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Just beat the game.
very nice game, took me quite a while to finish :-)

good game.
I might jsut suck but is the game not getting harder and harder without me getting any new weapon or upgrade?
I mean, on the third floor, I am basically getting raped by everything there.

and killing one single enemy takes so many shots, they even respawn faster than I can kill them O_o

Also would be cool if the tutorial stuff would be somehow accessible again if needed.
like some menu button that jsut shows all the tutorial messages.

the first big jump in the "if only you had double jump" area is too hard for me. cant do that one with double jump alone :-/

so it's over at the swordswallower logo?

looking forward to more content! :-)

How do I upgrade after a level up?

the message displays an "L" button, but l doesnt do anything :-(

cool game, even though easy to get lost sometimes without a map :-)

nevermind, I jsut beat the game :-)

wait, wait, wait.
you turn on lamps?
I ran to the past 2 times, past the first key and always got back to the very start when I died :O

okay, just beat the game, was shoter than I expected.

really good game.

was always afraid of jumpscares but fortunately they were none.

nice pacing and everything :-)

nevermind. no idea why it happened but after starting the game again, it nevr happened again.

nice game, kat is very cute :-)

cool game, but at the last step of the ritual, the game jsut closed itself...
intentional? :O

no problem, really liking what I see so far :-)

just somehow make sure that when respawning, the elevator is on the same floor as where you respawned or soemthing, so you cant get stuck on a lower floor while the elevator is up there and unreachable :-)

did you also do the new game+ stuff?

are you seriously asking me that after 3 years? :O

Honestly dont remember, I just remotely remember what the game was even about.

Might at some point go back and replay it though :-)

Yep, jsut made it to the victoria station upper floor, same issue as above.
but upon checking out previous areas, it's obvious that the game isnt too finish yet anyways (cave, right hand path doesnt lead anywhere).
so I'll leave it at that and maye come back in a few weeks :-)

good game. but I took the first elevator up to the city and died there.
got respawned at the cave checkpoint, no issue I though.
well until I got to the elevator shaft which has no elevator (still sitting on the floor above).

well guess I'm stuck here. cause I thought something might happen, I jumped down the shaft.
well, now I'm stuck down there, so I exited the game :-/

was fun until I got to the first boss which kills me pretty easy :-)

nice one, hoping for more levels after the 2 school ones :-)

Wouldnt know about this game without watching your video, so thanks for that :-)

OH! I didnt see that :-)

nice game so far, even though I only found about the duckjump and stuff out by trial and error

if it didnt suddenly stop working and close the game out of nowhere, I would really like this game :-)

(1 edit)

edit: just found the other wow text, even though the big boss beneath scared me a lot :O

Edit2: now found both eastereggs, collected all 9 health upgrades and defeated the bosses :-)

as you asked i am letting you know that i found the wow text :-)
wasnt actually hard at all.

now after this, I'll probably go along the normal path further i guess

not sure what to do in that first level after rescuing the guy inside the first door.
it's not like there is another exit, is there?

well got that heart having 4 hearts now, am somethow supposed to make my way through a room with 6 spiders where eahc one hits me at least once before dying...

Really nice game.
Especially liked the fake danger signs when the real danger was actually lurking at the end. ;-)

nice game, liked it! :-)

By now I'd rather be The Father >:-D

got all the 4 crystals (or whatever they are) however the east gate still wont open :'-(

the second last section was nasty (the one where you drop down)

nevermind, found it in an old area.
sure hope that we will get a sequel one day :-9

can someone of you please help me?
I did the new area, including that boss fight,

but I cant get into the 3 or 4 connected rooms to the left of the new area cause you need some key I dont have.

I think I collected everything you can from the forest.
only the third item on the scrren where you have basement key and stuff is still missing :-(

Also visited the new friendly face but it is only happy that I have done my job.
and the new decorations there dont give me anything new either :-(

You didnt rate first in the Jam back then, not even Top 20 :'-(

somehow I feel really bad for you.
Sincere condolences!

oh okay

huh, seems like i am playing an older version of the game.
do you think I could somehow export my old savefile or something like that?
Don't exactly want to replay everything right now, after I have jsut done that on the old version :-/

Hey, I replayed the game, more or less going through it pretty easily.
there is still stuff I dont have/get:
the last item
then there is the one place bottom right where there are 4 pictures shown (3 are the 3 bosses and have a red light besides them. forht one has a green light and I am not sure if it's a boss and item or whatever. kind of expected to stumble upon that last thing when backtracking but no idea. looked literally everwhere systematically)
and obviously the new dimension :-)

but mostly the last item and the 4 pictures with lights next to them, suggesting to me that there should be a forth boss that I havent defeated yet and that something will happen there afterwards.

was created before or after the prologue?

really great, hoping to play the full game and learn what happened/happens to the guy :O

spcebar scrolls the page :-(

Also window is quite small, cant really see good up there.
make it bigger please :-)

I wonder if there was some other ending besides the obvious one?