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Wouldn't you be scared if a random guy with a camera was tracing you? ;)

I like the idea of the game and I'm amazed by how much you've achieved on your own in 72 hours. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past the first movie, because the scenes didn't save. I think not having scenes in my film because of that, also caused my instant bankruptcy. Wish it worked for me, because it looks really cool and the music is amazing

I'm glad to hear you liked it! The 'compass' is actually a wind vane. On this game page, you can read how to use the wind to get closer to the animals. We will make sure to make it more clear in future versions. Thanks for gdwc recommendation! I'll take a look to see what it is.

This game is about a camera man, who wants to shoot a documentary about life on the Savanna. In each level, you'll have to film certain animals for a certain amount of time. The animals will run away from you, but you can come close to them by having the wind in your back, so the animals won't smell you (the wind direction is indicated by the wind van in the bottom left of the screen). We made the game in 48 hours for Mini Jam 31 and we'll continue working on the game from now on. We hope you'll have fun. Now start filming! 3... 2... 1... ACTION!

There should be something after level 1 now. I messed up the files, sorry. About pointing up or down; we'll improve the camera field when we'll continue working on the game, but it needs some thinking. We haven't thought of a better way to do it yet, but we'll keep thinking about it. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback! We'll definitely think about a good way to do this when we'll continue working on the game.

The rhino's are very rare, but you'll find some if you search for a moment ;)

Could you try again then, because I think I was just working on it when you played it, so it wasn't correct resolution yet. It should be correct now

Did you play the browser build or a binary build? And if you played a binary build, which platform do you use?

I see you changed some things. It's definitely a lot more challenging right now. If you want to make the turrets unmovable, you should make them sellable and buyable though, because a tiny mistake can cause your loss right now. Also I found another issue that pops up since the turrets are unmovable; it's impossible to cancel placing a turret, so if you clicked it, you can't do anything but placing it. Glad to see you are improving the game!

Fun game! Nice concept, looks fun, the tutorial is clear. Well done. I've got some suggestions as well:

- I'd like it if everything is unmovable once you place it. I think it'd make it more interesting because you'd have to think more about the placement of the buildings.

- Also, I'd suggest having to buy and sell the turrets, so you'd be able to fix mistakes in your organization or be able to quickly save a lane.

- It'd be nice to have some more gameplay as well. I understand it's a jam game. It's just that I liked it, but then nothing happens anymore because you defended every lane (you could possibly make an ending as well if you can't come up with more gameplay anymore at some point).

- Once you get around the 5000 score mark, things are getting really easy, and defending the last lanes isn't really a challenge anymore. This is a bit of the same point as the previous point; just have more gameplay.

- One thing that's confusing to me is whether or not the tile level system has an effect on the walls and minions, etc. (basically everything that doesn't shoot). Maybe you could make clear if a tile is unaffected by the tile levels (either because it's empty or because the building on the tile has a constant level). It'd make things much more clear.

- Another suggestion I have for the clarity of the game is making the visuals of the different functioning buildings more distinctive.

- My last suggestion is to make it impossible to place stuff on top of the grey spawning boxes (shops, idk what to call it), because it makes things confusing.

I don't know if you're gonna continue working on this, but I think it's a  cool concept, so I'd say you should if you feel like it. Add some more gameplay, and maybe spice the art up a little bit and it could be even better. Good job! 

(That's a lot I just typed. Just know I did that because I liked the game)

Thank you for all the feedback! Because of shortage in time we didn't have a chance to play the whole game from start to finish, so the ugly bland blue screen at the end slipped from our attention :( Also, we didn't have much time to balance the levels and towers unfortunately. We overscoped a bit, so their wasn't much room for polishing and balancing. I'm glad the game kept your interest for a while. That's nice to hear. Again, we appreciate your feedback. That helps us to do better next time.

Hard to understand at first, but when I understood the mechanics, it was pretty fun! I'd make the harder levels more interesting in some way, because it was kind of boring to wait on the planets to come around again, but I think it's a nice little game, with nice music and an innovative idea. Good job

I asked around for you and this is what I was told: 

Mark file as executable (right click, permissions, mark as executable or chmod +x filename in terminal). And either double click the file or run ./filename.x86 from the terminal.

I can't check if it works, because I don't have Debian, so you'll have to try yourself.

Hi, did you download the Linux files instead of the Windows files?

It looks really dreamy. I like the dialogue texts. Nice little game

I fixed it! Also I fixed the music; sometimes, the wrong music was playing. It's a little bit easier to notice the changes in music now

Fun little game! It's cool that you had time to make that many enemies and 3 different levels. It makes the game more interesting and fun in my opinion.

I think the light/shadow effect is really amazing! I was really curious how anyone would make a 3d game with the 3 colors limitation, and I think you nailed it. It's fun to play and it looks really cool. Great job!

Thanks! I noticed this bug in this level but didn't have time to make a new build yet. I will do it today. About the music; yeah, the changes in music are way too subtle. That's something that could be improved a lot. 

Thanks for the suggestions! I am glad you had fun. 

* The goal of the game is to match sounds of a button with the right door to open that door, but the changes in music were a bit too subtle to be clear. Sorry for that

* I will make the character a bit faster

* I will make the colliders a little bit smaller so it fits better through little openings

Thank you for playing!

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I'm very sorry! I made the whole game, so I can change the color palette whenever I want to, but the colors were reset somehow :( I made a new build, it works now!

I really liked the art and music of the game! The gameplay was fun as well, but it wasn't very clear what the objective of the game was. As soon as I understood, it was more fun to play, although I don't understand what the white balls and the rainbow hearts were for.

I like the game. It's fun to play. You could add some challenging things though, to make it more interesting for a longer amount of time; it gets a bit repetitive. You can add moving obstacles for example. But I understand the time pressure of a jam, so great job :)

Fun, but veeeeeery short game haha. Good music and graphics!

Fun game! The art is very nice and the music is amazing. I really love how the music changes seemlessly depending on the gameplay. Good job!

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It was the last level, so you didn't miss very much. I designed every level to not need any restarts, but it turns out I missed 1 place. I fixed it now.

The house is a good protector

I have only participated in game jams with sad themes, so that's why i've only made sad games haha

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I like the game idea. It wasn't really hard to just focus on 1 of the lanes and beat the game like that. I think that should be improved. By having to save at least 4 objects for example. Fun game overall though, with nice sounds and graphics.

Btw, which sprites did you make?

Very tough game. I managed to get past the spikes a few times, but ofcourse there are the balls of death to ruin everything haha :) 

Oh thanks! Glad to hear that

Thanks for the feedback! What exactly did you stop from completing all the levels? Was it too hard or did you lose interest? Or was it something else? I would really love to know, so I can improve the game.