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The Kobolds of OshaView game page

Help Corbon help his union members, by ensuring proper safety compliance
Submitted by tearcellgames (@tearcellgames), Minkies, PickyBurrito49, HighVoltageCatfish — 13 minutes, 23 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Were the art assets made during the 48 hours?


Was all the music/sound created during the 48 hours?


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When I first tried out this game, I didn't know what to expect. Seeing the poorly treated kobolds, I was on a mission to thwart that bossy dragon. It took a few tries but I succeeded in defending my fellow kobold!

Gameplay wise, it has functioning controls that are simple and snazzy dialog to immerse the player in its narrative.  Whomever composed the music did a great job. It is very pleasant to hear throughout the game even when it loops. It's so hard to believe so much was done for this game within 48 hours! You and your team did a fantastic job and I await what else this creator has in store.


Great writing and unique concept! 


I'm becoming attached to these poor quality graphics, and the writing is awesome !


Nice work for your first game jam! I was a bit confused at the beggining but then I was able to have fun. Congrats! :)


Nice concept! Very amusing!


Really original, original and funny concept


This is a pretty interesting idea even thought it was a bit hard to get used to, well done


nice game! good job!


Cool one, loved the dialog!


Power point man .. power point! PPT with animations nonetheless .. 5/5!

Pretty amazing that you put quite a lot of content into it within 48 hours.

The dialog system also, nice nice .. When I tried doing dialogs it took me days to get it working.

I like that there's different areas to explore, I made it to the dragon dude rather quick.. then I saw some other dudes on your page which I hadn't seen in game, then I found out there was more to it. Nice!


I'd thankfully been involved with some dialog open source projects in the last few months and was able to whip up something reasonable quickly (though my writers may not have been too happy about its limitations). 

Still it definitely took the most coding time during the project. I'm lucky I had the help of people to actually write something with it... I was fixing bugs in it as late as noon on Sunday! 


Nice little game.


I made the dungeon safer! 

very cute and nice dialogues.


That was fun! The talk with the dragon at the end really made me laugh and I love how the PC's legs move lol 


Very amusing dialogue, Impressive art for Powerpoint!


The dialogue is great and funny. keep up the good work!


The dialogue is witty and I love the way animation of the kobold as it walks.  The balance and unity of the overall aesthetic gives a sense of all of the design components harmonizing as a whole.  I can't believe this only took 48 hours to put together.  Nice work!


I think the fact that you did most of the art using MS paint is a win from the start. I liked the music, and the option to turn it off before playing. Keep up this great work!


actually was power point and not ms paint.  So...  even worse. 

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