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Thank you for the feedback! The coin locations are: One coin behind the building that the little duck was inside. and two coins are here. I though they were in easy to find locations.

Yay :D

Yeah I prefer web builds as I think they are safer! :P

Thanks, :).  

Nice! :P. Sometimes the colors are really close to each other tho :P

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Oh yeah, you could help the player memorize the color mixing by starting by only having a few colors, then adding a few colors to increase the difficulty every level.

Thanks :)

Nice happy person collecting flowers c:

You are not missing anything XD, there is no deep story. Thank you for playing! xD

I couldn't make the sad blob happy, I talked to everyone and told them all yes. Anyway, nice! :P

Thank you! xD, was not trying to make any meaningful story. I told my friend before making this game, I wanted to make a story game without a story nor text. XD.

Cool, but i don't have the colors mixes memorized. So got a high score of 3. 

Nice game.

my best score is 159

That's a very nice game, I like how the player animation for walking works for banging your head on the wall and kicking! :D. I like the story! 

I couldn't gather enough bananas. The monkey is cute.

I wasnt even thinking about winning! i wanted to make a nonsensical game XD.

This game is such deep nonsense xD

Have you played games and looked at the graphics and understood them? Have you ever wanted to not understand the graphics of a game? Well fear no more. This "game", is somewhat nonsensical and "fun". "Enjoy" playing the "game".

I love the art and the shadows! :P

The game is okay, the controls took a few minutes to get used to since they weren't with respect to the camera. Also cannot see things that are far, so I was not able to read the text in game most of the time. Also for easier downloads, just put both the .exe file and the data folder in the same zip file. Good luck updating the game!


Thank you. Which level?

Thanks! You can click R to restart the level! 

Thanks you for your feedback!!

  The soundtrack was too short the one my friend made, so didnt want to increase its volume as it will be annoying. The idea of the block was from blackthornprods and jonas (ludum dare). Not walking up hill is indeed intentional. 

I didnt balance the block because I though it was annoying to use already, atleast I though that. Also not sure how to balance it? possibily the longer you hold it the more unstable it becomes? 

xD. all the way to the cooooore!!!! weeeee

Thank you for you feedback. Any specific things you didn't like? I don't usually make good games, but i try to make games nevertheless.

Nice game considering its made in 3 hours. But can you explain the theme implementation here? 

Try using firefox. I don't know how to fix that, it does not happen in every browser however.

The art is cute, there is a big in the auto fire, if you place the cute creatures and enable auto fire, then place another cute creature, it will seem like it has auto fire enabled, but it does not, so i gotta click it for it to have auto fire. c:

Nice idea! 

Very nice!

Nice game!!

Thank you!

I know the controls are weird, but not exactly sure what to use instead of them and still keep the game not super easy. Yeah, should have probably made the taskbox popup either in the middle, or in the top-right and stick. Anyway thank you!


I got 5 toilet paper :D good game

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Im confused :P How to play this game?

I like this game :D

Good game!