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The whale boss you can just blow up by putting the bombs along the edge of the bathtub. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Cool, done!

Oh cool! Nice work! I'll add a link to this in the description for those who want to try it out.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing :D!

Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks Starmage!

Thanks for playing and the video!

Thanks for playing!

I'll have a look into it.

After adding a new option to the relevant category, but for in the "process ok" section SceneManager.push(Scene_InputConfig) and it should open to the config menu. You'll have to fiddle around with the other parameters to change what text is displayed for the option etc

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for letting me know! It should be fixed in the latest update.


This game is shrouded in mystery and will always make the player wonder "what is hidden here?". Who knows, maybe we'll see Kyle stream this again one day to unravel its secrets :P

Very thematic for Solveig's power with the gossip-sharing mechanic. Loved the unique design for Solveig with her hair being her dress. Nice work!

I like the interpretation of DSD as the good guy (but still a little shady). Nice job for the programmer putting the game together! The foamy bath scenes were great. That Dark Kitty Mew theme was amazing!

Great concept of Big George varying in sizes based on his cotton. My 3D platforming skills only let me reach the kitchen level, but from the 2 levels I played, I thought the level design was well put together with all the paths and routes for Big George to explore.

It might be an issue with my computer, but the game for me sadly gets stuck on a godot game engine screen on launch T_T (while epic music is playing). 

I thought I'll still leave a comment because the PS1 era graphic style looks great, the music is amazing, and I really liked the design of the boss fights watching it on stream!

Interesting to leran how weaving works!

It was fun zipping around with the tape grappling hook! The room is well designed too with many nooks and crannies to explore. Loved the design of DSD.

Damn you Big George for ruining the formation of my army of bears every time! It was fun slowly upgrading my abilities to eventually overcome my annoying friends.

Very impressive to see a baseball game made for the jam. Having my baseball knowledge originating 100% from just watching the marble betting streams, this looks mechanically very good! Now just need to beg DSD to give me some anime powers so I can win...

What a cute little game! Really impressed with the character sprites. Could really tell who they are even when working with limited pixels.

Great music and character redesigns! Cool unique abilities and win conditions for each character too that puts a spin on this dancing card chess.

Despite having place holders, this is a neat concept for a rhythm game. Thanks for sharing what you've made! 

Loved all the hidden secrets around the map encouraging a little exploring!

I had a lot of fun smacking monsters while wearing a frog on my head. Beautiful art, great music and polished combat. Well done!

DSD sure does look sharp in his suit and tie! Love the design of Georg's friend, was not expecting the twist of the ending!

Fun to play through as every character to see their cool combos and awesome ending videos! Loved the creepy crawling Solveig!

Haven't quite worked out how to progress, going to try again later. I like the idea of having to discover how to make friends within the day.  Maybe there could be some time sensitive things I have yet to discover? That room sure is foamy though!

Loved the character models. Almost got jump-scared by Solveig under the stairs! Quite a large mansion to explore, finding the secret basement with DSD's shop was my favourite part.

Loved the different ghost puzzle mechanics! Damn I feel bad for Big George. I'll have to come back and try to find DSD later!

Loved the unique take on the characters. This version of DSD was definitely very creepy! Nice easter eggs in his shop from previous jams.  I really liked the design of the forest level, crawling through that floor hatch. Nice work!

Love the art style and fun card battle system! Even though I lost to Mary, I'm glad I replaced her with my new friend, Foamy Frank.

Loved the echolocation mechanic! Terrifying to be in the dark hearing the creature roaming around. I hope DSD enjoyed those donuts I collected.

The Primeval Mask fights (if it was not somehow broken) requires some baiting of Primeval Mask's attacks to make a fire source.  Thanks for playing though!

Cool boost mechanic and DSD boss fight I'm glad I got a really really high score.

I liked how the abilities are introduced in each level. Doing trick jumps through water with Big George's lighter to the relaxing sound of guitar was great!