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Great writing and unique concept! 

Thank you! Yeah, if I hadn't encountered so many bugs in the process I might've been able to make it more fleshy ^^ But at least this serves as a start of a proof of concept :)

Nice game! Good combination of gameloops, you get a breather inbetween with the "don't touch the walls" part, which is a nice addition to the endless runner genre

Great idea! Well done with the implementation :) With some work, this could be very successful! 

Really nice idea! It takes two simple and well known concepts and fuses them into something fun and new :) AND it looks nice, plays nice and sounds nice. Good job! 

Amazing art and music :D 

Cozy music and very nice art :D It would've been helpful with a corsair to know show were one is aiming :) 

I like the idea and the general execution and clearly within the boundaries of the jam :) It's a little bit unforgiving tho, with enemies being super fast, shooting super fast and reacting immediately coupled with player having only one life. Rock on!

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The unexpected effect of releasing your Fren-z power was super fun and satisfying, which was enhanced by the music and effects!

Keep at it :D 

If you want to, try the game we made :3

there is an updated version that fixed a mistake in the last level:

Have a great day you too <3 

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Love the idea with a control gage, which is as crucial as your life. Perhaps you could make it so that the control is the only lose condition, and not have HP at all? 

Fun and wacky idea! Superb presentation!

Cuteness overload! My computer crashed because of too many bunnies. Not sure if good or bad! Also not sure really what the purpose was

Fantastic, easy yet complex concept! Although it's not really covid-19 safe, I can imagine it being super fun with others :)

Very good, simple and original idea :3 Love the running animations! As a critique, the boundaries are unclear 

Okay background