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One would think the ranged cats would be good. but in fact the melee ninja zoomster cat is the most useful one. ninja cat can only target one thing and jsut shoots to slow, laser is good but takes way too long to reload.
water? not sure if it ever helped since msot enemies are dead before both me and them can worry about slowing them down.

exp gain and life gain always good to have

Yeah,ou are right. I totally forgot to isntall the font, now it workd without any issues :-)

Currently just took a glimpse against those used pantieds that I am about to collect.

But different statue rooms currently really make me wanna take a pause, I am jsut really not good at those :-/

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Yeah, I'm having like a god like run right now (actually since yesterday, have it open in the background).
am currently at level 154 or something, but basically I cant  die anymore since those turtles jsut die before they can even touch .

Only reason why I am not further is cause I have to switch back to the game every now and then and click an upgrade.
and my notebooks fans running pretty wild, so dont wanna risk it shutting down due to heat.

but basically could get any score I want with enough time.
if you reach level 60, you have basically made it :-)

Edit: I'm currently level 338 and still counting :-)

Still seem to have 1 ability left to get though, luck wasnt on my side yet to have it offered

Either always all enemies merging together, so theres nothing in your eat size (especially start of the game if you dont immediately eat everything you see),
or there is jsut no food, at fly through an empty space, only occasionally an enemy too big for yourself. (not just at end game, way before)

how in the holy nova did you do this? :O

Haven't really found any good path there...

I mostly buy damage upgrade, like higher reload speed, damage speed, etc.
or shotgun shot or such.

but this only works a certain time :-(

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Literally when clicking the game.exe file to start the game :-(
downloaded and unpacked the Kujira_no_Hara_-_2023-11-27_-_demo_7.0.17 zip file and double click the game.exe file.
game window opens , with black screen, stuff seems to be loading according to my cursor spinning wheel,
and after like 3-4 seconds, the error pops up

for info, I have windows 10 and some like 8 year old notebook, maybe it's my old hardware or such :-/

Nice game, made it to like wave 20 in my first try (those turtles jsut take way too many hits to kill)
all following tries jsut get worse and worse.
I'm surprised I dont even die to a bunch of snakes yet :-/

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hm, since the blue light ball stalks me, I cant collect any of the thing anymore :-/

pressing E does nothing




action number 1

of Create Event

for object oMenuControl:

trying to index a variable which is not an array

at gml_Object_oMenuControl_Create_0


gml_Object_oMenuControl_Create_0 (line -1)

"FloatDomainError occured while running Script.


What a lovely little game! <3

why would you choose "x" as the attack button which is right under the wasd movement keys.
same goes for space as the jump key.
basically you have to do everything with your left hand :-/

Was a nice game but you can get easily overwhelmed and massacred if you dont move forward step by step, killing a few enemies each time :-)

yep, good game. cant rate it since I dont have a game of my own.
but was quite enjoyable :-)

hm, now got
"Exception thrown, see Javascript console" :-/

Nice game :-)
would be great if there was an alternative end, regarding the things thesigns are hinting at :-)

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"inspired on Hero Core, An Untitled Story, Environmental Station Alpha"

very true, just that they were only half the difficulty that this game has :-)

looking forward to it :-)

When will it release? <3

nice demo,even though a bit too easy at parts.

Wanna taste those pantsu though <3

yeah i think the superhot theme just doesnt fit too properly with this kind of game :-/

Honestly I hate to say it but I agree :-/
Like, I dont need the gun since I have to damage boost through most enemies anyways. there are way too many enemies, so you just cantkill them all before they reach you.

it's not just about that hp upgrade up there.
feom up there you have to go right and shoot a glass on the right side and jump in there. I jsut cant do it.
and having to redo it sucks, espeically that i neededlike 20+ tries to get the smiley jump without jumping into the right hand spikes right after...

was nice until we got to the smileyface and the areas above.
took me many tris to even get up there, most foten jsut falling down and hitting the bottom checkpoint.
and even above I enter the "I am error" room way to often, when i try tosomehow reach the health upgrade up there :-/

"Super Mario Brothers 2 incident"
What happened? :O

Yeah, Link's awakening was like my first zelda game, so way past the NES era.

Yeah, i sure have often read about the "Everybody is whiny losers and games are too easy, NES games were how games' difficulty should be".
just cause back then, developers apparently sucked at making non-masochistic games...
where castlevania was some sh... 2d sidescroller thing where you jsut walked right, swung that whip every now and then and that was all the greatness that was.. well, people back then (and now) also hype some sh... endless coin collector jump and run, aka marip, as the greatest sh.. ever.

But I diverge. :-)
Yeah, I will be happy once I finish the game for now.
some "solutions" arent too obvious, like one of the 20 things in the room can be pushed.
or this random wall panel that looks like every oher one ever, can be walked through.
finding it with the lens is one thing.
but randomly guessing it, or jsut wall hugging all the time expecting such things.
sure am not used to that.

since modern games seem to make puzzles more obvious.
Also modern games often have only like 1 puzzle per room where here you can get soemthing by killing all monsters (which I do by default by now), maybe pushing stuff, lighting stuff, etc.

I will beat it, sooner or later, then I'll see wether I will replay it on some more (NES) normal difficulty.

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no, I play in super easy mode (judge me, I dont care. in a way that doesnt even make it much easier since stuff does half a heart damage anyways and avoiding isthe big issue. daling more damamge would help but tha aint possible).

well, like in every game ever that has game overs, I just press the continue button.
didnt expect to explicitly have to "save and quit" each time I die, just for stuff to be saved :-/

well, yeah, it aint jsut the bomb bag, just the game  upon reopening being a bit further behind than I was last time I played.
part of progress lost, maybe since I didnt explicitly save each time :-/

original zelda games did auto save from what I remember.

so issue likely linked to me not saving th intended way.
mainly continuing the most time and just closing the window when I wanna end the game for the day :-/

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oh I dont mind either way, jsut love to play zelda games.
since 2d zelda games were the best thing ever! <3

yeah, those games sure semeto be different. tried the first armageddon game
and holy sh... that is hard. like you start in a dungeon, tons of enemies on every screen and you have no weapon even.
super hard, "slightly harder than nes zelda" the authopr wrote and that is very true.

sadly itch has no proper way to sreach for zelda-like games, so it's hard to find good stuff

well, it is probably. burn fire tree with fire.

but given that you implemented stuff from like every zelda game in existence, I kind of expected pegasus boots along the way.
where you run against trees and they drop seeds.
like the green trees would likely drop wind seeds, the fire tree ... fire seeds.

but that was jsut my wrong expectations , just thought way too complicated :-D

now I am struggling against the second dungeon boss.
trying the walkthrough's bomb strat.

but the fact that bomb dont drop in bushes and pots makes it kind of hard.

also, might not close the game properly or whatever but each time I play, the bomb bag upgrade and similar stuff seem to get reseet.
like I suddenly have only 8 bombs max again and have to get buy that bomb bag again.
so these kinds of purchases dont seem to be saved consistently between clsogin the game and reopening.

not sure how to properly close it though :-/

Nevermind, you gotta burn down the fire tree. to get rid of the stone mushrooms in that one specific screen.

huh, you sure love making zelda-like games.
which makes me very happy, 2d zelda games were and are the best games in existence!
and no mindless somnic or mario coin collector stuff -.-
sure will also try all the other zelda games once I beat isle of rebirth :-)

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hey, I currently got the lantern and the bow as my last items (so first dungeon and prison is done). not too sure where to go next.
already went where previously the apes are. but could only shoot the switch that opejs the dungeon door in the swamp, cant visit anywgere else due to water there.
also went visit the raft store but purse can only hold 255 coins so cant buy one. any idea where to go next?
also got the guitar but no idea where to trade it.

Edit: Traded a bit, now got egg.
now where was the guy that wanted eggs?

maybe you should mention which keyboard button is which.
x and z are important but which one is "A" and which "B"?
since these both literally decide the difficulty :-/

I might have chosen hero mode by accident now.

controls in general would be nice to know :-)

yeah, forest gauntlet. I solved it by now. Actually beat the whole alpha by now.
I totally ran past the moth and never cared to go back.

Sure, I noticed the, objectively speaking useless, portal linking to sirectly connected rooms. seemed odd but didnt think much more about it.
only the moths hint gave me the idea that there might be more to it.

before I had only seen the left side lights, also saw that the right side had lights and was like "Am I supposed to mirror that? but how if I can only see 2 lights through the wall?".

then I went to the other side (through the portalled way) and realized that the gras blocks had colors on it.
but putting that light arrangement in the left room didnt work either.

that was about when I wrote the comment and closed the game.

went back to the game later, wondering "why did I stop playing again".
game upons and I'm like "oh yeah, that sh...
I'm out of here, will at least explore elsewhere"
which is when i went back, for confused why there wa also portals jsut bringing me back to the puzzle so I couldnt even leave. few more tries to run and escape left, blinking the light cosntantly jsut out of habit.
yeah, then the moth said his phrase and all was clear.
or at least I had a plan what to try next, which worked.

actually simple puzzle.
the fact that there are 2 doors blocking the exit made me think that the top and bottom partsare separate puzzle, each one being solved opening a door.

since like, the way I entered the bottom first, it was a big room with lights.
lit the lights, got to the exit next.
1 of 2 doors was open, so I was like "bottom puzzle solved, time for the upper puzzle".

still have no idea what the bottom lights actually did.
maybe activate the portal between rooms or something?
no idea.

good puzzle, but Ijsut misunderstood stuff completely :-D

Also, those chasing plants are terrifying! :O

okay, I'm struggling in the puzzle room to the east. bottom puzzle is easy. but top puzzle...
i lit the thing the way the other room shows me but apparently thats wrong since the gate still is closed.

nevermind, found it. Didnt know doors were a thing now, should have read those devlogs beforehand :-D

well, got stuck before the village. got 11/12 interviews.
map tells me with its golden glow, that one screen to the left of the village entrance is supposed to be an unfound interview. thats the waterfall screen. I already triggered the guy on the top right and THERE IS NOTHING ELSE ON THIS SCREEN!
but map tells me otherwise. all other areas are normal on the map, so must be here. but jsut cant see it, light doesnt fall in somewhere either. :-/

plot twist: the windows version DOES NOT have a bat file with it.
Had to use good old command console to solve it :-)

poor girl, her life relies on that ball, yet she is cursed to throw it away again as soon as she gets it back :-/

think followers only get informed if you post a new game

well, thought I should follow you, maybe well see another mod of something good :-)