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Nice game with cool music and story. Lack a bit of technology-themed things 

Nice game with cool music, instruction in game will be great. Movement seems to be stuck sometimes and player keep moving without a key pressed.

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Cool original game, the music and sounds are good but camera and movement make me a little sick. (nice to see a 3D game anyway)

Nice clicker, the money is a update way to often and is barelly readable. Sound and music will be great.

Nice little game but sometime the arrow didn't fire. It lack a bit of music and sound.

Nice game, but we cannot really dodge bullet and just stay in the corner of the screen. lack a bit of diversity.

Cool game, will be better with sound/music and some variety. I got to 35.

Nice game but will be better with music and sound. The player is really slow, so make the map smaller or the player faster. 

Nice concept, good music and sound but lack a bit on the theme.

Great game, really good music, and many good details.

Great atmosphere and music, lacks a bit of technology

Cool game ,quite difficult. Will be better with sound and music. Google chrome and Windows detects it as a virus, some people may not play it because of that.

It's a good game, maybe need better hitbox for game over, motor sound and wheel animation when the motorbike move when we don't press any key.


Great game  but a little bit repetitive maybe add some power-up,  upgrades or something like that.

The graphics are awesome and the enemy really diverse and well made.

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Really great with fun plot-twist and impressive content with 72h. Just maybe a lack of enemy health bar and I'm not sure a full installer is really needed.

Fun game with nice game mechanics and great music but not that much technology

Fun game but a little bit of music/sound will be really great.

Cool Music and effects, a 1P mode will be great. (Maybe use .rar/.zip for file compression, it's more common) 

A reset button will be nice or I maybe just didn't see it.