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Introduce yourself thread!

A topic by Clickteam created Jun 01, 2016 Views: 476 Replies: 12
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Kisguri from Clickteam here. Thanks for coming by and joining the contest. Use this thread to introduce yourself. I'll start. I am a indie developer since 2000 and been working for clickteam since 2006. I have developed titles for PC, iOS, Steam, Web and Android. Currently working on a iOS title called Fading Suns Noble Armada, finishing my Steam early access title Bit Odyssey and converting my game Quadle to Xbox One!

Your turn!


Thanks for the Hello @Intertrash!

I'm Dave C! From Australia

Longtime user of Clickteam products, big fan of the software because development is so rapid.. this fact has never been more evident to me than when I started working on my entry to this competition. I've spent about ~15 hours on it and it looks and feels like something that might have taken 3 months in another engine.

Hey all, my name is Shabadage. Been a user of the clickteam products for over 15 years! Joining this Jam as I haven't joined any of the ones we have had around our community. It's a great way to break up a large project. I have spent more time with the clickteam products over the years than any other program, even if you're not making something for release to the public, it's great fun!


Hey DaveC and hello Shabadage, look forward to seeing awesome from you guys!

Hello... I'm a completely new user to Clickteam Fusion 2.5! It's kind of intimidating entering a competition with such experienced users but I guess I'll give it a go. So far I really like the software! I'll be submitting my project before I leave for vacation.

Hi all, my name is Chris Perry from the Seattle area - been a long time user of various klik products over the years, basically starting back in 1995 when I was 12 with Klik & Play. I think I've owned almost every subsequent product since, currently using MMF 2.5 Dev. My last releases were something like 14 years ago, Astro Man and Super Gravity Balls. Look a long hiatus from game dev and started picking it up again off and on over the last 6-7 years and now am back in it at least a few hours a week. Wife and kids prevent it from becoming an obsessive hobby :) I'm currently working on Retroflect (solo) and Below Horizon (with a friend), and jumped in on this jam since I've never done one before. Looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with!



Hello zenvision and Chris P !

Hi I'm Andy from Australia, I'm also known as aenever, I'm totally obsessed with Fusion Products and have been ever since I got my hands on KliK N Play. Boy has gaming changed since then. I've entered the game 'Pitch Invaders', it took me two days straight. I'm a Primary Teacher, so I don't get a great deal deal of time for game making but when I do I love every moment, it's very challenging and such a creative outlet. However, I would say an even greater passion is to inspire my students to become empowered coders and create their own games. This competition is an awesome platform to encourage new talent. I can't wait to see the creative games that will be posted.


Hey aenever!


Thx so much for all,your comment. It was so difficult to make this with my new twins babies girls crying on my side...

I will expand this game on smartphone with zoom effect. I thinking about it.

Thx again :)


Hi, I'm James M - From New Zealand (The middle of nowhere!)
I first learned how to make games in 2010 by learning The Games Factory 2 in a holiday course called Bubbledome, and since then have been self-teaching it as I go. After 6 years I have still not officially released a game, but am looking forward to improving my current submission into something worth buying! This is also my first game jam ever, after many attempts to do a Ludum Dare but backing out each time due to its strict 48hr rule conflicting with commitments; thankfully this game jam was more forgiving with the time allowed. As a hobby I teach and host my own game development club at my High School, showing students the ropes to making games through Clickteam Fusion, and encouraged them all to participate in this Game Jam! I am currently looking if any of them did any submissions and have found one so far. If any of our submissions win the [xbox] prize we are planning on dedicating it and its export module to the game dev club itself for everyone to use. I have played some amazing submissions by the rest of you and am wanting to get through all of em!


Hello Colonel!

Welcome Breadatarian! Look forward to more creations from you sir!

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Hi! I'm Zly.
I'm from Belarussia.
Just a hobbyst since from 2011-12, was trying a 3D animating, but I change from 3D to 2D(Still learning it).

Trying to be CG-artist but badly(Just because I have another hobbys).
Learning C++ language.
1 year game developer: started from MMF2 to CTF2.5 (I'm self-taught and I really don't like standard movements in CTF). Trying to help people with stuff, but I'm actually lazy in it :P (Was trying to make litle tutorials, but I delete them)
Half pro in I wanna games and Open hexagon, I can in fast rotating levels ^_^.
I don't know what to say more about me... Just a guy who for fun start being game developer. (Like to make some geometrical stuff in CTF ^_^)
I'm love coffee, my mom says I'm good at making them.
And for all this year I didnt make anything special for people, like my animations and games.

Bad english sometimes ^_^



Hey, my name's Ronald.

I'm from the Netherlands(though I don't like our language that much :P). Ever since I was small playing on my Nintendo 64 and Gamecube I've always dreamed of making my own games. I kinda let that dream slide because there's so much to creating a game and some of it just seemed way too complicated to me and just overall not fun. You see, I'm a visual kinda guy. I like being creative without being limited so much by my coding abilities. So after having tried out many engines, I ended up falling in love with this one <3. It suits me so well and I'm very excited to bring ya'll some games in the future :>

Eventually Developer version hype



Look forward to seeing your creations!