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I sent my info a long time ago thrice so do I need to do it again or am I good?

Also congrats to the winners! Twas a fun lil contest c:

I sent in another mail. Did you guys get it? My E-mail is rdvvstheworld@gmail.com

I filled in the form but I didn't recieve a response yet.

Hey, my name's Ronald.

I'm from the Netherlands(though I don't like our language that much :P). Ever since I was small playing on my Nintendo 64 and Gamecube I've always dreamed of making my own games. I kinda let that dream slide because there's so much to creating a game and some of it just seemed way too complicated to me and just overall not fun. You see, I'm a visual kinda guy. I like being creative without being limited so much by my coding abilities. So after having tried out many engines, I ended up falling in love with this one <3. It suits me so well and I'm very excited to bring ya'll some games in the future :>

Eventually Developer version hype


Thank you so much! Updated the submission page :)


I've sent the MFA to you :)

Lemme know if you got it or if I messed up somewhere.

Sure! Where could I privately send it to you guys?
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That didn't seem to have made any difference. I think I was already using the most up-to-date version.

Works fine when I play it in Clickteam Fusion. It's on here where I'm having trouble.

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So I made a game for the game jam and I wanna submit it but it doesn't seem to load the second frame and I have no idea why. Sometimes it only loads the music and sometimes it just doesn't load the level at all. I'm very confused if it's a server thing or something that I need to fix in the project itself.

Very occasionally it does load... I have no idea what to do. I'm very dissappointed as I worked on this a lot the past 10 days and not being able to submit it would be quite sad.

Anyone got any advice?

Edit: found this

No idea what it means