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A game about camouflage and going unnoticed
Submitted by Pefeper — 10 minutes, 13 seconds before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#592.8323.800

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Unity, Aseprite

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This is a great idea! and very well executed, great job! 

I like the art, crisp and clear, and the camouflage change of texture is very well acheived.

The guards do not detect "bad cammouflage", right? that could add a lot of depth into the game.

It is a shame it does not have more ranks. In the future, I recommend you to do a WebGL build, that way your game will have more visibility.

Again, good work!


Thank you! The guards are technically supposed to detect bad camouflage, but my code was a bit buggy in that regard.

And I totally agree about doing a WebGL build, it's great for small projects like this that are fairly inconvenient to download


Neat game with a fun mechanic. Movement glitched on me once when I was pressed against a wall, but otherwise played well.


Thanks for trying it out! Could you elaborate a bit on the movement glitch? I use this movement system a lot in other personal projects and want to iron out any possible bugs


Sure. Just fired it back up real quick and got it to happen consistently by just walking into a corner where I had a wall on two sides of me and then rotating the player while continuing to hold down a movement direction into the wall. At that point, the character kind slid a little bit and then started moving slowly and wasn't moving in the direction I was pressing. After a few seconds, it seemed to fix itself and start working again.


Thanks a ton, I'm gonna go look into it


Great came, i like the concept. The art is a little contrasting and hard to see.


I definitely should've played around with the color values a bit more so things like the grass didn't look as overly saturated


Cool game, I like the concept a lot! I think improving the character's movement speed a little would be helpful so you aren't as frustrated having to start all over. I beat it, and it was definitely a challenge so cudos for that.


Thanks for the feedback! In retrospect, I do wish I had spent some more time on playtesting and balancing


Cool game! I like the MacGuffin idea. The art is neat, but rocks look like physical objects. I tried to hide behind them and "died". Also, sometimes I couldn't tell if I'm camouflaged or not. Perhaps the default player's sprite should stand out more.

I was a bit disappointed that the terrain you're standing on doesn't matter. I can camouflage as sand and be invisible to the guards while standing on the grass. Otherwise, it's a pretty good concept :D


Thank you for trying it out!

I think the camo system is a bit buggy due to the way it calculates how much the player stands out. It samples the average colors of the sprites mapped to certain points on the player then checks the contrast. The problem is that the enemy only sees really high contrast from a distance, which almost never happens since the color palette I used is fairly dark overall, so they only notice you if you get fairly close