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Be a clever chameleon
Submitted by stepjue — 1 hour, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#243.6673.667

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Cool concept but I think the time it takes for color to change is a bit too long I got past the game by going really fast and almost never got caught.


Yeah I noticed that as well- I just reduced the time. Thanks!


I'd keep working on this if I were you!


Thanks, I'd definitely like to!


Good concept and use of the limitation. The different parts of the game fit together - the chameleon, changing color, stealthyly trying to get to the destination. I imagined the "end point" being a fly or insect and the creature trying to get to its prey. 

The chameleon animation was cool.  A lot of work put into it. I played with the animation for some time, moving it back and forth. 

Would like to play a polished version of this game.


Thanks I appreciate it! That's how imagined it too, maybe in a future version :)


The concept is really interesting and has potential in my opinion. However, these are some problems I would fix:

1. The level after the tutorial is too difficult, I almost ragequitted (and I also thought the white circle was just for decoration because I forgot I had to reach it in order to complete the level. I know, I'm dumb, but my advise is to add some sort of animation that make me look at it).

2. The chameleon is too big for the platforms, with those weird colliders jumping on them is too difficult (see also point 3)

3. You don't want to use AddForce for the jump, because then the most effective way to double jump is to press rapidly two times the jump button, making the double jump kind of useless. Instead, try to modify the y velocity of the rigidbody when the player jumps and see what happens.

That's it, I hope I gave you some useful tips if you want to keep working on this game. For a 72 hours game jam I think you did a good job, well done!


Very helpful tips, thanks! Yeah.. that second level was too easy at first and now it is too hard.. glad you didn't ragequit haha


Neat concept! I found the movement a bit difficult, and I wasn't always sure why I was caught, but overall was a fun experience!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! Yeah I would like to improve the movement & colliders, and maybe the relative size of the platforms too


I really like the concept of the game, the idea of being careful which colors you can touch so that you blend into the environment is really cool!

However, it was a bit difficult for me to understand both how to change colors and when being a certain color was ok or not. (Sometimes I would change color while touching the background with a different color, but other times I would touch a dot in the level and then touching the background would get me caught)

I think that combining this idea with some of the mechanics of the game "Empty", where after you switch to a different color, the background also changes to that color, so you have limited transitions, would make for an awesome puzzle game, if you are interested in working on it further.

Either way, great job on the game!


Yeah, it was hard for me to show the difference between the solid background and "wallpaper" patterns (one is just changes your color, the other gets you caught). I want to keep working on it.. I think I want to make household objects get the chameleon caught instead of wallpaper patterns. The background changing color would definitely be interesting as well. Thanks!


Very interesting idea


Thank you!


Really charming style and idea