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Wow, your writing is really good!

I was thoroughly entertained by each of these pieces, probably even more so than the preceding one. I definitely liked The Last Dragon Dance the best out of them but I enjoyed each of them very much!

Thank you! I think that's really starting to be my favorite part also. I woke up with that lead melody in my head this morning randomly lol

WOW, Garcius' Melody in particular just blew me away! I'm listening to it again now. Very very good composing and nice restraint through the whole piece also. I love the lilting, floating melody and bits of loneliness and remorse that is dropped in sparingly too.

I know you said FFTA but I am picking up heavy Chrono Trigger vibes from this also. Speaking of FF, etc if you haven't listened to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer before you definitely should. Start with their self-titled and then listen to Tarkus.

Thank you so much! I will have to go listen to some songs off of those OST's now! I'm vaguely familiar with Silent Hill 2, but not Life is Strange.

Thank you! I gave up on YouTube and uploaded to SoundCloud and linked now and that seems to work!


I originally wrote the piece on piano and then started arranging it for more of a rock type arrangement.

I played the intro on an acoustic guitar on 5 different tracks (2 double parts and the lead part solo), then the middle section is on an electric guitar I have played through a Distortion Factory pedal that has amp modeling built into it. My friend recorded the bass direct in I believe.

Thanks for the playlist info. I may end up trying SoundCloud instead. I uploaded my track to YouTube Music, then put it onto a public playlist, but I don't think it is working for some reason. I guess I will look today and see if I can figure it out, or just try SoundCloud instead.

I'll have to listen again, but I noticed the other tracks, esp the lyre dropping significantly in volume when some of the vocals come in.

Nice mini OST you've created here!

Not criticism persay, and I understand how you interpreted the theme, but none of these give me personally any type of dragon feels. 

However, having said that, you've really put together some full and amazing sounding mixes here! 

I think my favorite was actually the shortest one, Legend. 

Great job on these!

Very peaceful and restrained, yet majestic composition! Love the natural easy build that happens all the way to the end also and doesn't feel rushed at all. 

I could definitely see this as being a story or intro piece for the dragon. 

Well I was wondering why I was getting such heavy SNES RPG vibes from this! It is definitely the FF6 sound font doing that!

It also makes sense that this is for more of a Zelda type game. I got very sleepy and playful vibes from the theme you came up with, like a young playful dragon waking up from a sleep and then having playtime. Also very heavy vibes of being in a town with this happening. 

Very nice composition! You did very well transmitting your feelings of the theme to your piece. 

I was able to hear and feel almost exactly what you wrote in your fit the theme text before I even read it, so I applaud you for that!

The main advice I have is that there is some strange compression or volume changes when your voices come in to the mix. Its most noticeable to me at around 18s and 1m38s and it seems to mostly affect the lyre more than anything. 

I really like your interpretation and also the lightheartedness that comes in part from choosing an 8 bit sound for your tunes. 

The first two got a bit repetitive for me; I think their length could have been halved or a bit more variety added in them going on. The stand out to me was Victory Lap. It reminded me a lot of a Kirby game and made me smile the whole comp. 

Very nice piece! I love the transition and how crazy it gets in the middle and then back calm again and then that transition near the end also!

Great submission and nice mix also!

Cool entry!

I like all the different mechanics and elements you included: the normal movement, jumping, dashing, dash/jumping, and shooting directions with the mouse also. 

The level was a bit dense with enemies and shots but I somehow got through it and beat the boss. Good job on the boss also; he had some cool moves!

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Neat concept and entry!

I enjoyed what you did make of this. Like others said, I like how you have to collect some of the tiles you've used also; could make for some very cool levels and puzzles.

Is this the end?

Nice entry!

This was very entertaining and quite well put together too. The music was killer, but could definitely have used some sounds for the gameplay itself!

I love the whole concept and game mechanics itself. Hiding the cursor and allowing full screen properly would help a lot for people playing on PC versus a phone I think. I plan to come play more, but this is the highest score I could get in 5 playthroughs!

Very cool entry.

I think that the gameplay and mechanics are very good for a game jam project. Except, except there is no way to know all of those spells that quickly. You should at least have a quick reference button during play so you can press it to show what all the spells do at any time. I could understand everything else about the game and still made it through a run, but I had almost no idea what the spells were going to do without just randomly casting them and trying to figure out.

Great job otherwise though; the game plays very well!

Very nice entry!

I've played and played several times and haven't made it past level 8 quite yet, but I still plan to get through all 10 levels! The thing I like best is it seems that at least in a few levels there is actually more than one way to complete it; purposeful or not.

I think this is a very good game to make within two weeks, esp with the cutscene, the gameplay, the number of levels and abilities and even sounds and music to boot!

Thank you for all the kind comments! We really appreciate each and every one of them. Make sure to also check out the Credits track if you haven't yet. 

Thank you! You should also check out the Credits track if you didn't already :)

Nice entry!

Very innovative little game. I don't think I've really played anything quite like it before. I'm quite amazed by how similar it looks to a game I made for another game jam years ago. I guess not too amazed considering it is just pixel art computer board graphics lol Check it out sometime:

Very fun game!

Very cool entry!

I really like just about everything about this game. It's a really cool concept to place the traps that you are going to have to get past, and also to have to sort of remember all the traps you have placed to get further. 

I'm sure that you didn't have enough time, but it would be really cool to be able to use/spend your paycheck money on upgrades or otherwise also!

I know you will have to switch back and forth to mouse to place the traps, but I've gotten where I use AntiMicroX program to map controls to my controller so I can play most all of these games with a controller, even if the game isn't made for them :)

You can download from below, or they have a Github that I think they put releases on also:

Nice entry! The learning curve is a tad high in this game, mostly because you have no idea what the new enemies are going to do and by the time they do it, it's usually too late. Still lots of fun to play though! 

I really like the upgrade paths. Are the upgrades all time based? It was hard to tell for me.

Great entry! Love the aesthetic and the music track on this one too!

Solid controls, decent level design and game mechanics. Love the two little bosses that you have to fight too! Good job!

Well it seem you did great solving any optimization problems because the game ran smooth as butter for me the whole time I was playing! Great job!

Very cool entry!

I enjoyed the whole game loop besides the overworld map. Yeah the slowdown was bad, but it took way too long to find all the places for no good reason.

The main part of the game is great once I figured out what was going on and what to do. Very cool control scheme. It kinda of feels something like Hotline Miami's evil twin game or something for whatever reason!

Great job!

Great entry!

I honestly wasn't expecting much with the barely readable font intro, but then I started playing and it was amazing! The movement, controls and especially upgrade menu were very well thought out and implemented. Thanks so much for making it hold to fire also!

Obviously lack of audio leaves some to be desired. And it would be really nice if the mouse pointer locked and hid away so you're not keeping track of it to aim with.

Otherwise this is my favorite entry that I've played so far!

Nice bright graphics. As mentioned the shot delay was kind of annoying and also not being able to hold to fire. 

Good job on the levels though!

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Even though it is close to a copy I had a lot of fun with this one!

Like others have said glad you had some sort of twist to this. Contrary to popular opinion, I really enjoyed the loud beep on every food collect!

It's all good, especially for a jam entry! I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. 

Thank you for the tip on Grievance also! With that knowledge I may do another playthrough!

Sadly I don't usually play these jam games with others around, but I still gave this one a shot and acted like both players haha

I like the graphic style and UI and controls. The music and sound is also decent for the game. The power-ups are very cool too, especially the swinging bar and the bullets. I found out the bullets hurt yourself also if you run into them! Which makes sense actually.

The only thing that I couldn't figure out is that the attack button never did anything for me during the fighting part. I ended up having to use the swinging bar to defeat the other player.

Also in the store it seemed I was able to buy everything even though I didn't have enough money collected to do that yet.

Solid entry!

Very nice entry!

This one is very intricate to be a jam game; it really takes some time investment also. Thanks go out to Golen below for the helpful comments and info on the project page itself!

The only thing that really still confused me once I got going was that anytime I selected No Work to reset their work meter, everyone's grievance seems to go up quite a bit afterwards, at least with the default 0 tax and 2 reward selected after you click No Work and hit space for next turn.

Other than that everything made since to me; it's just a real slow game at the beginning, which Golen also referred to in his game page comments. 

I did find one weird "bug" where it wouldn't seem to let me click the next to the last citizen's tax and rewards once there was a scrollbar, at least in the default area on the screen. I did learn that if I scrolled it around a little bit, it would let me focus on their inputs to change them. If you want a video of what was happening I can probably record one.

All being said I had a lot of fun completing this one! I feel I may have taken way more turns than I needed, but I was basically just trying to survive and stifle revolts for the most part!

Very cool entry!

I really love the look and art design of this. Quite well put together especially between the background, foreground and characters. 

Controls and movement are pretty good. I think combat is decent also, enemies just need better AI. I came across a couple of bugs, I'm sure you are fairly aware. The main ones are that the turrets and jetpack guys don't seem to die; their health goes negative but they stay alive. The jetpack guys' bombs seem to be scaled a bit too large too.

There was a place kind of near the beginning to the right of the map where I fell into a room and had to reload the game because I don't think that there is a way out.

Saying all of that, I enjoyed playing this! Not sure if there is an end because once you ascend up some there are A LOT of enemies lol

Really like the story and story premise too. Kinda switching around things :)

Balance and tuning is one of the hardest things to get right in a game, so no apologies needed. I'm just glad I wasn't missing anything while playing!

Very cool entry once I figured out what was going on!

I know it says food and such, but I thought all of the brown points were islands at first so I played 2 or 3 times wondering what I was doing wrong lol

Once I figured that out it was quite fun leading my pack along to grow larger and larger while keeping away from or fending off other groups. I think I basically played pacifist until the end where we had to take out the last other group.

Very good job on the controls, animation and flocking behaviour! If you just add some even premade music and a sound effect or two it would heighten the game and the play so much!

Solid entry!

I like the overall game play and mechanics of this. Jumping is very very high lol And there is something really weird with the background/tiles flashing, or at least there was for me.

Good entry! 

I really like the work you've done on the movement and animation. The perspective is a bit weird, but it's not bad. 

I think maybe the spawn rate of the slimes is a little much lol I only got to like 42 seconds and couldn't get higher than that!

Great job on submitting a project!

Nice title screen. Movement works pretty well, but needs a bit more work on the collisions; I was able to walk over the walls and machines at the top of the screen.

Time might need to run a bit longer too. The first time I played I went up and tried going out the door, then over the machines and I had already won by then.