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Anyone want to help me out by playtesting my game? (password: tbj)

Happy to do the same for you if you'd like!

It's a fairly straightforward sokoban-like, taking some inspiration from A Monster's Expedition which I started playing recently.

I'd appreciate any and all feedback! I'm particularly curious about any thoughts on the puzzles - difficulty, pacing, aesthetic, interest... anything! I'm hoping to update the title and "win" screens and fill in some blank areas where I need some more puzzles before submitting - so feel free to ignore those aspects!

Neat idea! Thanks for sharing!

Lots of code refactoring today - now I have "undo-able" movement:

Plus I added a little input visualizer in the corner for fun :)

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Who doesn't love an in progress gif? Let's see yours!

I'll kick things off: I have some basic movement and a box pushing interaction. Currently planning on making some kind of variation of a sokoban.

Hey this was great! I liked the inclusion of the upgrade system, it gave it a bunch of replay value.

There's a great amount of variety in the enemies and train cars to start, and it's really nice to see the polish of the box blowing up sound effects, camera shake, and how each enemy type has their own type of weapon.

The music really amps up the rushed, time critical feeling of train heist.

The one criticism I have is I think the time boost upgrade is counter to the fun of the game. When I got what is essentially infinite time I lost that thrill of trying to race the clock. All in all it was a really fantastic game!

Holy cow that's some dark and twisted graphics when my hand got blown off! The illustrations are really wild. Great style, I was not expecting that when I shot my hand off.

I found it really challenging to reload in time to keep up with the frogs, managed to get a high score of 22 after a few tries though!

I liked how you decided on QWER as the input, it was unconventional and interesting!

The classic duel! What a diverse cast of enemies to face off against. A simple mechanic executed very solidly. Nice work on the frog graphic!

Nice job learning a new engine over a weekend! I know that can be really challenging.

I liked the music, and nice job with the theme. You used real natural predators to frogs which is thoughtful.

The sound that happens when you run out of rocks to through scared the heck outta me. It's so demonic sounding! I thought it was hilarious.

What a bizarre game! Took a while to figure out, and once I got the girls and the toilets I wasn't sure what else to do. I ended up getting the cow slavery ending then.

Not a bad start! Pretty clear what the goals are and I like the little frogs hoppin around.

What a fantastic game! It feels really polished and complete. It's really smart to include the mini games between stages and the difficulty increases nicely on the stages. The last few cacti in the final stage felt so cruel! Nicely done though, they were great moments of challenge.

I really appreciate the level progress graphics in the corner too, helped push me to retry a few more times knowing it was the last stage.

Well written and an admirable amount of content! It was fun to find out what my caravan's story would be, and I enjoyed all the frog humor and imagery. I definitely underestimated that man that pulled a frog from his holster.

Main thing I'd like more of is some kind of decision making that could feel impactful, I ended up leaning toward decisions that were always to *not* send anyone, since they always seemed to end badly otherwise.

Nicely done!

Awesome, I really appreciate the feedback! I agree about the camera.

I’m thinking in the future I’d try moving the camera before you get so close to the edge, and also basing it on the crosshair position.

It is! It was actually by accident, but I liked it so I kept it!

FYI: I played the 1.0.1 patched version.

I really liked the art! The gradient on the ground and the sky in the outside area is lovely.

The combat was tough to get used to, and like HalfAlieno I got stuck after falling in that down in that staircase area. Traversing the gaps is challenging.

Action games can be tough to get the movement and tuning nailed down for a jam (I know my game is a bit clunky in parts), but this was a good effort! Nice job!

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Great writing! I liked exploring around this little space. The characters were all well designed too. Nice job!

Your games keep getting better, keep it up! The stat system is a bit tough to understand, but the gameplay goes quick enough so that I just kept re-trying with different strategies. Only thing I'd add is an option to skip the Devil's speech would be appreciated so I could retry the battle with him more quickly.

Nice work!

This was a ton of fun. The simple two button game play is still really satisfying and challenging. It's a bit tricky to plan your moves when you don't know the level layout, but once you do it's fun to try and master the timing.

Scratches a reflex / memorization / rhythm itch that makes it hard to stop playing.

Make a bunch of levels and add a catchy soundtrack and I would spend hours and hours playing this game.

Cool turn based mechanics. I like the variety of enemies.

I like thinking through the turns, and how enemies will attack other enemies. It would be nice to have some idea of what the enemy will do on their turn to help strategize, but maybe that would make it too easy.

Makes me want to play more Into The Breach :)

You set out to make a clicker, and I definitely did some clicking.

Cool game! It's a really interesting variation on Tetris. I like the music and how the blocks are all a little wobbly.

Nice little platformer! I like that there were a variety of enemies and even a boss. The gameplay could use a little tweaking to improve "feel" - for example the jump is really floaty.

Nice job!

Sick riff! So tiny!

Funny and original story! I liked the writing with a great ending. Nicely done.

This was so cute and really nice to fly around the world. The music was really great, awesome job doing 3D and sticking 100% to the palette. Should be really proud of this.

My favorite part was the group of 5 or so birds that were like, "hope ur doin ok, no pressure tho".

A lot of great dialog, loved exploring around this place.

This is so great! I got stuck on the level with the first green power-up. It feels so cool that you saw this twist on my game from the last mini jam! The implementation of this is really solid, love the graphics and a great take on the pickup mechanics.

Oh man, this reminds me of Elasto Mania, I game I loved as a kid. Neat level designs, and a really fun mechanic to learn.

Could use some little UI improvements like mapping restart to a gamepad button.

Fun game!

That's a great idea - in coming up with puzzles I felt like more things to dissuade the player from moving to certain areas could create more challenge. But, ya know... time. Thanks for taking the time to play & comment!

Thanks! I agree, gtibo's art really brings a lot of life to this little game.

Haha thanks! gtibo did a great job with the art, and I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it even though it was so short.

I agree. I'm definitely going to try harder to get music and sfx in sooner next time.

Thanks for playing! :D

Nice concept! I liked the music and art style too. Could use some refinement to make it a bit more fun - maybe smaller levels or more enemies - got a bit dull wandering through large open areas. Seems like a good base for something though!

Great art and great writing. Flame on! Pretty spooky claustrophobic feel to the game, and I like that you never actually see the wolf - makes it more scary.

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Neat concept! There's a nice progression to the game as more parts appear and start filling up the maze the pace increases nicely. It started feeling frantic and satisfying to run back and forth to the part assembly machine.

Controls felt a bit awkward - for a game where you're trying to go fast and pick up specific items I'd rather have finer grained control of the movement.

Nice job!


The game it self is a bit simple, but come on the reason to play this is for the sound track anyways.

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Neat game - the level feels very big which is nice for exploring in a game like this, but it was kind of tough to navigate (I found myself going in circles for a while).

I like how the enemies are balanced, how you could run past them if you have enough space. I like having that option instead of engaging.

Having to re-hack the computers after getting caught felt like quite a chore, especially with some of them taking so long to get to, and then backtrack out, so I didn't finish.

Ah yes, no greater technology than the clay from which all life springs haha. Nice little game here! I liked the animations, and it was super satisfying to walk around and paint the world. Loved the little dithering effect from the fire. Great work!

Good effort! The end game screen for beating the boss made me smile.