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cool demo, would love to see more levels :-)

just  finished it but I am still sitting here, wondering:
WTF did I just play?  O_o

I am kind of stuck at the point when you follow the story relevant lava path and you have to do the double jump over that really long gap.

lost like 30 lives to it yet still havent managed to do it :'-(

only 1 diamond thingie left too :-/

oh okay. I am nt too familiar with jams and theirr themse, so i had no idea :-)

just out of curiosity:
is there actually anything else besides running in circles, lik something happening after a certain coin count?

yeah, maybe the borders of the hit boxes aren't too clear for me there.
so I don't know when I can jump or when I would collide with the spikes

cool game.
the last room made me panic a bit before I started thinking about it properly.

Is there some way to get the diamonds?

nice game.
However the first spike pit in the cave seems impossible.
I did the obvious, pushing the block down.but the spikes next to the pit are impossible to jump over .
so I can stand savely on my box but not move right at all.

also game doesn't seem to save any progress so I am out

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sorry but i dont get the controls.
doesnt seem like there is no sword for use at the beginning availlable so it must be collected.
however explored it as fars as possible without fighting abilites.
only collect the bag from that first chest but no idea what it got me.
anyways I'm now stuck there.
at leat it got me 5 exp even though that ain't helping me in any way :-/

Edit: Oh wait that shadow at the beginning was actually he entrance to a house! :O
looked too much like background for me to recognize it :-D

really cool game, just a bit too short :-)

good game, a bit too short though.
you have one room with an exit to the top left that I can't get into.
I assume you planned to build some wall jumping skill or something.

Anyways was a nice game :-)

Love these kinds of games!

14:28 for me.

Was a nice game just way too short for my taste :-)

Expand the game a bit, make some of the movable rooms only usable once you got certain powerups. (I mean for example that the room has some death pit in iit that can only be overcome by having some hover ability. if you don't have that you cant cross that room and therefor placing it would be useless)

and hiding these abilities in the fixed location rooms.
probably build some other fixed room with some miniboss in front of it.

was a cool game, some parts where a bit hard but it was a nice game.
nice metroidvania game! :-)

Okay, just beat him.
Nice game!

Love metroidvanias like these! :-)

this really is a cool game, got all the coins and am at the end boss.

but holy shit, that last boss has many forms! :O

Would have been nice if the savepoint wasn't 3 rooms away from the boss though.

got it down to the last form with him only 2 hearts left.
gonna beat him any time soon :-)

nevermind 2.0
one needs to be ins tar mode for it to work.

but a really complicated setup O_o

okay never mind you can reread messages in the menu.
still doesn't work though.

i press y for the first jump, then press and hold y for the second jump.

now according to the message some third jump or hovering or whatever should happen.
but nothing happens, same result as If i had just tapped y twice for double jump.

so how do i do this? O_o

also your "z" is the "y" key for me (aka the key next to x and c)

I'm raped right now I guess.
or at least stuck.
Cause I just got the upgrade for the triple jump that should be somehow activated by pressing d or something. dont get it to work.
didn't read the instruction properly and there's no way to reread it, so I am essentially raped.
cause I dont lknow how to use that new star power and cant read it up again, so I'm stuck forever :-(

That was a very awesome and innovative game! ;-)

I just wish it told me when it was over :-/

cool, thanks!

hey, you seem to get me wrong.
when I write
the press r for reset level seems impossible to me.

then I mean the level where "press r for reset" is written there.

the r button is working fine.

it's not like it would help me in this level though

the controls kind of suck , getting that robot on that of that button is kind of impossible.

lets lose randomly, if robot is grabbed and I jumped I fly to the right for no reason

if only it would make the game pause. for me it actives the browser menu.
which makes the game lose focus obviously.

so I gotta click the menu away and click into the fgame to get focus again.

the in game timer runs nonetheless...


nice concept.

but 2 things:
1)checkpoints. please add some.
It's a pain if you mess up one of these spike pits and have to redo everything again.

2)second you could have kind of warned me that the torch will go out over time.

at first i thought I should be able to shoot now afer picking it up. So I tried a bit before realizing that it was probably
not meant to shoot in the first place. walked 3 meters and torch goes out.

killed myself in some spikes while running away during bitch black screen from the darkness creature.

and I died.
which brings us back to 1).

the press r for reset level seems impossible to me.

rotati g stuff is impossible due to blue blocks.
and blue blocks cant be destroy cause height is too low for the charged jump thing. O_o

Same here.
Just tried it, same as with "no thanks go to the downloads" as well as when i try to "purchase" it for 0 euros:

There was an error generating the download URL, please try again."

Are we too late already? :-(

That sure was a nice game.

But it took me ages to figure out what was up with the disappering and appearing stuff, thought of a glitch at first. :-D

Really nice game, even though I didn't expect that I would need my smartphone for it :-D

Cool game, nice metroidvania.
it just sometimes felt like a map would be kind of cool.
to know which are the areas that were already explored.

well nonetheless killed the thing and reached the stars :-)

Really cool game but also really short and really easy to die, at least at the beginning.

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hm, I'm confused. the game is quite straight forward, as there is basically only one path and that one is really linear.

the mosre I am confused now that I stand at a locked airship and there is nothing to do.
no place to press E, shooting around doesn't do anything either.

is this the end of the game?
Or did I miss something?

Edit: nevermind me. there's a switch below the ship.

that was a really cool game! :O

only thing I would have liked:
Some special kind of save files so that after finding an ending, I could go back to that one certain choice there and replay from there on.

like for example with the choice to either stay in the hut or follow the huntsman.

if I followed him and played everything that followed after that choice and got all the endings on that path, it would be great if I could, just like in a level menu, go back to the point where I was to make that choice in the hut.

so I could replay from there, just going the other path.

As it is, if I don't have a really old savefile from back then left, I'm essentially f'cked and would have to replay the game up to that point.

which I won't do cause I doubt that something too special would happen.

Since I already found the most interesting ending with the extra room there :-)

Was a cool game. The very last level drove me nearly insane cause I had to do both levers at once. If I died midway, I would have to do the whole thing again.

But surely a cool game, the texts were cool too

cool game. Just was a bit confused after, at the crossway, I took the left path and the game was over...
Maybe taking to right one would have lead to more stuff?

But I am just too  lazy to replay everything just to get there again...

@everyone talking about controls:
did you know that you can usually change your control scheme?

I am having a german keyboard, so z is in the top row,

y in the bottom row.
if I wanted to, I could change my keyboard layout to english,
so that the letters respond as they would on an english keyboard.

i can't say for sure about other countries but you can sure switch  to english layout in one way or another.

I am already quitde used to the kind of weird way to hold my left hand to use the z and x button, so I won't change it.

but if you are new to these kinds of games and the x,c,z buttons being apart is a problem, just change the layout to english.
Even though it may be also confusing to press the y button and get a z button reaction.

well, your choice.

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Cool game.
Found all the endings except the one where you collect all the gems and one other ending.
I currently can't even imagine how to get all the gems in one playthrough...

Edit: I found the last mentioned one. Man, that one was so obvious that I completely overlooked it... :-D
Well, onwards to the gem one which is probably the hardest cause I have to think hard which items to get or not to get :-/

EDit edit: by the way, I'm playing the 8 endings version, not the 6 endings one :-)

Now found it.
Too sad, I guess.

Had to make me some maps so it wouldn't take too long to find stuff.

Still worth it. :-D

Just finished the game.
Was a really cool game, even though too short! :-D

But there are still 2 things that I am wondering about:
What to do with the letters?
And how to become "worthy"?

Are these doable ?
Maybe have a hint where to go for them?

Searched everything ver and over again but couldn't really find anything unusual elswhere.