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They never saw you coming (and going away with all their stuff).
Submitted by Joan Sol ROO — 7 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#213.7603.760

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Software used
Unity3D, Audacity, Aseprite

Cookies eaten
no cookies, other stuff.

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A great and original puzzle game. The difficulty curve is just right, and the items of the inventory add more variety and fun to the gameplay. The only thing that confused me a bit was the movement and the spotting system of the guards, do the guards look in a certain direction so that they don't spot you when you're standing next to them?

Developer (2 edits)

Glad you like it!
Guards are a bit tricky, there is no directionality, only distance and checks for illumination. I should add more feedback
They play their turn after yours, the behavior is: 
* they see only while "illuminated".
* if you are illuminated and adjacent to them at the end of your turn, they will discover you.
* if you "bump" into them, and either you or them is illuminated, they will also discover you.
* They see illuminated things (yourself and your prints) with a range of 2, moving towards if possible.
* if they are on the dark, they will try to patrol.


By rereading my own comment, i realize that the level of complexity is a bit absurd.


I honestly spent 30 mins trying to finish the whole game haha. I really love the concept. It's both an intense game and a relaxing game hahaha I love it. I especially love the tutorial levels, teaching you the basics with out really saying anything :D. Keep it up! This could totally be a phone game I would spend hours on.


Thanks! glad you enjoyed it! 

Will see if I get the time to make a full game out of it (but i usually say that and then get distracted)


The game looks great and feels incredibly polished. It really makes you feel like a sneaky ninja when you figure out how to manipulate the guards and your environment to make a grand escape!


Great concept executed perfectly.


You have done it again, you have won over my heart!

There isn't really much constructive critisim I can give you really.. I would say you have won the game jam in my honest opinion for originality & simplist game design with depth that can be expanded upon greatly if you choose too.. however in its current stage its perfect.. the gameplay feels responsive and run and items to pick up really add new layers.

The art is simple and beautiful and once again I would love to see mobile version of this when you have time free too, I feel like with the right marketing this could be something real special that many more people can experience!

Found one thing to comment on, the next on the UI controls at the top of the screen was blurry.. otherwise everything else was perfect. Take your perfect rating and get outta here like a ninja!


You warm my heart with your words! That is very useful feedback, specially today :)

The UI was very lacking (most feedback was about that)... the truth is that I had to do it in a rush as it was a busy weekend with other stuff, but I had some time today to do a cleaner version (plus i added a very important item in a fresh last level, image below).

And for the Mobile build, I was thinking on that, even for the jam release, but you know how time flies. As soon as I have time to add levels and a classic level selector, I will do an android release.

Thanks again, it is always good to cross you in here :D


itch did not let me add the snapshot before, here is the revamped UI:


Very cool concept executed in an interesting way. Leading guards by the nose is satisfying and the game has potential for tricky puzzles. I wonder what the  "expensive words" are though.


hi. hm. an interesting puzzle you have turned out. rather uneasy.

but very original. I like


Great concept and gameplay. Tile games aren't easy!


Cool gameplay, was fun to play)


Very solid gameplay! I too had some UI bugs, but otherwise great game.


Thanks! The ui is very poor, what bugs did you found? 


Just small visual thing. the square flies around the inventory at the start of the game. Like i said, tiny thing


oh also you cannot enter the stairs diagonally, but you can for other tiles.

If this is intentional, then maybe the stairs could have some visual cue that denotes that they must be entered from a side.


Thank you for the feedback! 

The stair limitation is intentional, but it should be clearer


yeah throwing  a couple extra pixels on the corners would probably do the trick


There we're some ui bugs, but none the less, cool concept 🤗 Eat some cookies!