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Looking forward to the full game! :-)

Any idea yet when it will come out?

Looking forward to the full game! :-)

Cool game.
But one thing is annoying:
I'm in the like 7th level (after the boss statue) where you have to climb up , there's 2 balls and 2 moving platforms (1 vertical, 1 horizontal)
When on the horizontal one, jumping works only 5 out of 10 times at most!
Whic is annoying cause you have the cristal ball, press left and jump to get on the vertical platform, but jumping fails so you just walk off the edge.

And thanks to the ball you are wearing, you can't even get up anymore, so the only choice is to fall all the way down , die in the spikes and try again!

After like 10 attempts which in 8-9 cases failed cause jumping didn't work, I give up for now.

Okay I managed to do something that akes rocks disapppear/kill close enemy.
But I still don't know how it works and it only seems to work rnadomly.
I also don't see how exactly it's linked to the decreasing bar in the menu.

Bin zurzeit etwas knapp bei kasse, von daher werde ich noch etwas warten :-)

Well I'm a native german, so no problem for me :-D

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Cool game but there is nothing more to do after reaching the open area, is there?

End of demo there?

I'm already stuck at the beginning.
After collecting that battery there, I don't see where to go next:
I can either just jump around randomly without getting anywhere or touch that red guy twice to die.
But I don't see how to advance.

Getting the cape like thing is actually quite challenging, if not hard :-)

Too bad that you have to restart at the start of the entire level if you die in Skullland :-/

Really hard, man!

That's the kind of game I love!
Solid platformer, nice metroidvania.

You search and find items, use them to explore new areas, etc.

Also it sounds so easy to make such a game, so few people actually made it :-/

But this one is definitely great here!

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Hey, I'm totally stuck on a level.
I'm in the level with the green dragon thing.

What I tried and failed:
Going to the end of the cave and in the hole there
letting it pass above/below me
Letting it touch me

So I can't finish the level.

there is no black/white finish square, no finish hole or anything.
And letting it get by in the hope that it may open a new path for me was not right either.

So I don't know how to finish this level :-(

Oh, and if you are too fast, that thing even stops chasing you, level stops from shaking and...
well, you have nothing to do anymore O_o

After obtaining the ak, stuff became too hard.
The wave being too long and the ak overheating too much.
AK and mines just don't do the trick there.
Also the knockback is annoying since taking down snipers takes ages that way.

I wonder if not taking the risk is an option? O_o

So to say if there are multiple endings except the obvious one?

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Really cool game.
Shows exactly the problem with domestic abuse! :-)

Cool game, looking forward to the full version! :-)

Just finished it.
Man, that was cool!
Although a bit too short :-D

I already love this game! :-)

No download link?

Not sure which drugs I actually took but it must have been some really good ones! :-)

This game is amazing although I currently don't understand anything about the plot. :-)

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Really cool game!
Some parts (Especially the laser ones) were really hard but overall a nice game!
Enjoyed it a lot! :-)

Okay, finished it as far as yet possible :-)

probably some safe function would be cool.
Wanted to save the game so that I don't need to redo all the dialog but pressing escape brought me back to the main menu. :-(

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2 things I want to mention:
1. In one of the starting houses, there are 3 floors.
At the underground one, the wall tiles can be walked on whih probably was not planned.
2. Not sure if it was planned that way but at the second healing crystal in the forest, there's a person standing next to it.
Talking to it gives no dialog but just teleports you back to the middle of town.
Making you walk and fight all the way back! :O

Man, that was really 'too close for comfort'

*badumm tss*

Cool game, although I took me a few tries to beat it

Tem likes this game! :-D

Cool game, however if you don't do the commands in the right order, the consoles freees and doesn't react to any further commands. not even printing them anymore.

cool game anyways

Short but cool! :-D

Hm, explorer.exe crashed when I executed the white window file O_o

Was a bit confused at first since I already played/bought the games Super Skeleman and Skelemania, but realized that this is yet another game.

Cool demo, this time actually with colors and more polished.

Really looking forward to the final product!

Was a cool little zelda-like game!

Looking forward to other games like this! :-)

Looking forward to the full game! :-)

Hm, already stuck at the start dialog.
No matter which buttn I press on the keyboard it wom't move on with the dialog.
The A X Z buttons mentioned in the control.exe don't help either. :-/

Just finished the demo.
Can't wait for the full game! :-)

Hm, got killed by an elevator and saving? Didn't really save anything.
Downloaded the game yesterday..

Really funny and entertaining! :-)

You can finish the game and you can even get an additional ending in new game+. So I guess it's completed! :-)

For the windy part: Do you have the glide ability? And did you realize that the yellow buttons change the wind direction?
Everything else is more or less hard plattforming and climbing.

Okay, completely finished the game.
Even the new game+ part!

Man, what a game! :O

Loved it!

Okay, just couldn't wait till tomorrow. Just had to play it again.
Got so far that only 1 or 2 drops are missing.

I'm wondering if you can actually do something at the graveyard?
I'm there at night, grouped the 6 ghosts together, there are 6 signs at the top door.
But what now?
Where do I put them?
How do I open the door?