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good game but way too hard for my taste.
getting the timing for the attack right is really hard, so doing some parkour to get a heart up while losing 3 hearts along the way doesnt feel so great .-/

nice. found the final boss even though he is quite hard :-)

yeah, just found it.
Made it to the next floor however due to the key breaking in the floor above, I cant open any of the boxes.
Will I find a new key on that same floor?

yo, I am on the securely locked door at the forth or so floor.
broke my old key, searched everything but found no new key.
so I'm stuck.
What should I do now? :-/

way too short with only 3 levels.
good game nonetheless :-)

okay, i completely missed a spot with some gold and a chest O_O

maybe another but surely not the one from the answers :-D

nevermind. not attacking does make a difference.

how did you not kill him?
i mean, you can make him free her, but then he will get killed by the other girl anyways.
and you'll be forced into a fight with your frined anyways.

did I miss a step?

Or should I have not side tracked and instead went straight for the boss when coming to the intersection for the first time?

good game.
but I don't really get how to get the good ending.
got the indifferent ending, the bad ending.

dragging fights out longer didnt seem to provide any new options either

that was some really good game :-D

Looking forward to a sequel! :-)

beat the game however never really meet the fairy in the last screenshot :'-(

beat the game anyways, that was just something that I didnt like about the game there :-)

was a good game.
liked the different endings.
only the traps were annoying. and I just couldnt stop laughing when finding the crescendo :-D

hey, I am confused. at the swamp witch, one of the correct answers is II but choosing the second chest results inf ailure. Why? O_O

how did it go back then? :-)

what really sucks is the recoil from damage.
I mean in the forth or so collidor when you have to fly through the spike mazes one touch of the spikes will kill you. cause you get hit, get knocked to the other side with spikes,  take damage, getting hit back to the start, etc.

basically instadeath if you hit the spike things once.

not a bad game but way too short and the scaling is ridiculous.

I mean:
I meet a monster that one shots me. after only getting like 1 level higher, it's ME who one shots the monster! :O

so it was a thing of like 1-max 2 minutes to kill the monsters in the right order and kil the red boss.
game over screen would have been nice.

also didnt use the other guy till the very end, he was just too weak and died with a single shot

the web version.
only happened after like level 11 or 12.
screen sudeenly totally blank from a certain point on, no gears or pendulums anymore.
as I flew further to the right, despite the blank everything,, at some point I got the error message


also good game :-)

Looking forward to a sequel :-)

OH! :O

I... totally didnt consider that :-/

Will try it now :-)

out of bounds error :-D

okay game, but quite impossible (especially the third spike thing with the girlfriend. not enough time!)

space doesnt do anything

Right in the feels :'-(

Beat the game anyways, good game :-)

and all levels are easily possible if you use the right method

nevermind, for the north dungeon, I found the door for the single key I had left.

thankfully I figured out how to get over these pits :-)

nice game even though I miht be stuck now.
north dungeon: threw the red pyramide over some pit (without having jump ability) so might be stuck there
desert dungeon: beat the 3 guys with bombs, opened chest, collected key.
go to key door: no keys, so door not opening. the just collected key didnt count as it seems.

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surely a good game, would be great when the controls could be viewed ingame too

good game but really hard! :O

really cool game but aklso really hard.
Most of the time it's trial and error for me.

got the upgrade after the inf loop one.

still cant get over that down wall that bis just too high :'-(

simple and good game

Dig Deep community · Created a new topic good game

This is a good game.
I am normally no big fn of endless runners but this one is really good.
only which that the upgrades were more practical or that there were more at once.
Cause 99% 9of the time the price for a starting booster is just not worth it, given that I have no idea how far I would go in a run (sometimes go really far, then die really fast after a few meters due to some dumb mistake)

also am currently stuck on the way to the 7th level, should search for some military base but can't find any :-/
Or am I just not getting far enough each run?
my farthest was like 700 meters so far.

maybe you wanna ban the E button from existence? >:(


I am either doing something wrong or the ctrl+w combi (or ctrl+any button) doesn't do anything :-/

got tons of stars but no way to use them
and once you die, it's game over and you restart the game

well it... doesn't look back I guess.
since all features are not availlable and even speaking to people is not a thing.

well walking around and pushing the ball around is funny in itself :-)

too bad that upgrading the ship and other stuff jsut isnt implemented yet :-(

short but good :-)

nevermind, went back to the source and found everything.
Looking forward to that new dimension :-)

Was a good game :-)