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At first I thought the title was just a funny play on words, but now I can see that it's also the primary mechanic as you quite literally get to cheese the burgs!! XD

Nice work! This was legitimately fun! I loved making a wall of barrels and then putting archers behind them. The sprites are great!

Nice work! It's super hard! Classic! I love the animations!

Did you happen to use an AI to generate mood board images?

Nice work dude! Despite it being short, it built up to a satisfying and open (in a good way) ending! I could hear music start to play followed by a cut to black! ;) I like the interpretation of the theme!

Nice! So glad you enjoyed it and appreciated the boss fight! In hindsight I should have de-spawned all the gore but I wanted to scratch an itch for having bodies and guts everywhere! Thanks for playing and commenting!

Pretty well polished  but I feel the gameplay could be tuned more such as having the rotation a little fast or the laser fire rate faster to let the player feel really good a little longer before ramping up the difficulty. Fun game overall!

So glad to hear that! Thanks for your kind words!

haha that's cool to hear! Glad it exceeded your initial expectations

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Thanks so much for the feedback! My only hesitation about adding a reset button is people might just constantly reset on every six instead of just embrace them and allow for clutch final turns as a possibility. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much!

haha that last level cracked me up! Nice game! This was much more fun than 99% of "move the dice on the grid" games. And there's a LOT of them.

This is a more unique take on the "roll a cube along a grid" idea. Also fun to mess with stuff to get things into interesting arrangements ;)


Thanks so much!

Sweet! Thanks so much! I'm very glad you appreciate the aesthetics so much!

haha your comment made me chuckle! Thanks! And thanks for playing and giving feedback! I'll check yours out later when I get back to my computer.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much! That means a lot! And thanks for the kind words regarding my not quitting and also getting married! (That required a lot of "not quitting" as well. :) )

Thanks so much for the feedback and kind words and support! I'm so glad you got to play and enjoy it and comment!

Right? haha! Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, it's actually an even older game called "Skunk" but same concept.

Ah, gotcha. So a "best score today" kinda thing. Good idea. Thanks!

Awesome! Glad to hear that! Nice job getting on the leaderboard!

The graphics and sounds are satisfying. The angle of the view relative to the controls is not ideal. Simple and clean style though!

Good art and sound. I would make it so you pick less than 3 since you've basically just made it a 50/50 which is the same as a coin toss. When you think of it that way, your game is just a coin toss. There's potential though for a fun interesting game this can expand into! Nice work on it!

I won! But it felt like a one-sided game. Why doesn't the opponent ever take a turn? I'm expecting them to also roll dice and play chips. Good overall polish/presentation!

I barely survived that last round! That was fun! I would recommend adding some indication of how much health everything has, and ranges of weapons. I had to restart 3 times before finally playing because I kept putting my starting turret too far away. Also fixing the mortars so they sorta lead their shots would be nice too. Great jam game overall!

Thanks for the feedback! What do you mean by "temporary leaderboard?"

That's so good to hear! Thank you!


Yes, it's so easy to just keep going! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! I'm glad you appreciate the pun in the name!

Thanks! I'm glad it was calming and that you had fun!

The art style is great! Some sounds would have been ideal to take it to the next level, but I like how you can switch dinos and biomes!

The music paired with the Doom looking guy was funny! The controls are almost unplayable though. I would recommend looking into "frame-rate independence." I can tell that because I have a super fast CPU it's playing the game even faster for me than is intended.

Nicely done! This primary game mechanic is easily the most prominent interpretation of the theme, but this one is so far my favorite version of it! It gives you lots of room to solve it how you want it instead of being such a small puzzle map that there's literally only one solution. Nice work!

This was very fun! It took me a while to figure out the "Red Jack" one since it doesn't have the same exact rules as Black Jack. Was it my imagination or were there only actually 3 mini games and not 6? Or did I somehow keep rolling the same results? Overall VERY well done game!

Nicely done animations and overall polish! The attacking seemed too slow and not very satisfying, but this was very well done for a game jam!

The simplicity of it. This was strangely satisfying to finally get a coin in the hole and hear that crisp slappin music! What were the dice for though?