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Fun game! Nice concept, looks fun, the tutorial is clear. Well done. I've got some suggestions as well:

- I'd like it if everything is unmovable once you place it. I think it'd make it more interesting because you'd have to think more about the placement of the buildings.

- Also, I'd suggest having to buy and sell the turrets, so you'd be able to fix mistakes in your organization or be able to quickly save a lane.

- It'd be nice to have some more gameplay as well. I understand it's a jam game. It's just that I liked it, but then nothing happens anymore because you defended every lane (you could possibly make an ending as well if you can't come up with more gameplay anymore at some point).

- Once you get around the 5000 score mark, things are getting really easy, and defending the last lanes isn't really a challenge anymore. This is a bit of the same point as the previous point; just have more gameplay.

- One thing that's confusing to me is whether or not the tile level system has an effect on the walls and minions, etc. (basically everything that doesn't shoot). Maybe you could make clear if a tile is unaffected by the tile levels (either because it's empty or because the building on the tile has a constant level). It'd make things much more clear.

- Another suggestion I have for the clarity of the game is making the visuals of the different functioning buildings more distinctive.

- My last suggestion is to make it impossible to place stuff on top of the grey spawning boxes (shops, idk what to call it), because it makes things confusing.

I don't know if you're gonna continue working on this, but I think it's a  cool concept, so I'd say you should if you feel like it. Add some more gameplay, and maybe spice the art up a little bit and it could be even better. Good job! 

(That's a lot I just typed. Just know I did that because I liked the game)

1. I'll try that out and see how it changes the game.

2. Yeah might add buying turrets if I continue building on this game.

3. I'll try but don't have any ideas

4. Difficulty was a problem in development, still  don't have a good curve. It's harder in the beginning than in the end!

5. I put this info in the tutorial, how could I make it clearer? (the tile system does not have an effect on walls and minions)

6. I'm no artist :P so definitely something I could improve.

7. I'll add this too.

Thanks for the feedback! 

I see you changed some things. It's definitely a lot more challenging right now. If you want to make the turrets unmovable, you should make them sellable and buyable though, because a tiny mistake can cause your loss right now. Also I found another issue that pops up since the turrets are unmovable; it's impossible to cancel placing a turret, so if you clicked it, you can't do anything but placing it. Glad to see you are improving the game!