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Should I enter even though I am a completely noob and never made only one trivia game until now?

A topic by Uranius created Aug 08, 2020 Views: 593 Replies: 8
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Recently I found about gamedev and I want to try to make games too.

Do you think I should participate or wait the next one until I learn more?

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Of course you should! My first game was a simple platformer with laggy mechanics and awful everything from code to music.  And I'm still proud of it, because it was my step into the gamedev.


This will be the first jam for a lot of us. If i come out on the other side of this with anything even remotely complete it's a massive success. So far 1339 people have signed up and the likely hood for actually getting 1339 submissions is pretty much zero. The only failure is limiting yourself to the non existent expectations of others.

Game Jams Teach Us A Lot About Game Dev. So I Suggest You Enter The Jam . It doesnt Matter if Your Game is Good or Not,Completed or Unfinished.Game Jams are all about having fun :) Good luck if you join


I think im going to do this thing. after making 2 really short games with no story and just getting mechanics right, i am ready to put that small amount of knowledge to use. It also forces you to learn new things. I have never used animations or music or sound in my projects so hopefully I'll be able to learn how to implement them in this. I say go for it, cause im sure there are lots of newbies here.

its fine, just make stuff and have fun while learning new things!

Haha im also a noob, only made one rubbish game bc im new


Yes! In my first game jam I have never made a game with Unity and ended up making a game in 48h straight (with about 4h of sleep per day). If you manage well those 48h I think you can learn while making the game and end up with something quite nice! And even if you use the 48h and still didn't can't finish the game, try to finish it and instead of sending in the jam (because the rules etc) just send to friends and know game devs to give you feedback about it.

Hope you manage to give a entry in the jam and learn a lot and have fun doing so ^^