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Cool idea Japes! I liked the animation and design work. I tried easy mode twice and could only get 1 piece of cheese before I wouldn't be able to move anymore and controls wouldn't malfunction to move me anymore but I did have fun fending of the rats attacking me. I think giving the player the ability to mash a button or enter a combination to temporarily fix the tank would make it more playable. Nice work!

Fun game Poly! I enjoyed doing a takedown on the boss. I didn't get fired though cause I messed up delivering the envelopes to 2 employees and it only told me to do work at keyboard which I did a lot. Was fun causing mayham and doing the limbo while walking around.

Cool game, impressive you got what you did with only the last 2 days. I wasn't sure if it was endless or you would reach the end of the level so indicating that it's an endless scroller would be a good idea. I like the idea of using wind to go faster and then you have to wait 5 seconds to do it again but the mechanic of the wind reversing was a bit tedious after some time. I like the animation and art

I had 2 controllers but no one to play with unfortunately but I tried playing as both characters back and forth to test things out. I like the music, it really fits well and the background scenery and fighting as birds was cool. Interesting variety of levels too. It wasn't obvious that when you shoot wind into the floating objects that they would drop and light the enemy on fire, that was a cool mechanic, would be good to let players know about that.

Yeah I had some fun thanks for hosting it. Almost hit a breaking point at 1 point but pulled myself back up and kept going so glad I did that.

Your welcome!

It was pretty freaky haha

Google drive has worked great for game jams I've been a part of. If you use Unity, you can use Unity Collab which is pretty handy

Awesome, happy to hear you're improving it more

I liked the art style, I thought it was interesting that you could move while the camera was moving. I think at times I would get caught because I wouldn't see what I was doing because the camera wouldn't show the guard yet. Maybe making the camera shift more in line with the character or possibly even having the camera be 3rd person might make that more enjoyable and easier to play. Well done

I couldn't get very far, was too difficult for me (I think increasing player movement and slowing down the bots movement/detection would be great) to find parts for gadgets. I did enjoy what I was played of it though. Very cool idea

I couldn't get past room 2, everytime I would go into a door it would just spawn me back at the beginning of room 2. Interesting idea

Interesting concept, a dilemma people have all the time eh? Haha. Everything worked together pretty well, well done

Very well done! Sometimes I would hit a key to go in a direction that was in line with the beat but it wouldn't move that way but then I would move another direction and it would work, most of the time controlling was fine though. Fun rhythm game, pretty difficult.

Not sure if the game was finished, but when I walk forward, the one red eyed ninja ran into the pink rectangle and got stuck. If I walk or jumped to the left or right side of screen I couldn't come back and I would hit the "You Win!" screen when I touched the other ninja for a few seconds. Cool music and aesthetic. Would like to try it out more if you came back to work on this.

Got stuck in a circle, walking around where it just walls all around. Might be better to give more of a description than walls in all directions when you look. Cool idea

Cool idea, reminds me how the enemies move in time with you in Crypt of the Necrodancer. I found the way enemies would move were random sometimes which made it hard to progress. I like that each enemy moves differently based on your moves for variety and difficulty

The stopping movement and being hidden in a box reminds of metal gear solid haha. I know you didn't finish it but good effort. Making the character's movement speed faster would be nice. The music was pretty bumpin, I enjoyed it. Level editor was an ambitious idea

Played until lvl 7, a fun game. I liked the music a lot. The idea of having the 6 seconds of camouflage was cool! Only critique would be that jumping would sometimes be a little non responsive so I got stuck on lvl 4 for a while. If you added a double jump as an upgrade for additional lvls that would be pretty cool

Impressive you did this in a day and a half, great job! I liked the voices of the guards when they spot you, it reminds me of the Counter Strike voice lines. Not sure how helpful the stealth component of moving slower when holding down shift was so might need more refining

Cool idea, I felt like it would've been nice to make the teachers/security guards a little slower and make it easier to get away. Even though I would hide and go through a couple rooms they would still find me.

Cool atmosphere, when Joey comes in it definitely makes it intense. I never saw Joey when I tried to get 1 of the trinkets but he saw me (never saw him though), would be nice to have some audio cue like foot steps or dialouge to alert you of his presence as it was too dark to see him.

Impressive you did this all by yourself. I liked the music, helped me get into it. The art style was cute but it was also spooky with how relentless the ghost hunters were. Suggestion I would make to improve this would be to make it easier to let the players escape from the ghost hunters when spotted and maybe reduce the speed of the ghost hunters a bit too. As soon as I was spotted I'd usually die.

Cool game, I like the concept a lot! I think improving the character's movement speed a little would be helpful so you aren't as frustrated having to start all over. I beat it, and it was definitely a challenge so cudos for that.

Yeah the art and music are very spooky, looks cool. I would've liked to have played the level (even if it's not complete) after you go through the door. If you do get that working I would like to try it again, you can let me know by replying to this comment. It would be nice if the player had a flashlight to light up a small area instead of the whole area to make it more spooky.

Sounds good, I'll message you on discord, looks like you found me there

I'm going to be a teaming up with a friend, looking for teammates. I'm a musician/sfx person and they're an artist. Looking for a programmer, message me if interested

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Nice to meet you baasket. I'm going to be a teaming up with a friend, looking for teammates. I'm a musician/sfx person and they're an artist. Looking for a programmer, message me if interested

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I laughed when I said I don't know her and she's like what the heck and then peaces. Its short but I had 5 minutes of fun trying the different options out, nice. I've listened to some of Kubbi's music before, I really enjoy it, especially their Firelight song: 

The art matches the sonic universe well, and I recognize the sky/clouds (it looks similar to our Flying Island Evil Monkey Slayer game).