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Today I choose joyView game page

Not just any puzzle game. You'll have to listen to the music to solve the puzzles in this game about dreams.
Submitted by Jens Steenmetz
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Today I choose joy's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Respect of the theme#183.1883.714

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Alessandro Famà
Jens Steenmetz

Software used
Unity, FMOD, Piskel

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Another brilliant game Jens, and that soundtrack is excellent Alessandro, great work both of you!


I got stuck in this spot in the fourth (fifth) level?

I'm really, really in love with this music, and I think the slowness fo the character gives you a reason to try to solve the puzzles instead of just doing trial and error. I also think the slowness goes along well with the music.

However, I tried for a long time to notice a change in the music associated with each door, and i didn't hear any, so i did end up just guessing.


i'm still showing this to my friend because i love the art and music so much :)


Thanks! I noticed this bug in this level but didn't have time to make a new build yet. I will do it today. About the music; yeah, the changes in music are way too subtle. That's something that could be improved a lot. 


I fixed it! Also I fixed the music; sometimes, the wrong music was playing. It's a little bit easier to notice the changes in music now


My thought was that this was a really pretty game with an exceptional soundtrack.  My feeling was that the theme was evident from the art and the way the game was put together - those aspects were really good.

A few thoughts / suggestions:

* I had a little trouble understanding what I was supposed to be doing - I liked exploring, but I didn't understand if / how I was progressing toward a goal

* I know the main character is old, but I wish he could move around the screen a little faster

* I had some trouble fitting the player character through the openings in the little mazes

Overall, though, I thought this was a really neat little entry.  Thanks for putting it together - it was fun :)


Thanks for the suggestions! I am glad you had fun. 

* The goal of the game is to match sounds of a button with the right door to open that door, but the changes in music were a bit too subtle to be clear. Sorry for that

* I will make the character a bit faster

* I will make the colliders a little bit smaller so it fits better through little openings

Thank you for playing!


A black screen with a good music :'(

Developer (1 edit)

I'm very sorry! I made the whole game, so I can change the color palette whenever I want to, but the colors were reset somehow :( I made a new build, it works now!