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no download link? :O

site is way too big, likw literally I have scrollbars on all sides :O

really nice game, love it.

for anyone wondering about the sushi in the mirror level:
changing the middle left block alone (while no other blocks get changed) is the key.

looking forward to the full game and what that cat has to offer :-)

As a german saying goes "if they're too strong, you are too weak!" :-)

cool game but hard, the wolves were quite a pain and currently simply cant defeat the king

Give me the song!
Give me the song!
I want the song!

which band is the "stick it to the man" song from? :O

wow, I came here expecting basically not really anything.
but was deeply surprised, really great game.

Stick it to the man!

But oh god, please tell me the band or wherever the final song is from!

I cant live without that 'Stick it to the man' soundtrack any longer! :O

This doesnt seem to be the school of rock musical thing since the one in the game is way more metal and beat and all.

maybe it's jsut my computer, who knows. but in the web version the jump button doesnt seem to wrk for me

by the way I am talking about the web version here on the site. no idea if the download version has the same issues.

Well, where should I even begin....
First off, there is a button missing in the above controls:
goddamn "E" to enter the very first door.
only found it by being in front of the door and pressing every button.

so yeah, after being stuck outside I got finally into the door and didnt drown.

inside, drop down to the right side.

controls claim that space is jump but space doesnt do anything.
yes, I also tried every other button. none make you jump.

which is bad since the next section is obviously jumping from platform to platform.

not sure if you need an upgrade for it or not but mouse1 (which probably means left mosue) doesnt do anything. in fact none oif the mouse buttons (left, middle or right) do anything right now. dont know if upgrade is needed.

but yeah, take care of the nopt working jump and write the "E" for interact into the controls lsit above too. :-)

yeah I kind of played the game muted for undisclosed reasons, so I kind of didnt follow the dialog at all.
it was probably mentioned there I guess :-)

I totally did, yeah! XD

You mean how many brown suares I got before I died?
no idea, the brown counter was about 100 or so.

didnt really actively try to increase it since it wasnt exactly obvious what it did anyway.
the first "ability" tells you that you get stronger the more you are hurt. but it aint exactly obvious how to do that.

run around with only 1 health (the blue number)?
have tons of brown squares collected?

yeah, climbing that wall wasnt too tough, getting from one side to the other was a bit hard since you basically had to react fast enough after letting go of the wall on one side or you would be too low for a jump to reach the other side.

third playthrough, got into the void via the area next to the wall jump upgrade.
just need a little skill and you can get around that wall.

no wall can stop me! >:-D

well I jsut replayed the thing and managed to get stuck in the most likely final area of the game.
well, just the thing is I kind of missed the attack upgrade this time (cant remember where the dang thing was again)
so I cant attack the final boss. and getting back up is impossible due to red snake like pattern on the left wall which I would have to climb.

softlocked is probably the right name for that.

even though i doubt anyone except me would try to get past all the big red dashing and jumping squares without any attack abilities :-D

nice game, whichI could have avenged the fish that got killed.
not sure but did the fish who ran off at the very beginning make it to the end?

Also, in the place where that one fish died I found a place with 2 circling water snake things which was a dead end. was there supposed to be something.

RIP Unnamed fish! :'-(

it sure IS fun, I just did wonder around for ages, actually thinking at first that I had explored everywhere before I finally realized the remaining place where the double jump was found. which was needed for me to advance.

yeah, it's a good metroidvania, no problem there.
but maybe a mini map )without and markers and stuff, just the blocks on it, so you can have a rough idea of the layout) would be useful.

yeah, you defnitely shouldnt give the player any direction where to find what, but a simple minimap that literally only shows the walls would be useful

pew, finally managed to reach the void below and fall forever :-)

I agree that it is msot often very unclear where to go and if a certain way is even intended or if it is just me exploiting physics engine :-)

hm, pressed z on the "press z" screen.
new white screen with some "... average jump height." text in the top screen corner which I cant see cause apparently the game screen isnt fitted into the game window properly.

well, it's okay, just very simple and very straight forward, not really much challenge in it.
Enjoyed it nonetheless! :-)

That's too sad since there is potential.
Maybe have some super expensive upgrade for an "Auto Defense System" aka aimbot+2 turrets on both sides so the base defends itself.
and have some huge tree or whatever grow after getting enough plat orbs, so after so and so many collected orbs, enough oxygen is produced so no suit is needed in the dome.

so after you get both things, you have created a new sweet dome home for you, where you will live for the rest of your life, no need to hope for some core :-)

god game, accidentally went into the core when drilling down. now I will wonder forever if I could have gotte a different ending if I had found all the plant orbs and stuff :-(

works great now :-)

wih that little fix it runs MANY times better than before!
Just beat the final boss, nice game :-)

fun fact:
if you hide in the top left corner and just sometimes shot the grapple down when the boss is beneath you you can get a slow but surefire win.
boss luckily aint smart enough to grapple to the ceiling and directly grapple left :-)

really nice game, just the last level was quite a bit of work with the regrowing fire. and obviously an actual end would be nice, maybe even a boss fight! :O

sorry but about every second grapple sends me into a wall, so it's unplayable for me.
might be lag on my part but it still sucks :-(

collecting the stuff was easy but the actual upward part is hell! :O

I got like to the third screen but I'm about to give up there.
really cool but a tad too hard for me :-)

hm, hard mode is too easy for me. :-(

great, upon death you lose all stars and therefor also all the upgrades associated with it :-/

RIP double jump :-(

hm, I got 11 souls and got the bottle after the banshee was defeated. Did I miss something or did I get everything?
Can one get the cat eating thing the other comment mentioned?

hm  okay, at least the coin was back at its place and had to be collected again

nice game, "wholesome" as some people might say :-)

I really wish that you could kill the mosnter on the left.
I mean it's jsut a big version of the other monsters, so enough lightning should kill it, right? :O

good game but even on easy, I already fail on the section from savepoint to the first star ability. got star ability after te third try, died the next screen. all the way back to savepoint without any star ability and stuff :-/

cant play it, getting error "couldn't load project data at path ".".
is the .pck file missing?

Really cool game, especially liked the end! :-)

possibly a good game but it's really ahrd to know if you have already bought a skill or if it is highlighted in the same color cause you could buy it.
similarly I happen to waste money on skills which I may or may not have already bought which retardedly even get deactivated by the unwanted second purchase.

like I definitely bought the penetrated arrow upgrade but after accidentally repurchasing it a second or more times, arrows dont penetrate anymore. so the skill must be deactivated right now.
but no idea as it all is the same color.
not yet bought but enough money activated deactived, all 3 states have the same color :-(

Now I feel challenged! :O

made it past that and now I am confronted with letters that break when i touch them.
so getting past certain jumps seems kind of impossible to me O_o