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Thanks! Yeah I could see how it could be confusing if you hadn't played the tutorial. And I definitely need sound. 

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Yes, I struggled with getting the difficulty to be maintained over the course of the game... I've added an update which will increase the difficulty some by changing the mechanics. But this is still definitely something I'll work on in the future. Also am planning to make the endgame more interesting by adding more mechanics that begin to come into play then.

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Thanks for the feedback! The first two just came out in an update, but I think I won't add the third because it doesn't really fit with my original vision for the game and wouldn't really add to the experience in my opinion.

Perhaps it's a problem with WebGL? Do you see a spinning cube when you visit this website If not use the chrome support and enable webgl.

If not maybe use the developer tools under the top right options menu>more tools> developer tools and see if it shows any errors in the console tab. That could give a better clue as to what is going on.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll add extra mechanics that start to come into play more as you reach 5000+ score - perhaps more resource management or something like that.

Thanks for the feedback!

1. I'm not quite sure what you mean here, do you mean that once you place a minion/turret in a tile you should be able to place another minion/turret in the same tile to get a bonus or something? I'm interested but didn't quite understand what you meant.

2. Yes, definitely something I need to add.

3. Will try to add this feature as well as an exit button soon.

I'm sorry, I don't know what the origin of this bug is but will try to fix it. Others don't seem to have the problem and I don't believe it's reproducible on my computer so I don't know what I can do to fix it.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll add a way to return unused minions/turrets to the supply area. 

Nice game! It's simple but fun. I'm going to have some feedback and recommendations here but it's only because I like the game and want to help the dev out!

* The pixel art is blurry when seen in game. I don't know how you would fix this or where the problem is because I don't use Unity but here's an answer online that might fix it

* The controls are a bit odd and unintuitive, I'm not sure why you would choose to have the fire direction independent of the character. Maybe try having the character fire in the direction it is facing, or if you want to have independent firing use the mouse instead of the keyboard to control which direction to fire. Maybe this isn't really a problem or difficult to solve, but to me the controls could be more intuitive.

* Your bullets go through the enemies and hit others - is this a design decision? Maybe try not having the bullets go through enemies and see how the game feels. I don't really know what would work for this game so try out different ideas.

* I didn't know that to charge the boss you had to move out of the summoner zone... Maybe add a short descriptive text at the beginning describing controls and info like this.

And here are some features that could be interesting if you expanded upon the game:

* Additional enemy types would be interesting, such as a ranged unit that would move around the arena and shoot out projectiles

* Maybe make it so you have to defend the four summoners and if one of them dies the summoning slows down.

This is a great game, and I hope you liked my feedback and it helps you improve. It would mean a lot to me if you gave me feedback on my Weekly Game Jam 102 submission, Darkness Defenders.

1. I'll try that out and see how it changes the game.

2. Yeah might add buying turrets if I continue building on this game.

3. I'll try but don't have any ideas

4. Difficulty was a problem in development, still  don't have a good curve. It's harder in the beginning than in the end!

5. I put this info in the tutorial, how could I make it clearer? (the tile system does not have an effect on walls and minions)

6. I'm no artist :P so definitely something I could improve.

7. I'll add this too.

Thanks for the feedback! 

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Great game! I love the art, music and general atmosphere but there are a few small things you could improve.

* Perhaps make the music continue even after you die? I die so early and it constantly restarting is a bit annoying. Excellent music though!

* I didn't know that there was a double jump until I played it for a while. Maybe add a small controls sheet where you can mention that double jump and wall jump are possible?

* Atmosphere and art are really great, but it would be nice to have a little less screen shake. You get used to it after playing for a while but it's jarring in the beginning.

* When going fast, the camera lags behind the character meaning it's hard to see what's in front of you. Usually it's a good idea to have the camera slightly ahead of the player so that they can see where they are going.

I also built a game for the weekly game jam, Darkness Defenders. It would mean a lot to me if you played it and gave me some feedback for it!

Awesome! I'm excited to see what you make next!

This game is surprisingly fun and nails the art style but has a few glitches:

* Some sprites are blurry for example road

* The looping map is a good idea but a little jarring because you see this flash as it transitions, make sure that the top lines up with the bottom so that you don't see a flash when you reach the edge and loop back around, it just looks the same

There's also some things you could add to improve the game's fun by a lot!

* Maybe add increasing difficulty as you get a higher score - the boat could go faster the higher your score (like a game similar to this I made a while ago, this could add a lot more challenge and make the game more interesting)

* The obstacles/civilians fall in a predetermined pattern, 3 obstacles then 3 civilians, it would be cool if you instead of directly having a loop where it goes through 3 obstacles then 3 civilians, randomly generate each time between having a civilian and having an obstacle. For example you could have a pattern where an object falls every 0.5 seconds, but instead of predetermining which type of object it is you could use a random number generator where there is a 50% chance of the object being an obstacle and a 50% chance of it being a civilian.

* Maybe add a locally saved highscore table so you can compete with your highscore and maybe your friends' highscores. This could just use the builtin features (here's a good tutorial from Brackeys

) and save a file containing the highscore to the players' hard drive.