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I hope that you liked it! It can cut deep, but it's all a part of this beautiful life!

Very cool game! Love the puzzles and how you make the player figure out what each does and then restart to conquer the level

Cool entry even though I think it's way too complicated.

I love the presentation though, esp starting out like you're floating in a star field essentially, and then even the second act is pretty cool looking too, especially the meteors and the parchment. Sound and music is pretty nice also!

Controls could def use some simplification I think.

I had to restart once to figure out how to make spells and then I couldn't ever actually get them to cast at the meteors.

Thanks for trying it again for me!

Well, I was debating on having a stamina meter so you can only run for so long, and that would be an upgrade is more stamina. 

I'm thinking about making the game more strategic with harder but less enemies.

Hey there! I wanted to ask real quick since you said I could make the character move a bit faster. Did you use the run button? Just making sure before I make the character walk and run faster by default.

Oh ok, I didn't even realize I had shields haha thanks!

I'll make sure but I'm almost positive I clicked again to purchase missile upgrade purchase. I have shot power ups so far, my ship was going straight through them. I'll see if I can do a screencap and show these to you just in case they really are bugs.

This is really fun!

The controls are nice, good feedback and sounds. The visuals are very well done too and it looks like you have tons of upgrades to offer players already!

Very nicely done! The only confusing thing to me is that it keeps making some whuuuh whir kinda sound, but not getting hit that's different. I cannot figure out what that is.

Also I didn't know for a while that I had to shoot powerups instead of wait for them to get to my ship.

I unlocked missiles but even then I guess that you have to find some missiles before you get to use them? Also I kept trying to barrel roll with Q but it wouldn't do anything.

Even with all that I love this entry!

This game is really cool!

I love the idea and implementation both. I have only played maybe 2 other turn based roguelike games before and this is already one of my faves. DoomRL is probably my all time fave turn based roguelike.

I hope that you continue to work on this and get some more tiles especially instead of the test64 ones.

The only thing I didn't like a lot so far is you seem to spend a lot of time waiting on the enemies to move; I feel like that could probably be sped up some, esp when they are nowhere near the player.

Great entry!

Thank you for playing and for the comments!

Interesting. I do go.delete() but I think what is happening is I do not limit the amount of enemies spawning so at some point they just grow out of control lol 

Thanks for letting me know about that. I def want to fix that along with finishing the map and improving the enemy AI and adding a few skills you can gain in post jam.

Cool game!

Once I figured out that the mouse was "pulling" the end of the arrow and that is how to aim I had a lot of fun. It would probably be nice to tell the player that in the beginning.

It's really cool that you included the "death" balloons in the mix; I think that makes it a lot more interesting. Without them you would have nothing to avoid when shooting.

Some music would def go a long way, but overall a fun entry!

Thanks a lot!

I think I will add the art credits on the project page also, even though I purchased these in a pack and I don't think attribution is required:

Very cool style and atmosphere! I have no clue what to do though. I collected a couple of papers and saw a scary monster (visual effect was really cool) but I backed up and then never saw it or another one again. Found a lot of the outer walls and ran around but didn't find anything else to do.

Ohhhh ok, that makes a lot of sense now. If you can tell players that before first battle or make it more obvious to figure out I think that would be great!

Good point. I guess I should either make it mouse or analog stick aiming or keep it direction shooting and make the combat more strategic and less enemies. 

Looks cool! 

Really wish there was some sort of game loop and mechanics in besides moving. I can imagine it being really cool if there were even objects to collect and they make noise and give score or something.

Keep it up!

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Nice looking track setup, but sorry I can't figure out how to play or maybe I am and I don't know it.

Very nice and fun game!

You did a very nice job on the game loop and I think the enemy bird/bat in particular is done very well. Controls and camera both feel nice and the music is a great fit also!

Great work. Only critique I have is it would be cool if there were more of a sliding animation on the player going down the wall but this was a 1 week game jam so... lol

No problem! 

I think I will try it again. I figured out the arrow key and Z attack and X defend but it seemed to only work less than half of the time.

Thanks so much for the comments. You have given me some very good ideas on how to make the game loop way better, and with just a few power ups to start with too :)

Very good and fun entry!

Controls feel really nice (wish it was gamepad supported) and very good and complete game loop and UI also! Love how the powerups build on each other as well.

Great all around submission! Kudos!

Interesting concept. 

Not sure if intended but once I got earplugs the first time I couldn't hear any more sound at all even after buying loudspeakers, echo, etc. Also I figured out I could just hold the mouse button down and keep accumulating decibels.


Post jam I def plan on finishing up this map and giving the AI some herding and pathfinding logic.

Cool concept, but I feel like the UI and controls need to feel a bit more responsive. 

I won the first fight but couldn't really figure out exactly what I was doing or what was what. A diagram and legend for the UI might work to start with, even though it should probably be more intuitive than that.

Very basic, but it does work and is a complete game. Glad to see the timer and best score working! Adding in more variation and maybe some music, etc would make it lots more fun! Good work!

I don't really know what I am supposed to do, or if I can do it yet.

Heyo, good to see your entry! It is actually quite similar to mine that I submitted. 

The controls feel good to use and shoot with. It would be nice if the room was a bit bigger or if there were a few more rooms to move around in as well. A little music and sound goes a long way also.

Overall good job submitting a working game!

Great entry!

I like the sandbox approach with this one, although I typically don't like sandbox games all that much. I think between the mechanics and the music on this one it keeps me entertained! Very neat effect also. Could be nice if there was a zoom out/in also. Also  maybe some sort of picture export mode or save/load feature so you could save your creations and share or view them later.

Nice entry!

Love the creativity and mechanics of this game, although it makes my head hurt a bit!

Would love to see this fleshed out with more UI and menus, etc

Good entry with a solid game loop.

I had fun for a bit playing this, especially after I practiced the controls for a few mins. It would be awesome if you made gamepad and especially joystick controls for this; it screams joysticks to drive and steer with!

Some music and/or sounds would go a long way too. Like I said you have a solid gameplay loop so it would be awesome to see this added to post jam. One cool idea I think is to gradually have the camera zoom out as more time is taken up and/or you get a higher score, so that more of the map is revealed and you have more freedom to drive around. Also would be cool to have some sort of onscreen speedometer just for fun.

Good job!

Very cool entry! I love the tight game loop you've made, and how it loops with the Ohh my head part too :)

It mostly feels pretty good also; not sure if this is on purpose but forward and back moves a lot faster than left and right. It would be nice if left and right moved you precisely as fast as forward and back do.

Also, since you are mostly in the same environment the whole time it would be nice if there was some more texture variation. I know it was a tight time lime for this jam though.

Music was appropriately moody too. Overall lots of fun!

Very fun entry! Also the first I have tried in this jam. I love how it is an autorunner but not speed focused like the others I have played.

The controls and visuals are very quality, especially for a week long game jam entry! The only thing I really wanted more of was gamepad support ;)

The only tweak I think I would make is to take the Exit option off of the HTML5 build.

P.S. I would also be interested in playing this as a normal platformer also e.g. with normal arrow/dpad movement controls.

Thanks for the comments! 

We agree on the clock getting bigger or more noticeable as you get low on time; we didnt have quite enough time to implement this before submitting though :(

Its better to destroy some spawners if you are trying for a high score on the leaderboard. They give you 10 points versus 1 for each alien. 

Very cool! I love the speedrun/time race slant of this game! 

I'm very confused about the time difference and dashing ON the second. I just do not know what that means.

I feel like this game just begs for a high/low score leaderboard. I would love to see real time how other players did. If you develop this concept a lot more, it would be very awesome to show the high scores as ghost runners while you play just like Mirror's Edge did!

This is such a cool and different sort of entry for this jam! Even though it is pretty much all text based with static graphics, I get a very Mass Effect sort of vibe from it!

You must have put a lot of time and effort into all of the writing and systems for all the content you have created and for what the game does with your character and story stats and info!

As much as I liked it, I did end up feeling bored here and there while reading text and going through some of the tree choices. If you could end up adding more breaks between these or possibly some more dynamic elements I think that would be great! Mini games might work, but there is probably a better way that I can't think of right now.

Either way, love the submission and would love to play more, especially when there are events integrated in and goals/quests to be completed.

Awesome entry!

I love your idea, inspirations and execution as well! Everything just works, and works quite well especially for a jam game entry! I would love to see and play this idea expanded out even more and refined and added to. I would love to see you be able to gain levels and pick additional skills and/or modify your existing skills also!

There is just so much strategy going on in this game.

Only criticisms I think I have is that it would be nice for the timers to be a little larger, and it would be nice if you could review and read all of your skills before the game starts.

Thank you so much for the comments and feedback!

Thank you!

We certainly wanted to (and may still) build more levels into the game, but we ran out of time before we were able to!

Thanks a lot! We are very glad that you enjoyed it.

Did you end up having to play on a PC or what?

Thanks a lot for your thoughts and game analysis! Very helpful stuff!

We definitely wanted to work on level design and creation more, but unfortunately just didn't have the time in this jam. Also, this should be more clearly communicated, but you have to make it to the portal at the end and win to be placed on the leaderboard.

Thank you for the comments and feedback! We are very glad that you enjoyed the game. 

I forgot to remove the Quit button for web builds, whoops!

Did you make it on the leaderboard? I am considering resetting/clearing it at some point.