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1. I'll try that out and see how it changes the game.

2. Yeah might add buying turrets if I continue building on this game.

3. I'll try but don't have any ideas

4. Difficulty was a problem in development, still  don't have a good curve. It's harder in the beginning than in the end!

5. I put this info in the tutorial, how could I make it clearer? (the tile system does not have an effect on walls and minions)

6. I'm no artist :P so definitely something I could improve.

7. I'll add this too.

Thanks for the feedback! 

I see you changed some things. It's definitely a lot more challenging right now. If you want to make the turrets unmovable, you should make them sellable and buyable though, because a tiny mistake can cause your loss right now. Also I found another issue that pops up since the turrets are unmovable; it's impossible to cancel placing a turret, so if you clicked it, you can't do anything but placing it. Glad to see you are improving the game!