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Submitted by Barney (@_Barney25) — 6 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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I loved this a lot, the art is amazing!

level 1 was like ok, thats fine. 

level 2 was like...oh...age...LETS GOOOO!


Some helpful tips moving forward:

- Never compare your game to another, it takes away the originality feel, own your game, even if it is inspired by papers, please.

- Your page is underwhelming. Put the how to play there as well as in the game. Fill that area with something, you spent too much time on the game to present it like that. Also I would change the colors of the page to match the game, make it feel cohesive. 

- Make keyboard controls for the buttons, could be Z for Green, X for Red, something to allow players to play much quicker.

- The age should be shown at all times, cutting off visibility of height to see the age is not very fun.


An interesting approach to the theme. Maybe you could add a few more days and more things to check.


neat little game fit the theme well


Very fun idea, this game's got a fun charm to it. The days could've been a bit longer, especially towards the end, and the checking of age would've been nicer as a pop-up or always visible. Also some goofy music was dearly missed. Enjoyed this one!


This is a really cool game! I can see the inspiration from Papers Please but it's a really good spin off!


Very cute art. The rules are difficult to keep stright and makes it a challenge. Would be nice with some amusement park audio or kids complaining. I enjoyed it a lot, thanks for sharing!


This is incredibly fun, I love how simple it is yet it gets pretty difficult to remember everything haha. Would have love to seen some sort of minimum score in order to go to next level beyond just strikes. But with the time given I really enjoyed, great work on the different art as well!


Cute :) I liked the faces and and the idea is perfect for the theme!


This is creative! I ran into instances of getting strikes when I shouldn't have though, and the lack of audio is disappointing. The use of the theme is fantastic however! Nice one!


Ye, I'm dissapointed I couldn't get any audio in either, seems to be a common denominator with alot of my jam games. As for the strikes, it's something I didn't notice when I was testing the game earlier on the development, but popped up nearer the end with little time for me to try and fix it. 


Yeah, I understand, finding something out 5 minutes before or even 5 minutes AFTER you have to submit it can be tough.


This is a really fun idea, I'd personally like to build this out further. You know, you're a bored teen doing a summer job at a funfair, who uncovers a sinister plot, possibly conducted by 8 year olds standing on each other's shoulders in trenchcoats so they can ride the rides....Just an idea.


It's simple but fits theme very well and it's quite enjoyable.