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Metroidvania Month 13 Jam entry
Submitted by GDeavid — 3 days, 4 hours before the deadline
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Godot 3.3.2

David Gal

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Not much to say, good game.
Can't really complain about anything, even the boss fights and all are nicely executed :-)


this was really fun and polished

particularly enjoyed the boss and the cutscenes had nice animations

great work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Mega solid entry. Probably the strongest on this jam! The graphics is very nice and consistent. The cutscenes are awesome. Amazing way to share the story without overloading player with text. 

If I would have to complain about something - the sound is a little bit missing. There is not much of it, though it feels consistent and fitting the game. The hero movement and the 1-bit style really reminds me of the HeartsBeast 1-bit godot course :).


Thanks for the kind words! Indeed, the soundscape is a bit barren, but I couldn't come up with an acceptable solution of playing sfx in cutscenes.

Also, could you please link  the mentioned Heartbeast course? I'm curios to see where I allegedly took scripts and inspiration from...


Regarding playing sfx in cutscenes I think the easy way would be to have a cutscene node with script with function for each needed sound. Using the animation player node you can animate as well functions - adding sounds even to animations :).

Regarding the course - please, don't feel offended I completely didn't have anything negative in mind. I too drew a lot of inspiration from it and used (as allowed by the game jam) some general code like platform movement with major modifications: - if you haven't used the course, I really recommend it - probably best game dev courses I have seen.


Thanks for the advice on the sfx, definitely going to use it in the future!

To be honest my only issue is " can clearly see the influence and scripts..." parts. You are making an assumption and stating it as a fact, and that is not a really nice thing to do.


I modified the initial post! I haven't had anything negative in mind, sorry for that! Once again - your game is my number one of this jam :) Really good work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Wow! What a great game. Looks good, sounds good, and plays good. The boss fight was unique and well scripted and the shooting mechanic was very satisfying. Biggest critique would be that I really wanted to press W / UP to jump instead of space. Just feels more natural to me.

Great job!


Amazing work on this! Felt very polished. Clean and simple graphics with smooth animations, cutscenes show what's happening without bombarding the player with a wall of text. The aesthetic reminds me of Minit or Downwell. 

 Gameplay mechanics are easy to learn and satisfying to use. Music and SFX also fit the theme perfectly.

Very good entry, I can't find anything to complain about.


Solid entry! The submission is very polished and complete for lack of a better word. I love the whole environment and aesthetic. Controls work great, sound effects fit right in. The little story segments are great also! The whole experience was good; wish there was more but I am not sure how you did this much with this level of polish in only 1 month!


Hey there! Thanks so much!

On the topic of polish: When you focus on it, and not just touch it up as you go, it's relatively "easy"! Spending an extra 2-3 hours on making something feel "perfect" is way more time efficient then spending 5-10 minutes a day tweaking a bit, and that also leads to tweaking other related things, and when you are tweaking core gameplay mechanics every other day, it can snowball out of hand.

Spent a week making the player actions feel right - move, jump, fall, idle, glide, attack, dash (dash is not in game but fully coded) etc. and then You can focus on putting in content and polishing assets!


The polish here! If you were involved in the development of Gato Roboto I'd think 'yeah that makes sense'. Smoothly getting up ledges stood out to me for some reason haha. Great pixel art, level design, mechanics.


A rather qualitative production with an assumed and efficient AD, the gameplay is cool and the shooting mechanics quite interesting. Congratulations for finishing the game!

Was a ton of fun!
Really gives me massive Metroid vibes, especially with the early boss.
Definitely could use some more work though with a few things.
But other than that it's a solid experience with a cute a art style to top it off!
Hope you work on it some more in the future, as I'd love to see what else you could do with it!


Woah, really solid experience. Feels very professional.

That boss is awesome and so satisfying to beat. And cutscenes rock! Wish there was more of this game.