bug where if you press space during the you did it cutscene you end up still playing the game. I really loved the art great game!


Yeah...I had some issues on the last day and the game didn't get so polish before the submit.
There are some bugs, and I think it became too easy (the idea was that a lot of days you get more duties then actions)... It's unfortunate that I have to wait 7 days to publish a version with the corrections.. =/
It was a great experience tho. 

Thank you for playing! =)


it's a bit long for me, and not much changes from day to day sadly