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A member registered Feb 16, 2016

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Cool game, nice metroidvania.
it just sometimes felt like a map would be kind of cool.
to know which are the areas that were already explored.

well nonetheless killed the thing and reached the stars :-)

Really cool game but also really short and really easy to die, at least at the beginning.

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hm, I'm confused. the game is quite straight forward, as there is basically only one path and that one is really linear.

the mosre I am confused now that I stand at a locked airship and there is nothing to do.
no place to press E, shooting around doesn't do anything either.

is this the end of the game?
Or did I miss something?

Edit: nevermind me. there's a switch below the ship.

that was a really cool game! :O

only thing I would have liked:
Some special kind of save files so that after finding an ending, I could go back to that one certain choice there and replay from there on.

like for example with the choice to either stay in the hut or follow the huntsman.

if I followed him and played everything that followed after that choice and got all the endings on that path, it would be great if I could, just like in a level menu, go back to the point where I was to make that choice in the hut.

so I could replay from there, just going the other path.

As it is, if I don't have a really old savefile from back then left, I'm essentially f'cked and would have to replay the game up to that point.

which I won't do cause I doubt that something too special would happen.

Since I already found the most interesting ending with the extra room there :-)

Was a cool game. The very last level drove me nearly insane cause I had to do both levers at once. If I died midway, I would have to do the whole thing again.

But surely a cool game, the texts were cool too

cool game. Just was a bit confused after, at the crossway, I took the left path and the game was over...
Maybe taking to right one would have lead to more stuff?

But I am just too  lazy to replay everything just to get there again...

@everyone talking about controls:
did you know that you can usually change your control scheme?

I am having a german keyboard, so z is in the top row,

y in the bottom row.
if I wanted to, I could change my keyboard layout to english,
so that the letters respond as they would on an english keyboard.

i can't say for sure about other countries but you can sure switch  to english layout in one way or another.

I am already quitde used to the kind of weird way to hold my left hand to use the z and x button, so I won't change it.

but if you are new to these kinds of games and the x,c,z buttons being apart is a problem, just change the layout to english.
Even though it may be also confusing to press the y button and get a z button reaction.

well, your choice.

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Cool game.
Found all the endings except the one where you collect all the gems and one other ending.
I currently can't even imagine how to get all the gems in one playthrough...

Edit: I found the last mentioned one. Man, that one was so obvious that I completely overlooked it... :-D
Well, onwards to the gem one which is probably the hardest cause I have to think hard which items to get or not to get :-/

EDit edit: by the way, I'm playing the 8 endings version, not the 6 endings one :-)

Now found it.
Too sad, I guess.

Had to make me some maps so it wouldn't take too long to find stuff.

Still worth it. :-D

Just finished the game.
Was a really cool game, even though too short! :-D

But there are still 2 things that I am wondering about:
What to do with the letters?
And how to become "worthy"?

Are these doable ?
Maybe have a hint where to go for them?

Searched everything ver and over again but couldn't really find anything unusual elswhere.

Got to download the current .exe file.

However this actually only brings me to the steam page of Super Skelemania where I still would have to buy the game for 9,99 :-(

I get asked to pay 9,99 or more even though I bought the early access version.
Worked with earlier releaes but can't get the full version without payment :-/

So looking forward to todays final version! :-)

the full version will release on 17th of novembre, namely in 6 days?
Like: the full version, not the alpha version, with all the intended content and stuff?

That sounds great! :O

Just finished the gam, nice one.
Hoever I just couldn't find a way to get that hamburger behind the stone wall.
Also there was a star pot behind some walls that I couldn't get.

How do I do these?

craft the iron or , much better, the steel pickaxe.

Stuff gets WAY easier after that!

Really cool game.
Too short in general and some things just were not so obvious:
at the start:
You have to "accept" the quest even though you obviously don't have enough wood.
Cause if you don't explicitly select accept there, ypou don't get the stone axe which you need.
Run back and forth many times before I realized this.

As mentioned in another comment, the importance of the different pick axes is not so obvious.
My thought:
I saw that my stamina increased quite fast.
States of iron pickaxe are among others: 1 stamina per hit.
my thought: so when using that, on top of the already ridiculous fatigue rate, on top my stamina will also decrease by 1 more point per hit.

So I didn't use it.
Until I learned that i need it for stone.
And then realized that the description was confusing to me as fuck.

Except that, it's a nice game.
Wish it was longer there.

So looking forward to any improvements on it, especially new islands!

What also kind of disappointed me:
Whenever I found some border like rock formation, I kind of expected some sort of secret ruins or something inside.
But that was just my dreams there, no problem .

love the game,
so looking forward to the full version!

Reall cool. It's just too bad that there are no checkpoints, so I have to redo everything from scratch :-/

But how to do that?
Pushing works simply by moving the tank mushroom against the block.
But pulling?
How to do that?

Cool game, however I am stuck in the level with the bomb.
Not cause I don't uderstand what to do.
But cause there is no button to drag stuff!

z is jump.
and x is
shoot for archer,
glide for jump mushroom,
shield for tank mushroom.

But how to drag that bomb down there?

It's too close to the wall, so pushing it down is no option :-/

on windows 10, it's right click.

Also the gam randomly closes itself for no reason sooner or later :-/

Can't wait for the full game!

The game is really cool but also quite hard at times.
Especially some of the ambush scenes are quite hard, especially after you just did some parcour which cost you like most of your health.

Also was stuck after a while when the "linear" path had ended.
Took me ages to realize that you can skip back in time without losing information.
And even then, it was not always possible to know where to go.
Also quite often I came to situations where I wasn't sure wether I needed a certain upgrade for that situation.
Or if I was just doing somthing wrong.

Also I came to do things in this order:
played a while-activated electricity-stuck cause everything is blocked by electricity

Only after I realized that time skipping is possible, did I jump back to a point without electricity and moved on.

Only ages later did I come into a room where i got the info about being able ti time skip (you know that certain dialogue).

Well it isn't like i could have used that information back then when I was stuck after activating electricity, heh?

Now when I have finally figured stuff out on my own, I finally get told that information?
Well don't need it now anymore anyways.

And also, what's up with the one hit kill monsters? O_o
Especially the bird with the 4 explosives, can't hit him most of the time.

Merely determination and persistency enable me to overcome it.
And a hit and hide strategy.

Still, looking forward to the full game!

Any ideas when it will come out?

Would be cool if an alternative button for flapping were available.

Cool game!

Somehow the game does not open when I double click the .exe file :-(

No, a qwertz one, german layout.

It's just that 9,),] are thle same button .

And for ] you would need to hold shift and and press the 9 button.
But since shift already makes photos, this doens't work.

But doesn't matter, I already finished the demo by now.
Didn't even need that gallery.

Looking forward to the full game, was way too short :-)

But 'I wanna be the Guy' ! :O

Created a new topic ] button doesn't work

the brackets button doesn't seem to do anything :-/
Couldn't you have chosen an easier to access button?

Cause I have to hold "alt gr" and press the 9 button to actually access the ] button.

Probably a good game if it supported any sort of normal keyboard

Is there some way to play it on windows?

Posted in Scarga comments

*starts game*
*melody start playing*
*starts singing to main menu music*

~Puru Puru Pururin~

Hm, now chose the normal path and the 100% anti path.
I wonder how to get the 3th ending?

Dash doesn't seem to work most of the time :-(

Downloaded it and played it until after you get the wall jump upgrade and cross the bridge.

Then went to sleep.

Wanted to play it the next day but game started at the beginning again.
So fuck it.
Savepoint doesn't seem to do anything near what it should do O_o

I don't have a problem with challenging.
For example there was one room where you had 2 moles and a bat close to each other.
First try I tried bruteforcing my way through but didn't make it at all.
But once I realized the pattern of these enemies and how they can be defeated, it was merely a matter of timing when to jump under the bat, so that the bat can't hit you anymore. From there defeating them was easy.
Noever had any problems anmore with that segment.

But as you also mentioned, the bees or whatever they are are just a bit too  random.
Sometimes they fly around randomly at the other side of the room but when you think it's safe and walk directly below them, they seem to directly aim for you.

The ghosts are okay, even though it's kind of hard when you are climbing down an area with a ghost in it.

Cause then the ghost will emerge from the ground and there's no way to defeat him beforehand.

So  you have to lure him above ground to actually be able to hit him.

But anyways, mostly savefiles and some way to know that acheckpoint is close would be great.

I am just the lucky kind of guy who, when given a crossroad will definitely always choose to explore the way that isn't a checkpoint.
While the checkpoint was literally 1 room away :-D

I'll take the part about it being hard back!
Please don't change the difficulty, it's fine as it is.

I was just too dumb, both not realizing the existence of certain checkpoints (literally just walked past them by accident) and didn't figure out how to beat certain enemies before.

only the bee things are quite a pain since I don't see any pattern there.
At least not a obvious solution.
Maybe I'll figure out a good way to figth them eventually.

So the only thing I don't like are the savepoints that are currently not there.

But honestly it doesn't matter since in my last run I played it for a longer time and reached some of the ends of the alpha, the not working door and other things that indicate that stuff beyond there hasn't build yet.

So currently I don't need savegames since I have seen mostly everything in the alpha, including beating the first boss.

But I have to say, i already love the game!

Looking forward once even more stuff is unlocked!

Cool game so far.
Even though some part are just really hard.
And especially the fact that there are only checkpoints and no real save files is gettting annoying over time (Meaning you have to restart the whole game after closing and reopening it)

I fortunately wasn't born in this era but I just don't get why people like stuff like Dungeons and Dragons.
Playing the game and performing or failing actions based on dice rolls?
I want to beat a game by my skills not on mere luck from a pseudo random number generator.

I see tha you remade platformer as an old school rpg and I like the idea behind it.
But I can't understand why these rpgs could have ever been popular :-D