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Submitted by Brain in a Bowl (@braininabowl) — 6 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#263.5263.526

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Just me

Software used

Cookies eaten
You know about "Kruidnoten"? They're a kind of very small cinnamon, clove and nutmeg-spiced cookies, traditionally eaten in December in the Netherlands. I ate about a bazillion of those. You should, too. They're really good.

How was your experience with Mini Jam?
A bit of a challenge. I abandoned my first concept (a Canabalt clone about a conman escaping from a poker-themed Hell) after spending most of the first day on it. It just was no fun to play or develop. Luckily, I had some ideas left over from the Void jam, so I threw together this basic raycaster engine and went to town with it.

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Cool entry! Im doing video feedback so here you be. Honestly just wish there was more of it to be honest!


Thanks! It was great to see you experience the game. You're not supposed to be able to clip out after seeing the picture, I still need to squash that bug.


Broke out of the levels twice, enjoyed my eternity staring at a tree!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very fun! I expected it to have some enemies though (because I had a gun), either way it was very entertaining, damn I really am a stubborn one.

Problems I found

-when you walk into the walls very forcefully sometimes you can clip through them

-turning is a bit slow when you want to make a 180 degrees turn


game: This is hell! Enjoy staring at this picture for eternity!

me: *turns the other way*

me: No I don't think I will :)


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it (and I like your attitude). Both the clipping and turning might be a frame rate issue, I didn't get around to really optimizing the engine. Might have another look at it later.


Very fun, one thing, is it supposed to end when you get trapped staring at the wall? Cause I kind of clipped through the corner and ended up back in the last area, clipped back in. I tried it again but nothing seemed to happen after that, just asking to make sure I got the ending and didn't just break the game.

Loved the doom aesthetic and that was a creative use of the card mechanic.


You got the ending, and then managed to bug your way out of it. Well done, I guess :-D


Non-Euclidian space is super cool, nice entry. I got a Stanley Parable vibe from it


YOOO good job man, this was awesome. Short, sweet, to the point: very artistic =D. I like the experimentation of the concept of 'hell'. In general, simple concept executed very well, good job!


I like the concept a lot! Very cool to have levels change right behind you, I also liked the infinite loop being hell. 


A little disappointed about "Chekov's gun" but was pleased with the impossible room dynamics! Right as I thought to myself, "that would be cool if he put me in an infinite loop," that's when you did just that!


Big PT and Stanley parable vibes with the maze shifting around you, but with its own unique flavor. Very cool! Funny twist to use a doom-esque engine but present us with a grey boring hell instead of the over the top thematics of that game.


Haha tricky maze! If you had more time I would've liked to have more after the endless loop (maybe like after you do it 10 times or something).


You just might have not looped around enough ;-).

Spoiler: unless it literally says "the end", you've not reached the end. You probably got pretty close though.


Oh nice! I had a feeling there was something more... Let me give it another shot!


That's impressive. I'm surprised the raycaster works well enough using the web version of TIC-80, having written a raycaster for TIC-80 myself. I had a lot of fun trying to find my way through the maze and having the maze change behind me. Nicely done!

- Nalquas


Very original ending haha


It's really brave to abandon a theme once you have already invested some time and energy into it, and it paid off, it's awesome!

Love the Standley Parable feeling.


Liked it a lot good job!


good game as made in tic-80


well done. The maze was cool. I definitely kept feeling turned around.