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pretty engaging experience

platforming felt good

the music was good but there was a beeping sound that sounded like a sound effect.

felt like some sound effects were missing (like hitting enemies and dieing )

scaning seems to take awhile to complete (made me wonder whether it was working)

thought the dialogue was ok, liked being able to access past logs

difficulty felt about right all the way through

thanks for playing! yeah the difficulty curve should be sanded back a bit, glad it was still fun anyway

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thanks for reporting that

i looked into it and appears to be due to missing directX drivers 

which could be found either here: 

or here:

it was only a minor nitpick and i didnt notice that you could sprint (maybe should be explained). but i think having enemies return at random would give you something to do on the way while not being too repetitive

now that i replayed it, i do think picking stuff up could be simpler as it doesnt work if i keep holding down which confused me (like maybe just pressing down could do it)

just nitpicks though, this was fun

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this was short but was quite fun

only nitpick is, i found it felt unresponsive when jumping off disappearing blocks. what a lot of platformers do is after pressing the jump (midair), they allow an extra few frames before landing to register the jump( as well as after the block starts disappearing so it doesnt feel unresponsive). that way your input doesnt just disappear

i got really hooked playing this.  its so much fun to explore. i get the feeling that some stuff i like mightve been unintentional. like when i had a eureka moment on how to scale walls using the wall jump+ roll.  then i realised that i could roll into the wall and wait a bit for the double jump to reset and make it easier.  also liked stuff like waiting for bats to push an enemy off a ledge. just really like that i could manipulate the mechanics in ways that felt 'free'.  dieing from falling seemed a little janky though, like its based on movement speed or something.  like i can take a downward exit and die if i roll while falling (where i would be fine if i didnt roll). this was pretty great overall, just a couple nitpicks.  couldnt move around the map to see other areas, thought this would be nice and getting swarmed by lots of bats in several places on the map (just a little repetitive)

hope you continue developing this, great work!

thanks for checking it out!

having them drain is a good suggestion.  ive thought of it but never tested it. i made sure the you could move outside the bubble a generous amount so when testing that felt fair so i left it there. but i imagine that it could improve things and open avenues for other possible mechanics

the difficulty curve is off. the rooms you encounter arent really in orderof difficulty, but since that wouldve taken a lot of time to get right for this type of game, i just put the tip to attempt easier encounters first and accepted that the game will have some sharp edges for the jam

thanks for playing!

thanks for the feedback

yeah the movement speed is too slow for exploring. its about as fast as it can be for combat to work, i thought about the game speed increasing when out of combat so that isnt an issue. it would create some other issues so i couldnt just implement that thoughtlessly without ironing things out

this was really fun and polished

particularly enjoyed the boss and the cutscenes had nice animations

great work!

liked everything here. was fun right away, controls great, sounds and visuals are good to.

liked the extra speed down slopes

also some possible bugs:

have trouble hitting the ghosts right next to you for some reason(both with torch and gun)

when shooting, it does look like it shouldve hit sometimes and didnt(like it goes through the ghosts looking guys)

also seem to shoot occationally when i teleport even though i click once?

there were furstrating blind jumps when teleporting onto platforms to destroy the crystals

crystals also seemed indistructable sometimes? maybe i wasnt hitting them? there wasnt really feedback that told me what i was doing was working

also i take damage from nothing sometimes if i jump right next to the crystals

overall really nice work!

it was the windows version

this was fun

liked the visuals and fleshy vibe(sound effects were good for that to)

thought the walking animation looked a little weird 

could use more feedback when you hit an enemy(i think some misses should have hit) 

good variety of room layouts that gradually got more challenging 

was an enjoyable experience

nice sprites are nice (there are some visual bugs)

the music loop is a bit short

sometimes fall through platforms and the collisions are a bit off. like you can stand inside the side of a wall (if its to the left but not right)

the game controls well anyway and the animations are good to. the block animation moves the player back quite a bit though

some explaination of the controls would be good. i found pretty good sword cleaning animation pressing E when trying every key on the keyboard. so that was neet

couldnt hurt the snake boss because the sword attack doesnt work midair 

also get stuck while walking occationally

like the colours and getting to stand on peoples heads and the general weirdness of it. kinda just want more stages

walking around delivering clams felt a bit slow especially when the seagulls were out of the way

thought the punch animation was cool to

good sound effects and theres a lot of graphics adding to the environment, felt pretty complete

liked that there were different styles you could try. shooting from the dark as fun

i think having a visible trail for the bullet couldve improved the shooting though

the interface looked really polished as well

the easiest way to play  is to just exchange hits with enemies over and over (since there isnt really a consequence for death) which i dont think serves the game well

also it didnt delete the save files when i pressed new game 

this is definately the longest game jam game ive ever played and thats true even though i got loft locked without finishing it (let you know where on discord)

the graphics created a lot intrigue and looked very nice. the music was great and the sound effects were great to. it all worked together, making something atmosphereic.  this is what i felt the game did really really well. 

i think a save feature was essential for this game. like thats not typically the case for jams but this game really needed it, especially when it was going to be that long

the dialogue was nice (the voices and effects on the font were to). thought the 4th wall breaking felt a bit too frequent but theres plenty that makes up for that. 

it also controls well and the mechanics are thought out and easy to learn. the game did feel underwhelming at some points. i think one reason is because the puzzles were just so easy from what i played. maybe i just prefer slightly harder puzzles(getting softlocked was fun, that was a hard puzzle). there was a part of the game after getting ghost abilty i just killed myself over and over to get through what looked like puzzles. so that part mightve been easy because of that. 

the other reason it felt underwhelming at times was feeling lost.  

my sense  of direction is pretty bad as is but here it seemed to go through a loop of:

solve puzzle>dont know where to go after (the path splits or something) and feeling lost>see puzzle>repeat

i think the feeling of being lost (even if your on the right path) was apparent from the first area where you didnt have a map.  even though your heading towards where you need to, it felt aimless like you might be going somewhere completely different than your supposed to (didnt have enough confidence to stick to the right path)

when things opened up i was tempted to backtrack to see if a screen will now show me if i can do a puzzle but it would still show red. so theres a fair bit of backtrack but the screens were a brilliant idea.  they fit in with the world and seem necessary for puzzles in a metroidvania so your not over thinking something you cant even do

so in a sense they kinda show you where to go but not all puzzles have screens and i guess if there was then slaming them and waiting for them to turn on over and over would get old 

thought the map screen itself was quite good and the big robot that was on it really made me want to see what that was

but this is all just how i felt up to the point i made it up to

this game is very amitious for a month and a really impressive entry.  really nice work!

yup it works

got 49 gems but no idea where the last one was.  maybe an indicator for whether there are any left on a room couldve narrowed it down,

liked the hidden areas, it gives a moment of anticipation

dash felt good

felt the game had the 'peaceful metroidvania' vibe.  the music contributed a lot to that, its a really meditative track. it did feel a bit like a few seperate rooms you play in rather than a connected map 

there wasnt any sounds but i think something like a sound effect for when you pick up a gem or a jingle that plays when uncovering a secret area would feel rewarding when you do find stuff

graphics were really functional, can tell exactly whats what

thx :)

really liked the music.  terrific whistling  skills

sound effects were also great and the game had great atmosphere

it was quite punishing though, couldve used some checkpoints.

alot of blind jumps and getting killed by things that run at you out of nowhere.  resulted in memorising where things are and alot of spaming shoot and reload into the dark while exploring

liked finding the brake, thought that was neet 

also im not sure if the aiming button was necessary to the game? like it might as well have been held down the entire time 

graphics looked pretty good, liked how enemies were animated. really added to the atmosphere

was a fun game with lots of unlocks and stuff to find. 

it was interesting how it gives you the controls for moving left/right after you moved to get the tutorial text lol

felt wall jumping was a bit tricky

music was good but wouldnt get to hear the full track because it restarts everytime you enter a room

nice art style aswell

fell off the side of the map  into infinity in one room

also pressing f6 just crashes the game 

get an error message that says program cant start because libwinpthread-1.dll is missing

thanks! glad you liked it

thanks so much! yeah the difficulty curve is too steep, knew that would be the case when putting the map together the day b4 submitting.

the laser would actually lose charge if you missed (making you position yourself where you wanted to use it) but i didn't go with that for the jam so its easier (also didn't come up with a easy way to teach that mechanic). but good job beating it!  id really like to continue this project (still got to finish my previous mvm game atm)

thanks for playing! I've thought of several ways i could make the controls easier to get used to. the idea was that you linger in the air after dashing so you can reposition yourself for the next dash

really like the concept.  there is a fair bit to memorize initially but after that it does make you think about what element you need and then look around for it

i wish there was a way to re spawn back at check points because missing a jump or touching the wrong thing can take a bit of work to get back how it was

the sprites are simple but pretty effective at letting you know what your abilities are, so those were good

it controls fairly well (jumping maybe a little bit fast).  not sure why i'm not able to dash near the ground or unable to jump off some floors

Really like how this handles (im sure the controls have improved since earls sandwich)

any obstacles you add are likely to be fun as a result

the music choices and poem/story were good to

Really like how this handles (im sure the controls have improved since earls sandwich)

any obstacles you add are likely to be fun as a result

the music choices and poem/story were good to

thanks for playing!

 I found the controls a bit difficult to get used to.

that'll get addressed one way or another, i needed a chance to test it on more people. 

chrome, might be an outdated version

could also move back over your body to re spawn

pretty fun game 

looks great and plays well to

really liked the animations and sounds, made things feel polished

enemy attacks are fast and can sometimes feel unpredictable

just spammed attack against the second boss since it was difficult to figure out and that's what worked

also i got a bug where there are giant black squares covering enemies when i went underground and they move around like they're patrolling (guess an enemy sprite didn't load in for whatever reason)

ghost mechanic is creative and the music was great

i  like how effortless it feels to learn the mechanics

didn't initially realise that i got the dash.  it could have forced me to use it soon after picking it up

falling back down when entering a screen from the bottom is common

liked how the dark circle closes on you and various other animations that make it feel polished

always end up running from your body just to re spawn when i think there could have been a button for that.  also sometimes die again on spikes from mashing the jump button

kinda only had nitpicks, the game felt quite polished and was fun

game looks good for the most part

having a white outline around some stuff (enemies) clashed with the other art a bit

liked the main characters sprites/animations and the bow is satisfying to fire

had some issues playing it:

turning around causes you to get stuck walls which can be annoying when trying to be precise like when in between to tiles

had to restart because is became really slow after unpleasing (i noticed this kept happening when i was in the same room for awhile)

can get stuck in your own arrow by shooting where your standing

sometimes get stuck for a moment on the ledges of tiles your trying to get onto

would also just sometimes jump and go straight through platforms also when falling as well

red platforms feel like they take awhile to reappear 

also there are long stretches of just walking with not much else (maybe its the slow down that made it feel like its taking awhile)

its a good start

the parallax scrolling is kinda in reverse.   like it should move slower if its in the background, not faster

this one's really good

combat was great and there's so much content

liked that the traps are always differently set up each room to keep it from going stale

liked the boss to

maybe the hit boxes could have been more generous

and a sound effect when picking up the knifes would've been good

overall fun game

i dig the premise and the musics nice (the loop is a bit short though)

there is a lot of walk/swimming around with nothing happening and a lot of it is aimless

the options menu didn't open or work

nice little game

i liked the music and the visuals to

the character disappeared on the screen change going right after the last boss so i exited and started again to finish the game