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Yeah, this one just didn't have the time to bake.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to understand how to even play this game. I could not do anything. Please give some guideance before I rate.

the theme immediately sparked something. Source will be released in the Clickstore upon completion of the 2day jam

if only you guys were closer, I'd come down from Reno

Weirder Stuff community · Created a new topic I'm in

Lets do this. Gained much experience with my last Jam. Looking to step it up here.

And CTs scores perfectly evened out the list I think. Great job to everyone!

good to hear!

Can't wait to see the final results!

So my jam entry is completely open source. You can grab it from the clickstore

WARNING: Contains Cybear Demon butt cleavage.

Dave, I'm looking forward to your submission! Are you the same DaveC that won one of the TDC competitions with the Ninja Metroidvania-ish game years and years ago?

Hey all, my name is Shabadage. Been a user of the clickteam products for over 15 years! Joining this Jam as I haven't joined any of the ones we have had around our community. It's a great way to break up a large project. I have spent more time with the clickteam products over the years than any other program, even if you're not making something for release to the public, it's great fun!