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No joke, this is one of my favorite Space Funeral entries so far. I have laughed out loud at all the gags and the ending made me cry.


The light shines bright in this one :)



-Professor Frieppel

thank you for playing!

I will die for you ❤👽

1.0.4 adds the Vehicle file in the folder, hopefully fixing this issue.

However... 1.0.3 is an unplayable version. I apologize sincerely for that. The player's starting position is WRONG, that is because I uploaded a test version by accident.

Version 1.0.4 fixes that, but you will have to start the game from scratch in the new version as the save file from 1.0.3 will be unusable.

Thank you for visiting this page, I hope you'll be able to play the game as intended now! Please let me know if you find any more issues!

Thank you for the bug report!

I've had someone else advise me on this bug but I thought it was fixed by adding the vehicle files...its odd because the game doesnt even use it! Maybe it's a "coconut.jpg" in TF2 situation! I'll try fixing it in the new hotfix update coming up this weekend ☻

Tales from the "Blood, Sweat And Tears Bundle":

I have purchased this game as part of the "Blood, Sweat And Tears" Bundle.

I have begun playing this game TODAY

I will write a review once my playthrough is complete.

First I must say the vibe! the music! the sound effects! the nostalgia for a magical time that was the 90s! This game is hitting me in the right spots as if it were equipped with "Vibro"!

The stats system reminds me of "Choose your own adventure books", delightful.

The enemy designs are solid and different from one another while respecting this fantabulous egyptian mad max style.

Keen to dig deeper inside the Pyramid...what will I find...? WHO KNOWS!



1.0.0 LIVE NOW 


DID YOU FIND ANY BUGS/HAve any feedback for the game? Email me at:



L is my favorite charactor!

Long live the cloud!

btw i was unable to roll behind rat so i used the editor mode

I love being a HAND in this game page! downloading now...

Thank you!

Thank you! I would have liked choice too, this is a practice game for how to use Bitsy! Next time I'll see what I can do

Too kind!

Can you feel the ants

Waving as you're passing by

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Some feedback: the final scene lasts too long if you already played the game, a skip button would be nice.

The stats could use some informations too  [figured what they did from reading interactive gamebooks ala Lone Wolf]

So nice!

Some more feedback: the starving mechanic is confusing, maybe there could be some more explanation about what does what in game. Also if the cows moved a little less would be more enjoyable overall

So charming!

i couldnt save the tadpoles with the this...commentary?
Loved the 3d models and physics

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Great idea, as a classic vania fan I really like!

Why the mouse for shoot and stab? Also if in the house you fall down the first staircase you can't get back on track...

I liked the frogs

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Rana! Are you italian? Hehe...

I found it cute but the controls were a little weird (had to play with my hands too close)

That's true, I would have loved to, this being the first time using Bitsy I was still trying to figure out how to do, next time I hope to achieve that!

Very nice! The bonus levels were an interesting addition!

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Nice game and nice frog population!

Rocks sending snakes flying made me chuckle, it's so charming

The final boss reveal WILL shock you!

This game is perfect on many levels: I particularly enjoyed the simple art, the sound design and the explosions!

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Official {Frog} Seal Of Quality

Some additional feedback: 

-a boss of sort could have been cool, if not that the later stages could feature some harder hitting enemies

-a health pack being found after X trains would create a perfect game loop!

-damage could have had more upgrades and accuracy less

This brought me back to the MAME days...! Oh incredible, I just wish there were sound

Such an adventurous premise! The frog is very wise. I really appreciated the story.
However a quick restart button and a way to skip the intro would have been appreciated!

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This was so cute! But it didn't change my mind ghosts are real for me...

Edit: make sure you play it more than once for more wobbly effect!

Sorry to hear that, I'm having family issues too so the extension is really appreciated


You found out my secret way to eat more cookies without being noticed...!

This was an unexpected surprise! Really nice controls and choice in sounds!

Rpgmaker2003 likes to be naughty! Anyhow I am very glad that you enjoyed it, thank you for playing!

Thank you!

This is very relaxing! I like how each step adds a layer to the music

I made it! It has been fixed!
The last one mathematics brain was really pumpin!