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A reflex game. Made for the Mini Jam 18.
Submitted by ZaffreSheep (@zaffre_sheep) — 5 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Respect of the theme#282.4582.458

Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Nope. All solo.

Software used
Unity, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity

Cookies eaten
I think it was about 8 of them. Some sugar cookies, and some chocolate chip cookies. They were good, thanks for asking.

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Visually it's a bit tough to tell when to hit the 'notes', but I love these kinds of games so I endured. Good work!


Hey thanks for the comment!

I suppose it is a little difficult to tell when to hit them. I think I'm oblivious to this issue because I've play tested it so many times to the point where I just know how far they need to be. If I end up updating the game again, I'll definitely try to find a new way to show when the arrows can be hit.


It was hard to tell how close it was correct to hit the boxes, but i had fun once i figured that out. Cool style. IT ONLY GETS WORSE shaking on the screen is such a cool touch


Ah yeah, I can understand that issue. I tried to fix that in the new version by making the arrows move once they got in range, but maybe that's not obvious enough, hmm.

Thanks for the comment, man, I'm really happy to hear you like that shaking text on the screen, that was a lot of fun to make!




Was tough to play initially (as your window timing is short), but was a fun little game to play.


Hah, yeah, I can understand that. I had to find some way to show the player that they are getting closer into the abyss, but I also had to make sure it wasn't so zoomed out that the arrows were hard to see. It's a little interesting because the game gets arguably easier the closer you are to the abyss, because you get a much longer time to see the hazards come towards you(but they also move faster by the time you get there). 
Thanks for the comment! Happy you enjoyed it!


Fun to play, I wonder if the sound effects are made with your mouth ^^'


Oh man, there's no words to explain how much I love making video game sounds with my mouth. It's so much fun. 

To answer your question, the sound you hear when you get hurt, and the sound you hear when you lose, are both made with my mouth. The sound you hear when you successfully hit a direction was made by me tapping on some glass (and the mess up sound is the same sound, but at a lower pitch). 

Happy you enjoyed it, man!

Deleted post

Yeah, it's certainly got that "one more game" feel, I've found recently haha! Thanks!