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On second try I now got bread :-)

on the second checkpoint, after respawning I was stuck in the ground :-(

nevermind, I jsut watched a walkthourgh. didnt think one could shoot over those borders -.-

I just replayed the game and hope someone can help me:
There is one chest I cant get!
in the dungeon it's a room in the middle at the lowest point.inside that room, there are 2 tile wide holes in the ground.
so its obvious you need the tepeort arrows.
however in the room before there are 2 cubes with opposite direction (one is up, the other down; and vise versa) blocking your way. and the only switch in said room is behind lots of holes, so only arrows can flick that switch.

however since for the actual room you need the teleport bow, you dont have the normal arrows availlable and therefor cant hit that switch from afar!

I honestly dont see how to do this.
or is this a troll chest and is literally unreachable, jsut to taunt you? :-/

Still hoping for a sequel to this game... :-)

At first I thought this was some chill game.
but the platforming sure is tight.
still liked it, jsut a bit too linear :-)

Aside from that, good game though.

one jsut shouldnt try to do weird stuff like trying to diagonally walk from one block to the other while grappling somewhere. :-)

could be a good game but in the way the collision detection is just.... too bad for my taste.
you have a block and a block underneath it and beneath that a wall.
you go to the bottom block, move left and up.
then with that block going down and right should slide it beneath that upper block again, right?
ince it totally fit in there before?

Or the same issue with corners in general.
soemtimes the corners perfectly touch of 2 blocks, yet you cant move them past each other.
but also cant walk from one to the other.

but you better not dare and STAND on the corner of a block and move said block then!
you might be considered to be part of the diagonally adjacent block when moving away.
yet are completely stuck, you cant move anymore.
and trying to move the blocks back into the position where they are placed diagonally?
well, now they dont eve touch.
cause upper left is one block, then there is you as an object and then the lower right block.
and you stuck in the void as some immovable object that now belongs to neither block and can only jsut restart the level :-)

yeah, some weird quirks there, just saying :-D

Well I finally reached the secret.
Enough of this game for me :-)

I definitely wont do a new game with the unlocked content all over again :-)
general tip:
After a ton of time and having it run over night, i had about 8 millions coins.
first I bought all the balls (light and normal in that order) that I could.
After that I would jsut switch between normal and boss fighting mode and from time to time buying the +1% upgrade and buying new balls, never prestiging again.

still takes some time to beat all the levels (gotta keep in mind before you autofight to have some money collected in the balance, as the autofight uses said money with each defeated monster. so having almost no money will stop the autofight after like a few bosses

It's targeted towards those people who also think that xxl packs of stuff must automatically be cheaper then small packages :-D

wouldnt it make more sense if the coins tax was a percentage of your current coin count?

like I opened the page but didnt start klicking immeditely , so i was already at -30 coins when I started and had to first make that loss back...

I sure dislike how I cant just spam the mouse button as the clicks wont be registered.
gotta wait like half or a full second between each single mouseclick or it wont be counted -.-

short game indeed, took me like 20 seconds or so :-)

could be the start of something :-)

not sure if buying the "faster auto clicker" upgrde over and over again actually does anything , is it really getting faster and faster?

nice game, with a little practice a deathless run should be possible (took me 4 deaths to beat while about 2 are from dying to the bullethell attack of the last boss. no idea how to avoid it without taking damamge, roll doesnt help either)

nice little game, loved it!
Wish only that it was longer.

didnt find it too hard though, beat the bosses at the second try.

just replayed the game, probably got further than the first time (can like move 5 or 6 blocks at once, stopped counting. got the first 2 ghost upgrades, have an arm and an leg placed).
well somehow got to the ghost hiding in the top, spoke to him.
Well and am stuck at his "why is mum so mean?" dialogue,
no matter what I press (space, controls, whatever) the dalogue doesnt advance. cant teleport back to the hub either as thats blocked during dialogue.

so yeah, am stuck. as mentioned before a save feature would be quite nice. I highly doubt that i will spent another 2 or so hours replaying up to this point again >:-(

Let me know if you ever implement a save feature :-/

really nice game, enjoyed it! :-)

Can confirm, "bug" is still there

third dungeon already has 4 intertwined floors, which is kind of impressive! :O

like, sure, they were a big bigger, but in 2d zelda games it took like till the 8th dungeon for a 4 or 5 floor layout to appear (I have my issues considering the 3d zeldas real zelda games. I am a 2d metroidvania nerd that grew up with links awakening, so these more "generic" open world exploration things, that arent really too unique nowadays arent my thing. not like anyone would care)

I gotta admit:
I thought this was gonna be some zelda look-a-like with the usual bomb, arrows, etc. upgrades.
but first off there is so much optional stuff to see.
and it wasnt short either.

to be honest, for a demo on itch, I totally would have expected a demo to end like right after the cave of trials.

so I am deeply impressed that the game goes until you got the first few dungeons, right before the big plot twist snd betrayal happens :-)

I havent looked yet, is the full game out?
I am considering buying it, depending on the price.

one cant use the demo savefile an transfer oit to the full game?
cause I dont exactly would wanna redo all that, despite how fun it was...

by the way is the potion lady supposed to be talkbale?
like I can go in there but nothing happens no matter which button I press when next/on top of her

another about 2 minutes later, I did another run, "killed" the lizward with lightning this time.
same thing as last time , upon depleting the 2 health bars, he jsut regenrates back to full and is immortal.

somehow I manage to achieve the weirdest stuff :-D

Haha, funny thing: This time I tried to play in chrome, got to the lizrd as usual and spammed fire.
got his health down to zero (or below) and then that guy jsut regenerated both health bars.
attacking him further (element doesnt matter) shows damage done animation but health bars dont decrease.
and he keeps doing his water and tongue attacks as usual.

seems like spamming him to death with fire has turned him into an immortal god instead :-D

so sadly I cant tell you if that other thing also happens on chrome.
as I cant get past the lizard anymore :-/

Nice game, liked it! :-)

hm, maybe I su ck but I feeel like I am stuck. (that unintended rhyme...)
I got the swim upgrade.
after said boss you go into the water and swim right.
Now you can go either up (which leads back to the area before the boss), to the right.
or down into that air chamber.
ause I can I went in there.
but I cant swim out again.
in the flat water with the visible water surface you can swim normally.
butright next, in the upward water channel I jsut can swim upwards cause there the jump mechanics (vs the swim mechanics) are used.
so I can only jump and glide in that tube, but I cant swim up as it is intended :-(

so I cant get out of there at all :-(

i mean the 2 rooms with the arrow and the miniature door. or was that just to tell me that you have to use the key to open the door?
if, starting from the main hub savepoint you go straight left till the end, u find one room.
for the other one you go down one room and then all the way to the left

I wonder what is up with the door up high?
like when you go the left path, there is a room with a door up high that you cant reach without double jump or sonething like that

Would be nice if we could endlessly play the game.
Would love to see some insaanely big sword :-D

funny thing:
until yesterday I had this issue.

last night my computer did some new windows updates and just now I can play the game again, it's working now! :O

while playing all kinds of stuff i came to realize that this currently seems to happen to me for all unity games, not just yours.

I am not sure why this is suddenly happening or how to fix it :-(

just kept going further and further left there and guess that book room was jsut 2 rooms left of where I left.
so, yeah, somehow the teleporter teleported my 2 teleporters left, instead of , what I assume intended, jsut moving you back right.

I might jsuz t use it wrong, but the teleporters seem to be a bit badly connected at times.
like I actiated the first 2 that are jsut separated by that easy jumps room.
went further left to a third teleporters, pressed e a couple of times.and got tepeorted to an active teleporter directly next to a book which most likely should be accessed after a long challenge and not jsut use the intended exit teleport to teleport in :-D

Really nice game, it ended jsut way too sooner than I would have liked :-)

Also you better play the download version, as I played the web version for a short bit and the gamer jsut... stopped and froze.
might be my browser but the download version didnt show that problem

hm, I havent played too far yet but first off it would be great if the hints about controls at the bottom would disappear at some point.
like the text lines are put over one another partoially m making it hard to
that attack:
visually it looks like he hits the ground right in front of him. would use some better attack image.
not sure what the hitbox of this attack is.
when meeting enemies I am always not sure if the enemy died cause I hit him or cause he hit my body and exploded.
not sure who is hitting who there.
make it somehow visbile (have the character or enemy image flash or something) to make it obvious who is taking damage.

and as said, knowing the attack hitboxes size and range is currently impossible, at least for me.
hope it isnt a ultra short range as it visually looks...

I would love to say nice game but I feel deeply offended by this thing in the game: 8=>


jk nice game, well, demo kind of thing

Nice game but beating it took me way longer than it should have :-/

I didnt xactly grasp the boost part at first, but once you get it its easy.
for double jump just best to do the very same thing as before.
cause trying to cross the ghost in midair in almost impossible

Hey, somehow I am doing something wrong when trying to launch the game.
I obviously unpack it into a folder.
in the folder I double click the slime black white exe file.

after a bit, obviously the game starts (visible in the bottom bar) and the music starts playing but the window isnt actually visible.
nontheless I can no longer click anywhere, as in clicking somewhere has no effect.
there is som,e invisible verlay over the screen apparently that catches the mouse clicks.

so I basically see the same folder and stuff as before but music plays without an accompanying game window and no matter where or what I click nothing happens.
if I press the windows button, the focus is taken away from the invisible game and therefor I can click, at least for a bit.

but yeah, game window basically doesnt spawn but still catches all the mouse clicks.

Am I doing something wrong or is my computer going nuts?

not a bad game. it just feels like the game is running at 4 fps or such.

maybe thats jsut my imagination though :-/

(1 edit)

I played it for another bit, got some more void+health upgradesand beat the 3 stefano trials. (hate that guy -.-)

Now I am either missing something or there aint relly anything to do anymore.

by the way, you can totally refight the lab robot if you jsut talk to him again.
makes little sense but it's a thing :-)

from hat I see there are currently only a few possible ways:
but up to the VERY beginning, the first few rooms after you proved yourself to the void (but cant get there cause there was a drop that only a high or multijump could solve)
then in the first area to the left, some in active pillar thing blocking the path westwards to some new area.

and at the current very bottom, the area connecting west south east each with a teleporter to some "under construction" areas.

somewhere in between was another in construction deadend too but dont remeber the exact location.

nothing I can do anywhere, right? :-)

I played a bit further,  honestly very disliked that dark part.
maybe increase the light circles radius a bit or such?
I dont know, didnt like it.

The boss afterwards wasnt nice either, but I beat him after checking the pattern.
Gladly this area itself is over, I dont know.

the very specific hitboxes of the air jump things (you know, the red stuff you have to hit in midair to jump again) were weird and I didnt like them too much.
Even though I got used to it after a bit.

I way more like the area after that. way more chill in a way.
except Stefano, he can go to oblivion with his ridiculous times :-)
beat him though, got the spell.

for the record:
how complete is the game currently?
Cause I see a ton of under construction deadends, "coming soon"s and such.

I currently cant advance "downwards" in any way, only place left for me to explore is some unfinished business in the very start area.
I will go there either way but wanted to know if the next way to go simply isnt down anymore?
or if I have seen about most of the stor line, only minor upgrades left (even though stuff in the menu seems to have a LOT of items, runes and whatnot left.
also got 2 runes so far that i dont know what to do with.

Also loving Daisy by the way <3