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Your welcome, horror is a fun genre of games, would be cool to work on one in the future. Yeah with being on a time crunch it's hard to balance everything especially if you do it all yourself. For the project I worked on MarsViage, we had 3 people working on it (me working on music/sfx) so it was easier to focus on the specific tasks we each had. 

My favourite game from the jam as well. Funny too because it's the last game I tried and rated.

Fun to play and it was very responsive. And yeah a very weird but creative idea. Would have liked to see more obstacles in your way as you get further.Highscore of 560

Yeah the game was very fun. A good challenge, the "You Suck" message when you died only made me want to beat it more haha

I would think for changing the throw distance you would hit another key like c key or shift key and it would toggle short vs far throw distance with an icon in a bottom corner and then using space bar still for picking up/throwing. 

Game gets pretty hard and intense fast. Really fun to play, would be cool if you could throw oxygen bubbles short and far distances

Would have been nice to see a quick explanation of how to play and the controls as I was confused at first.

When the creatures drew nearer and the music/sfx starts while you are hiding is really cool. I think what would've helped was to add footstep sfx for the player or just footsteps in the building to build that atmosphere more. Also would've liked to have a bit of warning if an enemy is on the other side of the door. Nice job!

The game was hard at certain parts but was a good challenge. I liked that you showed how many fish have died on the screen in a part of the level at once. Reminds of the super meat boy mechanic where it shows you all the ways you died after you completed a level.