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This was super cool! Full of super inventively creepy set pieces :D

i love the art in this game, especially the environment art! super cool. It's been a really long time since i played but it reminds me of Aurelion Sol from league of legends c:. The jump in this game felt very unrepsonsive and i felt like i couldn't run away from things or position myself well. Also i like the intro arts.

very nice platformer! super pretty sprites and good level design. i though my hitbox was a little bigger than it looked but that's all i got !

You should let the music play uninterupted when the game resets, especially in a game where you die a lot ( i did). Cool concept and visual style! A different kind of dodging game

my favorite

i feel

It was hard to tell how close it was correct to hit the boxes, but i had fun once i figured that out. Cool style. IT ONLY GETS WORSE shaking on the screen is such a cool touch

This song is a banger! Great mood and fun enough that i played for a while. Reminds me of Montaro. I think it's important in dodging games to make sure the player is small enough to weave in between projectiles, or to give the player an invincible dash, so that they don't end up getting trapped by the random spread of projectiles. Also, the movement should be 1:1, instead of accelerating, so players can make precise movements to dodge stuff

Adorable game right here. Cute sprites. I wanna know more about that mushroom. That bunny is on its way. I love the way this game is earnest about how short it is. Good good job :)

one of the awesomest menus. Fresh as hell music

there were a lot of creative physics things going on here. I especially love how the verticality of stairs matter more here than usual in games of similar mechanics & perspectives. Very fun! I'll keep my eye out for updates :D

i'm still showing this to my friend because i love the art and music so much :)

I got stuck in this spot in the fourth (fifth) level?

I'm really, really in love with this music, and I think the slowness fo the character gives you a reason to try to solve the puzzles instead of just doing trial and error. I also think the slowness goes along well with the music.

However, I tried for a long time to notice a change in the music associated with each door, and i didn't hear any, so i did end up just guessing.

i only got to 400 :C.

this game is EXTREMELY juicy. Good good noises and visual feedback. I think it's super neat how every enemy death gets its own cinematic camera. I like this game

Very good level design! I had to criss cross each area multiple times and encounter hostile enemies before making them un-hostile, and i managed to keep track of the whole area pretty well even while it was changing. good joB!

Hey this is so special

New build as of right now! Fixed the game now closing when the story was done, and fixed some thought text not appearing!

I love the style of this game! great choices for colors and shapes all around. Clever twist, too.

can't wait to see how you improve it!

This is a sweet game that made me smile. :D i've never seen this type of game have a touching story before, and yet here this is, being great. Good job, and thanks! :)

I think  the bike flipped way too quickly, so that I couldn't get much speed at all with out turning over. I managed to get through anyway :). Pretty good levels and menu though!

I really liked this one! I could definitely play this for a long time. I think if the enemies behaved more predictably , the player could have more fun strategizing about every move. This reminds me a LOT of the type of gaemplay that makes Crypt of the NecroDancer one of my favorite games, and that one thrives on the pedictable patterns of the enmies, and the less predictable patterns you have to figure out on the fly when they're combined. Keep up the good work!

I love the art and music in this game! Super cool mechanic with the wolf following you in the dark. Cool design to have the player figure out the map layout with their torch lit and then rely on memory when their torches go out. I think if the torches had ~twice the radius they have now, and the player had the current, small radius of vision when their torch goes out, they could have a real chance at surviving in the dark while it would still be super important to have the torch light. Also, super funny puns and quips. Great work!!!

I love this one! I had to flex muh brain a bit through these good good puzzles. Awwesome character animation and music. Loved the end screen. Shot multiple things, not so many guns

nice! impressive that you did this in 1 hour! I got two comments: in a game where the player is constantly shooting, it's really good to have multiple shooting sounds, otherwise any noise will get annoying, and, in a bullet hell or shmup it's really important that the player always has enough space to manuever around and between bullets, so that avoid projectiles is interesting and challenging but fair. Check out Enter the Gungeon for one of my fav examples o that. Good work!

Super cute character and fun puzzles! I would have liked a few more challenging puzzle but its a jam, no worries. Great job!

wowee that was tricky. This is a pretty stylish game with real snappy controls and i like it

Hilarious and charming story that surprised me several times. Great job! it feels complete and well put together. That installer is hella sketchy tho

Game was much better after squinting. Good jams, rock on.

Wow!! sucha good platformer! super challenging but it had tight enough controls that i was able to handle it. Awesome job with the level designs, they had some good and interesting patterns in there. The level transitions are very very awesome. Super stylish game. would chip again

wow you got a lot done! a whole bunch of different enemies, NPCs, upgrades. I love the music and the user of the limitation colors. I died to one of the alien guys x-x rip me. Great job havingseveral different enemy behaviors!

Pretty low-tech as far as tech goes, but pretty heckin' good as far as good things go. Impressive layered music, wonderful pixel art, love that struttin clay man. Cool menu  and start, too. I love how the colors progressed from the beginning to the end; it was a super clever way of using the color limitation and worked really well. 10/10

I really love this character's design and the music was pretty cool. I love that the boss looks just like you, kinda like they're0 another tech adventurer

Adorable characters, great shooting pose. and i like the concept! i think the camera needs to transition smoothly from normal to aiming. Check out hyper Light Drifter or Akane for good examples of this!

i love this style of this game SO MUCH. Cute af wobbly robots and super rad mosaic tiles. The style reminds me a lot of ART SQOOL. It was super hard to control, tho. The camera was very trciky and i couldnt see where i was walking most of the time. It was hard to tell if i was picking things up or what was what or how to use the machines. SO CUTE THO

fun game! Slick minimal art & use of the colors. It's smart to have the projectiles expand as they move outward, so it isn't too hard to aim at the edges of the screen. Only thing I'd change is remove the momentum on the defender piece. It's hard to aim precisely when it's sliding. You could check out super hexagon for an example of the same control scheme with good sensitivity and weight. Good Job!


haha very fun art style. I loved the win screen. I think it's a nice touch that the balloon is super far and you don't know where it is - it makes it so part of the game is finding the balloon in addition to hitting the mark. 

This game has a super cool rad look! I got hooked. Cons: i'm bad at it Pros: it's good

That was a fun brain teaser! I thought really hard up until the last one, did the first bunch in like 45 clicks, and then ended with 1337 for the last one haha. I think not having a reset button forced me to think carefully about how to reach each number. good job!