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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Respect of the theme#113.4673.467

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Red1m3n (Art) and MajorPest (Sound & Programming)

Tools used
Unity, Bosca Ceoil

Cookies eaten
At least 3

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Very intriguing game! The music and atmosphere is really good. I don't get what I need to do though. I light my torch and try to find more wood and my inventory keeps getting filled even if i have space. Also i don't know how to keep the bonfire alive.

Thanks for sharing your game!  It's amazing how you can make something well polished in a short amount of time.


Thanks dude, I've got a few more tweaks and indicators to add to make it more obvious what you're supposed to be doing. And I'm changing the holding mechanic to make the inventory management less fumbly. Current gameplay is basically:

  • Grab torch at beginning, hit 1 to pull it out of inventory to avoid being attacked by the wolf
  • Find fire, learn about sticks
  • Throw sticks and torches (pressing f while held) into fire to feed the fire (orange bar will increase)
  • Stay in the light by carrying a torch or flare (must be activated with E) to avoid the wolf.
  • The wolf will attack if you are not near a fire source. I've added a little yellow indicator to objects that provide warmth but its not enough, and the colliders are too small.
  • Torches expire in 30 seconds, Flares in 20. Torches must be lit at fire, flares can be lit on the go. Needs balancing.
  • There's a temperature meter, but it only affects the music right now. Drops rapidly when not in heat source.
  • You can throw lit torches and flares on the ground like any other item, they will stay lit, useful for breadcrumb trails.
  • Goal is to explore and collect fuel for the fire, to keep it going long enough to survive the night. Night lasts about 10 minutes, but the timer is based on the dialog manager so it can speed up or slow down based on how much you interrupt it by picking things up (poor design).

The most common feedback we've gotten so far is that the goal isn't clear. The dialog will be more event based during the beginning so that the character can explain to the player what he should be doing. Quality of life changes will include showing which item you currently have selected, and in the case of torches and flares, showing a countdown until they expire. Torches will also be put back into inventory unlit, and the player will have the ability to re-light torches when away from the fire. We should be done the latest build this weekend (Mini Jam 3rd Place Edition!) 

Thanks for playing!

GG like the music


I love the art and music in this game! Super cool mechanic with the wolf following you in the dark. Cool design to have the player figure out the map layout with their torch lit and then rely on memory when their torches go out. I think if the torches had ~twice the radius they have now, and the player had the current, small radius of vision when their torch goes out, they could have a real chance at surviving in the dark while it would still be super important to have the torch light. Also, super funny puns and quips. Great work!!!


Pretty nice art and the sound is a bit sad 

Game ended when i was near the camp fire 

Maybe we should have more items in the game


Ha there's a whole bunch of items but only the sticks/torches and flares do anything in the gamejam build. Sorry!


The Directors Cut is available now, longer and more gameplay! More interactable items included!


Great art and great writing. Flame on! Pretty spooky claustrophobic feel to the game, and I like that you never actually see the wolf - makes it more scary.


(Sorry about the cropping, OBS didn't want to capture Chrome directly and then things got messed up.)

Haha world record SpeedRun!

Yeah the GameJam build amounts to a proof of concept of a walking simulator. We'll be doing a directors cut with all the content we made. Flares stay lit indefinitely, but torches will burn out after 60 seconds. Unfortunately I don't think there's 60 seconds worth of dialog haha.


The directors cut is available now, there’s a timer on the fire to encourage you to gather sticks to fuel it. Try lighting a torch by holding a stick near a fire!


Great atmosphere and music, lacks a bit of technology


Haha thanks dude, we chose the most primitive technology, fire!


Oh thats smart!


You achieved making of a really cool game in this short time! I expecially enjoyed the main character's nervous rambling, who wouldn't be talking to himself with a wolf (?) circling around him!


I had a lot more incidental dialog planned but it got cut last minute and replaced with the rambling lol


The art was great, the sound was ok. It lacks a bit of gameplay tho. but still a good game! :)


Thanks for playing, it was my first attempt at making music, so I’m glad your ears are okay.


The directors cut build we just uploaded includes more gameplay. Longer and more content!


Ohh cool. ill try it out ^_