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Welcome to the game jam community board! You’re free to chat on here, find a group or post for help if you aren’t developing a game solo, and just be courteous and have fun.

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I'm still terrible at it BUT I played your older game version and understood it a lot better. And I at least got through like the first 5 levels in that one :P lol

I remembered the meme right at the end with Carl's name so I thought "How do I throw this in with zero context to confuse the most people possible?" and come up with what you found lol

I was a little confused on how to play as I thought Mindy was going to be collecting the coins when I found them and she never moved from the spot, BUT I figured it out in the end and found all the coins with my little cursor. Good job! Never used the 'SameBoy' before, reminds me of a TIC80 or PICO8 type fantasy  console, I might have to check it out in the future.

Bonus point for including Animal Crossing currency lol

This was really cool and interesting to play, good job!

Nice little dungeon game, I like the variety of enemieis too!

I liked it! I can't believe you made a mini FNAF game in the middle too lol and I liked the Undertale vibe of the little RP too. Good job!

Played through 'Literally Watch Paint Dry' first as suggested, and after playing through both, I'm sorry you've had such crappy experiences with people like William and I hope you know they are the minority (just unfortunately a very loud and annoying minority).

Good job making a Twine game, if you like Visual Novel type games Ren'Py is pretty easy to get into, my game jam game 'Carl' is in Ren'Py too if you need an example. It's about moths! lol

This is a nice little shooter, I enjoyed it! The graphics are very nice too.

I don't know how to solve it, but it is fun to try >< lol

My highest score was 11 which isn't too bad! I loved the sound effect and little 'bonk' glass noises on the lights when moths hit them, awesome job!

I also love that others made moth games for this jam too lol

I haven't been able to finish a level yet but it is very interesting to play and reminds me of a Minesweeper type vibe mixed with a dungeon. Cool concept!

I'm playing in browser and I love it, the rockin' putting on another perfect performance!

PS: Is there an ending splashscreen I can't figure out? I've been talking to all the friends at the rockin' performance that repeat "Lesy" but it seems there isn't an ending? Unless this is the ending, to which I'd like to say good job! It is a dream of mine to spend eternity in a room full of ducks :P lol


I liked this, I got to Wave 6! Pretty fun game, I love/hated when I'd have to explode a pile of my bombs because otherwise ONE will hit my guys and harm me!

This was amazing! I'm happy others made moth games for the game jam too lol

Favourite parts were the brother's scene.

I was super concerned about the eggs "spawning all of a sudden but the moth servants didn't ask questions" as I was expecting it to be all spider eggs at some point that overruns the kindgom lol

Headband was also amazing, definately had me fooled, honest :P

I couldn't get past the "maybe we can find a door" level, tried phasing through walls and pillars to see but kept going through the floor and restarting the level (╯°▽°)╯ it was very fun though and I liked playing it. I wanted to finish it but I just couldn't find that door way lol

Good job! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆

This is very fun (✿▽✿) good job on this! Funny take on a dad going for milk trope lol

Nice little game (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆ I enjoyed it

This was interesting to play, I like how it split screens once the players are far enough away from each other ᕦ(⚆Ѡ⚆)ᕥ it's always annoying when games force people to stay on one screen so it was cool to see a split screen implememted! good job on this, sorry about the people who quit, but this is a good little prototype (^≧▽≦)/

Nice mini game (ฅ`ω´ฅ) good job!

This is really well done (▼▽▼)/ it was fun to play! Good job!

I loved it! (ฅ`ω´ฅ) this was awesome! I died because I thought the ghost might be friendly but I look forward to playing it again and seeing if I can get further lol (∗≧ꇴ≦)人(≧ꈊ≦∗) good job on this game!

This was interesting (ฅ`ω´ฅ) I never played the original but I can see why you wanted to do a remake of it, good job!

I like these kinds of games (☆ω☆*) you did an awesome job!

Nice little prototype of mechanics and level (ฅ`ω´ฅ) was interesting to possess people, can't think of a game that has done that before, good job!

I like the death animation (☆∀☆) I went for a look about and I liked the design of it all, this is a cool game to make, good job! ( o∀o)ъ

I used some of these assets from the assets jam in my submission to make the grim reaper characters in this jam (≧∇≦)b

I'm happy it's now a real dress-up game! I made a "me", whenever I do computer graphics work at university (ノ∀ ̄•) lol

I like that there is an English translation coming soon ฅ(^•ω•^)ฅ I'm going to save it to play again when it happens! Thanks for working on an English translation too, translating is hard work, so I appreciate it! (≧∇≦)b

Thank you for playing ʕ≧ᴥ≦´ʔ apologies for the depressing story. I am happy I finished the games jam game though, I put it off for so long because it depressed me so it's nice to have a mini memorial of her now where her story ends somewhat happily ฅ(^•ω•^)ฅ

Very chill game, I appreciate it (。-ω-)

I immediately died as I pressed shift and disappeared and it confused me for a second (ノ∀ ̄•) lol after I realised it took mass to move, I become black hole and ended up swollowed by a supermassive black hole! Sweet game though, love the colours!

I'm not too good at it but I can't cook in real life either so it's realistic and accurate (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆ lol

It's very cute, designed really well and easy to get the hang of whiles still being challenging, good job! (´∀`)♡

Godot Engine! Nice (´∀`)♡ Go Open-source!

This was really cool (≧∇≦)b I'm not into general shooting games but it was just so jolly and happy but also zombies... it made it feel like really silly fun! 

Good job! I loved it (☆∀☆)︻╦╤─ - - -  - - --- -

Grombdoll eyes! I used the Grombdoll assets in my game too (۞_۞) lol

This was a really nice game, both relaxing and difficult at the same time (I am famously terrible at platformers lol), sound design, mechanics, level design, were all really good and I really enjoyed this

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆ good job!

This is cool ᕦ(⚆Ѡ⚆)ᕥ congrats on your first mobile game project! I played on desktop tho (`∀´)Ψ lol

I think the coins could go faster and the "purchases" could be cheaper as it took a short while to collect enough coins to unlock library level, but it's a cute little coin collector game and it's cool that it has multiple levels and a lot of matching level designs and the sound was just right, not too much and not too little (*≧▽≦)σ good job team!

This is a really good entry! Similar to below comments though the enemies are too hard, and even at level 2 I couldn't kill/get past the first boss stage ( >︹<)

It is very well done though, and reminds me a lot of FFXIV's Endwalker expansion with the birdperson called Starmiion, and calling us 'Little Spark' and telling us to focus/breathe lol ^ↀᴥↀ^

This will be an amazing game once finished, as it'd very detailed, sound is great, level design is great, character designs and etc... pretty perfect!

The only issue I had was how long it took to kill enemies and obviously the deaths with the boss, as they're just too hard and take too long |⁰⊖⁰)

Amazing job though, really strong contender in the jam!

Saltman might win.... as I googled what happens when you mix them and it says the Pepsi would go flat so I feel like that means Saltman won lol

If we're going by muscles though, it'd be a pretty even fight and I can't predict the winner there lol

Ohhhh I like text adventures, they're really hard but when you guess the right nouns and verbs to do something it feels great (☆∀☆) lol

Good job on making this (^▽^)/\(*▽*)

I liked this (´∀`)♡ nice graphics and sound design, good job!