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Pretty difficult to master but beautiful :)

I like the way th AI play

The "wall jump" was challenging, but it's a nice game!

Pro tips: drift will make you go fast

The Plutonium cells are hard to catch, but the video is really cool

Funny body animation

Beautiful graphics and sounds, I just haven't find any rhino yet

You are surely the first, congratulation!

Thank you, I will find a way to draw attention to the switch.

I will work on the moving background, it's a great idea ! (But I wait for the end of the Jam to upload the update)

A black screen with a good music :'(

I give up at the third dream, but I enjoyed the trip :)

The environment is beautiful and the mechanic of a changing world is awesome.

Hard but I love the graphics

Surprising, nice work !

Just Beautiful !

Fun to play, I wonder if the sound effects are made with your mouth ^^'

Thanks for your feedback !

For now no one has arrived at the end. Maybe something will happen...

Wow, cute !

I like the music !

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Merci sainte raclette \o/

(Thank you holy Raclette)

Beautiful graphics !

The game is interesting, I particularly like the fact that stories are linked... (mystery, mystery)

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I'm not a fan of mazes but I wandered more than 10 minutes !

I Like Dreams, 

I like to find myself in a different dream and discover the new cards and situations.

So I go back to sleep at 17:72 !

Glad you like :)

It's beautiful, I take a lot of pleasure to travel in this infinite space.

I just love it

Spooky Funky Skeleton

It's cute and relaxing

The result is beautiful, congratulations !

At the beginning, I thought it was a simple photo viewer, in the end I spent more than 10 minutes on it !

Funny, this article also inspired me, and I congratulate you because the result sounds really great !

Well Done

The way the water moves is interesting, and pretty