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Very cool! I will follow, and feel free to comment or message when you have an update if I don't see it.

I beat your high score now :)

Fun game! Really like the mechanics a lot. I got to the level where there were 3 characters to guide and that was enough for me though haha

Very nice and fun game and entry here!

Love the aesthetics, the visuals, and the city in general; it feels alive! The cars moving around, the people walking, all while you are trying to grab pizzas and deliver them around the city.

The controls are quite good although as Kartsu also said, I don't feel like I have enough room to drift and really use the boost to any use at all. I really wish that there was a gas and reverse button/key instead of just being up/down arrow or up/down on the stick; I think that would make the controls a good bit better.

Otherwise, I had very much fun with this one.

Do you think you will implement levels or some way to progress? Would be a lot of fun.

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Very cool game! I really wish that there were more!

Really liking the art style and the whole aesthetics of the game; the mechanic of carrying the package and having to drop it to move better and also to get the package further in the level is great as well.

The most disappointing part to me is that it was over so quickly! I love the world you've created with the visuals, sounds and mechanics so far!

Also, with GameMaker it's generally much better on here if you just export the project to a zip file so that people only have to download and unzip to play, instead of using the installer option.

Very extensive effort in this game! I really like where you are going with it being a delivery based but story and narrative rich type click and play game. 

It appears you may have overdid it on the interface and meta features and come up short with actual game play for this submission though. I really like what story and progression were put into it so far and wish there were more.

Decent experience. Would be really nice if you could rotate the camera when you get to the second part of the stage.

Controls are ok. Whatever sound that is should be taken away I think; I thought my speakers messed up when I started the game haha

Not bad. I was a bit confused at first and thought I had to stay on the white path because that is where my player started; you may just be able to get rid of that. 

It would also be nice if the camera was adjusted up just a bit so that you could see what is coming a bit earlier, especially since you can't move the character up or down on the screen.

I like the whole runner aspect of the game, and the movement/controls are pretty decent as well.

Would be really nice to have even a free music track running or some sort of sound at all.

Interesting start to something.

I was confused at first about how to score/get points. I finally figured out that I needed to place or throw the cubes into the "goals" at the top of the screen where I spawned at.

It would be nice if the goals flashed when you picked up a cube or something to that effect so that it hints to the player what the game is for. Or at least tell people on the game page itself.

Is there an end to the game or anything else? Keep working on it if your idea interests you!

Hey there, cool looking game.

It may be me, but I really couldn't play the game at all. I figured out how to move around and draw my gun, but I couldn't shoot with the space bar, or any button or key it seems. 

Very fun little game! Not sure if you will work on it anymore, but if you do then just work some more balance and mechanics out and it could be really fun!

The core is there, but when more customers start to spawn in, they spawn too quickly and it gets overwhelming way too quickly. I would look at slowing down the rate or multiplier of spawning customers when that happens, and also at some point it would be nice to have multiple pizza spawn points as well. It gets tiresome and eventually impossible to have enough pizzas to deliver to all the customers.

I really like the game though, and would be awesome if there were some bouncy kind of music to go along with the deliveries; it could even speed up gradually as more customers start to spawn in.

The controls are pretty good; I really like that you can use the joystick on a gamepad to play; it's much easier than just the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Very fun for a clicking game. Dollar button doesn't do much after you get like one or two hires, but I guess if you get the $0 hires to start with the dollar button is still good to click. Played for a while but never could get the last two characters hired!

Very cool game! I like all the different stuff that you have to multitask between. Couldn't quite figure out how to beat it though, or how the code % and assets worked together. Love the cat on keyboard idea and also turning the lights back on.

Very nice, and thanks for playing! I played again and tied up with you. May try to take top score later lol Shout out to polyphorge once again for his great art!

If it's not too much trouble to post the demo project then I think that would be pretty helpful and amazing! Thanks!

Is there a way to try this out before purchasing it? It looks interesting and possibly useful, but I really can't envision or understand just how it works from this page.

This game is really fun! I think that the hit to double-jump mechanic you put in and designed around is quite fun and challenging too! Very fun gameplay and controls as well, and game pad compatible! I like the hook as well but I got stuck not too far after I got it. Should have taken a screenshot but it is a screen where you come up from the bottom and there are 3 circle enemies at the top, each with one of the rocks/spikes that can kill you underneath them. I could not figure out how to get past this part! Very fun though, kudos!

Good start to a game and nice environments, especially for 1-bit graphics! I really like the move and the feel of the main character, along with the different attacks and dodging/jumps as well! I got a bit confused by all the interact prompts that I guess are all just check points. I never could really get anywhere past going underground and fighting a few monsters either; not sure if I missed something!

The controls are pretty good. I feel like the player could move just a bit faster and you could lighten the gravity on him just a bit so he doesn't fall quite so fast. Generally feels pretty good though. The shooting is quite responsive and works well. I like the double jump ability. Keep working at it! You could make a whole space station and maybe add one more ability to get, along with money collectibles!

Thanks a lot for doing a video play through and review of our jam game! We are happy to see and hear that you mostly enjoyed it also!

We wish we would have had enough time to flesh it out more also, especially with the platforming and exploration aspects. Unfortunately we only had a month and we used this to help learn a new game engine and also art as well! Working on seeing if we can fix the slow down issues right now!

Thanks for playing!

Very cool experience! Love the world that you have built and all the atmospherics and small details that all come together, such as the rain, the lightning and thunder, the coin pickup sounds, etc. I really liked it when I got the upgraded sword! Was very much wishing for a bow also! I would love to see this iterated over and a whole castle or more built around it. If you want more specific feedback let me know. Keep going!

Cool prototype for an interesting game mechanic! I was able to get the climb tool and the sword. After that I pretty much got stuck in a hole that I wasn't able to get out of. I like the general look and feel of the game. Keep up the work!

Very very hard! I wish that you had extra lives or started over after the text intro. The game looks really good and the music and sounds are generally nice. I cannot get over the level design and camera on some parts and keep wondering whether a sadist made it or not lol

Very cool game! Not sure if I would call it a Metroidvania yet. That skating/grinding on rails mechanic is great though! I honestly think you might just want to make a platformer/racer game that focuses on that mechanic. It was so fun to hop on the rails and just go and then jump from rail to rail. Really loved the art and backgrounds too, very spacey and futuristic! The controls felt very very floaty, but like I said above once you get on the rails it is perfect.

I enjoyed this one, really wish it was longer! I was just starting to get into it a bit and then see the Thank you for Playing haha Only had a month to do this jam so understandable though. This really felt like playing an old Gameboy side scroller, and in a good way. Would be very nice to have a UI of sorts and just fleshed out a bit more.

Pretty cool little Metroidvania. I got stuck after getting 3 characters. I'm not sure if I was supposed to keep jumping and dashing from side to side while avoiding the spikes in that long vertical tunnel with platforms and spikes on both sides or if I missed something before that part. I wasn't sure what the objects I collected did. It was generally a pretty fun little game though, considering there was only a month to build it. I do really wish the character speed was a little faster by default or that there was a run button. I really really liked the character switching and different abilities for the different characters.

Neat demo, would definitely love to a see a desert environment based Metroidvania like this. Controls feel a bit sluggish, but the exploration is pretty neat so far. Once some time can be put towards the level design then I think it will get a lot more fleshed out. I never did find the wall climb item either, must have missed it somewhere!

Cool demo, there's definitely a start to something here. The graphics and sound work together, especially the backgrounds. Player movement feels way off though and almost seems like the character is skipping frames or teleporting at times.

I liked this game a lot, it's a pretty fun little reaction game to play and very nice that you can just play it in the browser! I didn't like too much that S key was used for middle position instead of just moving left and right but at higher speeds I kinda see how it was needed. Overall nice idea and execution!

Very cool concept, and I think the controls are pretty decent and how you keep going faster and faster as you go are all really cool! Hope you can put some mouse smoothing or something in place so the player is not so jittery though; it's very distracting. Otherwise very cool!

Ah ok, very cool implementation there then! It def does give that brutally hard retro game vibe!

Neat concept, but wish it felt a little less random trying to figure out which way you are supposed to go. Also music or sound would be very nice to have as well, even if they are very basic. Good job making a complete feeling game though, and I do like the graphics and controls!

This. Is. Amazing! I love this game! I haven't finished it yet but am definitely going to finish it as soon as I get more time. From the presentation of the border around the screen and the idea and concept and implementation of the AV cables this game is superb. The only criticism that I have is no game pad support yet! Please implement game pad lol Otherwise I can find nothing to critique for this game. The control and feel is great, the music is good. Very nice job! Ok, I went ahead and finished this game. I had to. Superb!

Interesting start for a game. I really like the graphics, check points and general look of the game. The controls definitely need some work though. As others have said the player moves very unnaturally. When you enable the timer it covers up a lot of the holes in the ground that cause you to die as well.

Very good looking space game with a neat idea. Asteroids should def blend into the background more and honestly the controls are just annoying where you have to match the number key up to number at top of screen. If there isn't a good story or game reason for this I don't see why to put it in. Otherwise it seems like it could be quite fun.

Very good, enjoyable take on space invaders and other classic retro games. This game is quite fun to play; the difficulty is a bit much for me but I did make it past the first stage with a B rank at least haha I wish that your single shot hit collider was maybe a tad bigger. This game would be perfect for a browser game also! Only other comment I have is that when you lose and select play again, it seems to take you back to the title where you have to select play another time and view the short intro; would be nice if it just takes you right back to the action at the beginning of the level. One of my faves of this jam

What a concept and presentation of that concept! I love this riff and take on the classic hangman game. The AI personality and music make such a cool atmosphere for what is essentially just a text game, but it works so well! It seems very polished as well, love how tab shows how much of the world is left, along with what letters you have already used for the current word. Great job! One of my faves of this jam.

Hey, kudos as below on doing a text adventure (first of the jam I have played!) and for doing it in C as well. Loving the result file size. Pretty good start to a text adventure game, but there are def some bugs as already stated, and sudden closing of the game if you make a choice twice I guess. If you are very interested in text adventure style games, you should look into Twine and YarnSpinner.

Good recreation of old retro games, particularly the graphics and sound. I love the menu music btw! Otherwise, the concept is just recreating old games, but a very good job doing it. A few comments: For Pong it would have been nice if there was AI paddle on the other side, and if player paddle/controls were a bit more responsive. Asteroids I feel would be nice if you could press W or Up to go forward and have spacebar shoot. Space Invaders, it seems you can just spam the shoot button and go side to side and clear the whole screen in 2 seconds almost. Despite the comments, I love the gameplay and the presentation of this! Only thing better I think is if you build a browser playable version!

You should update this to scale it up a bit and also make the controls work. As is I don't think any of us can even play it or try it out unfortunately :(