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Man Of The SouthView game page

Group of friends must save a child
Submitted by TuomoL (@GamesTuomo) — 6 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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Cool little dungeon crawler. The town is cute and simple. This is a nice amalgamation of systems, especially for a game jam game.

Note: I played the drive version with the fixes.


The battler art is beautiful (it felt criminal to kill the cute monsters) and the sound design was equally exquisite. This was a fun little adventure!


The unique battlers are definitely the most striking (and good) part of this project. I also have a deep love for combining all of Yanfly's skill plugins, especially skill levels and skill learning. It's really satisfying to unlock new skills over time, and level them up via use.

Encounter rate was still way, way too high. It should be half or less for a game jam like this. For projects that appear to be slices of other projects, I highly recommend removing certain high level skills, equipment, or other things that probably won't be attainable. They will just clutter up the menus and give an impression of a longer game. Lowering the amount of skill uses per level would also make sense for a jam game, otherwise skills will reach level 1, and thats it. That's not super satisfying.

Unfortunately, that save glitch got to me right before the final boss, but hopefully I can judge fairly. If I have time I'll revisit.


Yes, I can't upload the updated version since the voting has started.

You can download the fix here

You also can run from each battle, your escape ratio is 100% so all battles aside the boss are optional. But you should fight at least to level up once or the battle against boss will be tough.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Seconding Nowis-337's comments, the sprites were super cool! Alas, the save file deleting on game shutdown had me playing 2/3 of the game twice (and turning off fullscreen again). My bad for not reading through the recent comments before starting :)

I'd also say great job on creating such a complex system of skills, items, and even crafting in just 5 days. The maps were fairly sparse, but the deeper complexity of the actor advancement mechanics, and the cool battles, more than made up for it.

Edit: another positive note I forgot to add, I appreciated you including the Quantum Leap spell, it was highly convenient.


Did you use slot 1? Slot 1 is autosave.  

Thanks a bunch, I'm glad that you liked it.


I believe I saved in Slot 1 and Slot 2 both my first time through, then I had to step away for a bit so I closed it out.

When I fired it back up both were empty. At what point does it auto-save?

Not a huge deal, it's a short enough quest that it can definitely be completed in a single session, I just got pulled away. I had fun the second time through too, so no worries.

Developer (2 edits)

Okay, that definettly shouldn't happen. I'll see what caused it to do that.

I'm glad that you liked the game.

EDIT: I fixed it, but I can't upload the fixed version since the gamejam is going on.

Here's the fixed game link


Nice looking battle sprites! A shame that default Therese and Lucius must not have been available. I'm not sure why the save file doesn't 'retain' after closing the game. Was hoping to grind more later to see those higher tier skills!


Did you use slot 1? Because that's auto save slot and that is emptied.


I did save in slot 1 so that could be it.

Developer (1 edit)

I found the culpript for it, but I can't sadly upload a fixed version since the voting period has started.

Here's the fixed game link for the time being until voting has ended.


Decent game, with nice sprites, although it completely lost the feel of the MV standard troupe. Therese, Marsha, and Lucius were replaced with other actors from the roster; which is kinda disappointing. Also, the inability to use my mouse and the inability to rebind keys was also a major turn off for me. 

Developer (1 edit)

I disable the mouse usage since it usually just causes more problems than its worth. It's such a simple, short game that I didn't think that key rebind would even matter.

Glad that it lost the standard trope feeling then, since creativity was one of the categories. :P


Those battle sprite are so cute 

they remind me of 100% orange juice

P.S. The game is too easy and this game jam is not hosted by drifty so it didnt have to be so

tho I only played for 30 min so mb I'm wrong and its get harder later 


The boss is somewhat challenging.


Sorry can't get it to work. Got an error message


Okay, i got it to work. It was an awesome looking game. The battle sprites looked awesome!! The random encounters were a bit much, but the boss battle was fun. Great job for 5 days of work.

Developer (2 edits)

What do you mean too much? Like they were too frequent? I can change that easily still if that's the case. 

I'm glad to hear that you liked the game.

EDIT: I've uploaded a new build of the game, this one has smaller encounter rate. Thanks from your feedback!!