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Looks like one just started 2 days ago

You can find jams at
and Ctrl-F on the page to find specific named jams like Low Effort

Very awesome! Thanks for releasing this pack for free! I don't have anything to use it for yet, but I saw your post on Twitter and decided to check it out :)

Hmm I will see if I can test a ps4 controller soon. Are you on Windows, Linux or Mac? 

I know for sure that ps3 and Xbox controllers work. Most any gamepad should work as long as the OS you are using recognizes it and has some kind of driver for it. 

Very cool and fun game entry! I like how you can play one player or two player on the same keyboard. 

Amazing graphics and aesthetic! Love the sketches and quality of them and all of the little notes written on them also! Really love the idea. The controls are really loose and kinda floaty but it really fits in controlling the egg.

I didn't think I was going to like it at first, but after the 2nd or 3rd round I loved it! Played through the whole thing and it was very fun and innovative!

It's interesting and a good start for sure! I like the concept of raw food invaders. Would be very nice to have a bit of flavor text and/or story to really set the mood before you play. Also some kinds of sounds and music too.

Not sure if stopping the ship when shooting was intentional or not. I'm not sure how I feel about that mechanic.

This game is HARD lol

I might have missed something but I got stuck underwater and couldn't figure out what to do. Love the theme and feel of it all though, very impressive!

Thanks for the info! Yeah that's odd about the You survived for 4 days, 0 hours message, but you still had health left. I'll check into that.

LOL I love the secret passageway

First infinite runner I have played from this jam! Not a bad attempt, but next time at least draw a line for the ground or something; the floating is weird.

Very neat game concept and gameplay! I like the whole light/dark and flashlight mechanic. The only thing that confused me is it seemed like sometimes I could see the orbs and enemies without the flashlight and sometimes I couldn't.

Some music would def add a bit more atmosphere to the game.

What a presentation! Between the intro video and the main track it really got me amped up to play RAWball!

The actual gameplay is decent, but quite good if this is your first complete game! I'm sure you know the  main issues already. Great work and entry for gamedev.js!

Very cute and fun little game. I love how complete it is, if that makes any sense. And quite focused as well; I loved the little small puzzles you put into it, especially out at the lake :) Great job!

Only constructive criticism is make some of your collision boxes smaller, esp for the trees. I promise no one will complain, unless you can walk clear through them lol

Neat little turn based game. Would be really nice if you just let players know to click their characters to get started; it took me way too long to figure out how to even start. Great work on the LD50 entry!

Thanks for all the feedback! I'm not sure what happened on the 4th day unless an Orc you didn't notice spawned close and got you? It's possible there's a bug but I haven't seen or heard of one like that yet.

Yes, the companion is one of, if not the best, feature so far I think! Where did it say the companion healed? I think that it just says it will collect reagents for you.

Yeah, the Orcs probably should spawn off of the screen...


Cool music! The game itself is pretty fun, but the progression of upgrades is way too slow.

Played in challenge mode now :)

Neat. No offense but I think this is just Snake.

I love raw files

Very hard, but fun once you get in the groove. The stress meter is very stressful lol

Ah OK, I don't think I played in challenge mode. Thanks!

Pretty neat little game. It's like a typing/memory game sort of combined with Simon Says with a good message to boot. I like it, even if it is simple right now; it's fun!

Neat game. I love getting to the big gemstones part but those green eyed golems are pretty hard! 

Do the leaderboards work at all? I see two entries on them, but maybe they are test entries. I'm logged in but it doesn't seem to post my score to the boards.

haha It's fairly difficult even on normal. 

Two tricks: Do kind of a loop from the top or bottom of map all the way to the right while collecting and come back bottom or top, opposite of how you came. Second, do the quests and get the quest rewards asap. 

Very cool. Now I can never say again that I haven't played a tennis rhythm game before! I really like the UI, the overall visuals and the UX you've made so far. Just wish there was more.

Pretty good run at setting the mood. Only thing that really bothered me was the text off the top of the monitor the whole game. I got stuck on the reviewing camera footage and 2 theories of how subject 278 escape screen. There was no back button and Escape key didn't work either.

Fun gameplay loop! Everything is quite balanced and the controls work very well. I surprised myself how well I was able to slice what I was looking for ever when the belt was moving that quickly!

Is there an end or is a high score game?

Wow, this game is hard. Very good game though! I only made it to the 3rd or 4th image and I have to take a break lol Good job!

What a great, small, cute and fun game! As simple as the game play is, everything just fits together and is quite balanced. As you grow, it is so much fun to see dinos that used to chase you now run away from you.

Does the full screen icon in the bottom right work for anyone? It didn't work for me.

Very cool idea and implementation! Between the time reverse and graphic improvement I thought that this was pretty clever and entertaining. Unfortunately the level design choices started to go downhill during the 2nd world. I didn't make it through the 3rd set of levels mostly due to the obstacles blending in with the background and the random invisible holes.

Very fun and addictive cooking game! The balance is perfect. Love how you even deduct for truck payment and fuel... you could probably randomize these a little bit. 

Would be very fun to try to take more than one customer's order at a time also. Great game though!

Nice little starter shmup! I love the raw/psychedelic art theme going on everywhere. The mechanic of slowing down while shooting and only having 1 life/health were pretty neat also. Would be very nice to have some power-ups, more enemy types, and shooting pattern variations added.

Very cool concept! I love the look, feel and overall mood of the game. Would be nice to be guided a bit more and/or have a bit more to do than grab fruit and eat it. I love the chopping and fishing mechanics. If there is any more to do in the game I missed it. A run button or faster movement would be very nice also.

Very cool idea and fun gameplay, although the game loop tends to be kinda slow to me.

Very cool concept. Love how you did an Android build also. 

If you update Android build you might consider taking the key graphics off the buttons and changing the system back button to quit with a warning maybe.

Nice job!

Thanks for doing the Windows build. Wow, that was deep. And tragic.

I click Eliro and it closes