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Concept of the game was neat. Short range for the gun felt a little little weird

The controls felt little too sensitive for me but it could be that I was just terrible at the game. Fun concept though with solid visuals and audio

Lot of fun, the controls feel great on controller and the look of the game was great

Art style is fantastic and gameplay was lot of fun. Great job!

The gameplay, visuals and sound are all wonderful! Possibly my favourite game in the jam

The launcher was really cool but unfortunately the visuals made me motion sick. I wish I could have played it more

Looks good and the story was interesting even though it started with horrifying slaughter of my brothers. Good job!

Looks great and the shooting felt very satisfying. Great job!

I felt at home in the game. The run pose was fantastic!

Really great and polished looking game that I was terrible at. Good job!

Handling on the boat felt really great. Overall the game reminded me of Hydro Thunder. Great job!

I only have discord for a game I'm selling, Comic Company Manager that is a very different kind of game

Thanks! Näkkilahti is a made up place name in Finnish. Näkki part is a creature that drowns people from finnish folklore and lahti just means bay in finnish

I tried to look for it but clearly gave up too fast

Lot of fun! Guns feel good and I like the look.

 The mouse sensitivity was little high for me but otherwise the controls felt great

Exactly like I imagined life in America to be!

Looks great and the gameplay is fun!

This is fantastic in pretty much every way!

Only issue I found is that I managed to get stuck in a corner blocked by one of the enemies. I couldn't get out and also wasn't damaged by the enemy so I had to quit and restart

The system is fun and works well

Nicely relaxing

Simple but surprisingly fun

Thanks! We had great artists


Yeah we chose to do little more than we could with the time we had so nothing really works like it should


We planned to have more of a tutorial but ran out of time and what little instructions we have were done 15 minutes before submission

Works nicely. I like the attack animations!


Unfortunately I am in middle of my own commercial project so I don't really have time for any extra projects at the moment. Good luck on it though!

Fun idea and works well

Fun and works well. It was little hard to see where the bullets were going because they were so dark

Fun and very red

Fun but took me moment to figure out what I was doing


Both of the weapons should work, at least the did on testing. Issue I think is that we didn't really add any good way to show that the enemies are getting damaged outside of blood when shot directly. Probably should have added some damage animation or just color flashing to show that the elves and and explosions are actually doing something

Lot of fun! I would definitely play more if there were more levels

Fun game that looks good too. The camera is jerking around weirdly though for me and giving me little motion sickness

The look of the game is fantastic!

The art style is great and works great on controller!

Only issues I had was that the camera was bit weird and I am terrible at platformers

Good job!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

Yeah I think Näkki is mostly just a copy of the norse thingy


I'm just going to copy paste my reply to someone else on the name:

The name is combination of Näkki, which is a water spirit from finnish mythology, and lahti which just means a bay. So its just a made up place name


The name is combination of Näkki, which is a water spirit from finnish mythology, and lahti which just means a bay. So its just a made up place name

The games visuals were great and overall it felt really polished. I cant think of anything to complain about.

Great job