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I jsut seriously hope that the hidden stuff isnt outside "the safety of Hova" sicne getting over those spikes is hard enough (maybe like every 5th try or so works.
but getting up on those ledges, I jsut cant do it :-(

Damn only got 31 of 40 of the collectibles :-(

nevermind, up arrow and c do jumping+interact :-)

controls written above dont seem to be write, for me the C button does jumping as the only button on the keyboard (qwertz keyboard).
no idea yet how I can take that jumping pod or how to use it yet

nevermind, I understood it by accident.
you are meant to press jump, then the direction, to basically do an air dash.

Given the sign post I tohught it basically jsut wanted to remind me of the normal jump (which still, if you ask me, is behaving weird).

not a bad game but I currently highly dislike the way jumping works.
like I run right and press space, it does half the jump arc but then middle air loses any speed and you lose any control and the character jsut plummets straight down to whatever might be beneath him.

so its essentially only the first half of what one would expect a jump to do.

cant clear the first pit without damage bouncing over it :-/

stupid boss with his isntakill beam gave me a game over >:-(

RIP progress

Maybe it's just me but in general crafting menue's coloring wasnt obvious at first.
Like you said, I see green blinking thing, I think of cursor.
so I was wondering, when using arrow keys, why the blinking thing wasnt moving.

if it where me, I would prefer for a solid green for already bought stuff.
the current "cursor" is okay as it is.

Also just didnt realize at first, that there is a menu on the right where I would first have to choose upgrades before I can move the cursor around in the upgrades.

maybe only my taste but have the menu on the left side and the upgrade icons on the right.

I cant say in generel but I played on windows 10 with firefox and it didnt delete my progress.
maybe you got some setting activated that will delete cookies upon closing the browser?

that stuff can really wreck savefiles and mre improtant things royally :O

in the hyper version, are there more upgrades?
cause in the normal level around level 60-65, I had gotten all 10 things+level10 upgrades, so I only got choice between money and health upon levelup anymore

game was too entertaining, I'll buy the full version now :-)

fun fact:
you can actually beat that level and unlock more stuff :Ofull version might even have more levels :O

Nice game but very grind intensive :-/

ztakes quite a while to have enough for one upgrade.

but I like the general concept of getting and stacking all sorts of weapons on top of each other,
I remember some very old flash game that implemented this concept to the point where you anahilated heavens and earth with all your simultaneously firing weapons :-D

Nice game, liked it, last climb was a bit challenging but makeable :-)

wait, you got to meet the rare pirate boss?
that one is even rarer than msot shiny pokemon, you will only get it to stay every 1000th encounter! :O

lo, from the room with the broken ship at the end, I can go left into the boss room.
the ship kind of peeks into the room by slowly coming in from the left, before it super dashes to the left to be not seen again until i leave and reenter the room :-D

oh and in the room 2 left from the endroom(so left of bioss fight room), you can shortly see the ships pole before again the ship hyperdashes away.

this ship is even more shy than the rarest pokemon :-D

might be me but from the boiss fight on stuff didnt seem to work.
Like at the boss fight, I enter the boos room, the ship hyperdashes past so I see like 3 frames of it before it is gone and the doors close.

that's it, nothing else happening, no enemy.
after random jumping, throwing and such without a result, I finally come to realize that the only real enemy is and always has been myself.

so i devote all my might to kill myself which is hard since you easily manage to recatch the coins flying around.

but finally I manage to slay myself, being victorious as I am, the doors open for me.
after respawn I can pass past the boss room without the doors ever closing.
in the final room is my broken ship.
which doesnt want to have me back since it took me so long to realize that all that mindless slaughter was not just and that I am the villain after all.
so the ship refuses to even let me interact with it.

TL;DR: bossfight and afterwards is buggef, Error 404 boss not found.

fun fact: I was on the edge of a water surface, so character started to swim.I then pressed the freeze button, so I got oushed out and stuff froze.
nontheless I was and am still in the swimming animation, so I currently swim around the whole level.
only downright is that I can no longer use the freeze button (game just doesnt react to it, probably thinking I am in deep water and therefor shouldn't be allowed to basically freeze myself), so all water blocks are perma frozen.
which makes reaching the actual exit impossible.

but fun thing nonetheless :-)

you will get the boots once you have the mask, from what I remember.

Cant say where I found the buttons, where in some random bin along the way I guess.

Just beat the game, was really ncie one.

I jsut totally didnt see the mask in the woods to the left :-D

(2 edits)

nevermind I jsut found the jeans.
Fun thing:
the second I entered the level with the "P" on the card, I started swimming :-D

I swam through that weird corrdior to the left all the wasy to the green crystal and from their to the nrmal area.
bur since when swimming you cant drop down ledges I am very screwed :-D

I now reloaded the game, back at that area but sadly can no longer swim, so no swimming up the spike tube for me :-(

Edit: oh great, the jeans are fancy and ragged -.-

so I am lsot again on what to do next :-/

nice gam, even though I am a bit lost here.nice the old mask and boots for the corresponding crafting items but no idea where to get those.
I think I have explored everywhere I can currently :-/

Nice game!
Even though the final stretch sure took some time :-)

So looking forward to the  full game! :O

Really nice game, initally very hard when you only shoot a single arrow every few ticks.
but becomes increasingly easier nwhen you shoot like 6 arrows every othe tick that can ignite, freeze and acid puddle all at once :-)

cool game, love it, I reall enjoy these kinds of "fight wave of monsters and choose a new upgrade every 10 dead enemies or so" kind of games.

onbly wasnt initally obvious what to do since I hadnt read the instructions so I unintentionally grinded a while before activating the obelisks and defending the portal :-)


I was in all cases standing against the left wall since the flying worm thing spawns to the right of me, so I always tried and very often failed to whip that thing when it descends.

and in both cases, standing against the left wall, the thing basically hit me fromm the bottom right, giving me some upwards momentum from the hit.
and most likely shoving me into that rectangular wall aray above, since I at least couldnt se my character anymore.

thats at least what msot likely happened, character was jsut gfone, no input showed him anymore, so I guess hes in the wall or somewhere.

just finished the demo, nice game.
only the above mentioned bug annoyed me since upon closing the game, you restart from the very beginning (and not the checkpoint, as you do upon death).

second time in a row where the flying worm thing in the clock tower (which you have to throw at the wall) hits me and I get pushed and stuckm in the damn wall! >:-(

Hi Vasantj, jsut wanted to know:
Back in the days you uploaded all the medieval cops games and the spin offs on kongregate and such.

Where do you nowadays upload all those games?
Is there a page with the complete game collection so far? :-)

Which game site have creators like you went to nowadays? :-)

yeah by now I grinded my way to maxing out the backpack, basically grabbing any shroom I see, trading it for long/wide shrroms and upgrading backpack.

Now I am more having the issue that I run out of shrroms to find and sell :-)

Probably should start buying some keys soon :-)

Ôh, I thought t, since he tells me exchange rates, I thought that I could sell items directly there and directly get money (sm) in return.

So I will have to keep in mind what each shrrom is worth in order to trrade stuff elsewhere.

Is there a way to know what each shrrom or item in my backpack is?
cause I can obviously select and drag them around but I cant see what something is anymore :-/

and my memory isnt good enough tho know what color os shrrom is what. :-/

I definitely dont understand how this game works.
I collected some mushrooms, including tinyshrooms (you sure could show the name of a shrrom if its selected in inventory),
and want to sell them to the shroom-> SM guy.
how do I do that?
talking doesnt do anything except tell me his exchange rates.
and trading doesnt seem to help either, I cant drag anything in his bag and putting stuff anywhere outside my bag doesnt do anything, except maybe make him say "ont care".
upon leaving, stuff is jsut back in my inventory O_o

how do you trade in this game? :O

Hi, I have been playing thi game for a few minutes but honestly I am totally lsot on what to do or where t go.
I am currently stuck in the cavern of ancients/museum part with nowhere really to go.
and I dont know how to solve the given puzzle there either :-/

at least by now you can go down the pipes.
but you can also go ahead and (accidentally) not get the gun in the start and go down the pipe, then you start the level without gun.
so you are basically screwed then :-D

yeah, I did beat the game nonetheless, my random guess is that that mystic woods chest gives you the light source but jsut doesnt play the animation of you getting it

Nice way to sent a birthday present by the way :-D

nevermind, beat it.

,Hm,, I am unsure what to do next.
Got the water thing, also got through the mystic forest and to the chest there (which I opened but didnt get any item from it O_o)

also s 2 digits somewhere but that aint enough :-/

You guys better call me obscure elite form now on :-D

nice game, sadly I somnehow missed like 3 gems in the first level, otherwise I would hve perfecte all 3 levels :-)