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Ah thanks for letting me know.! The easy fix is if you are using Visustella Core Engine, they do fix controller issue properly. I sorta had a guess and made a fix in my controller rebind plugin, I'll have to update this one and add something similar for this one too.

Wow looks great!

Similar to the visustella guide, you can add it into the options from the options core parameters. Most important is the symbol name "limitFlash" - then all I added was my own name and description and left the rest of the options as default:

Thanks for letting me know, I've updated it and it should be fixed now :)

Thanks for spending the time judging and streaming our entries Hawk!

Thanks for judging and feedback Drifty!

Thanks for playing and judging, Bg!

Thanks for playing! Definitely would be nice to design more maps to explore rather than the current "straight line" to the bosses haha. Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks for playing, KV!

Cool concept of exploring a post-apocalyptic world with a bit of mystery of what happened to all the humans. Great work on all the amazing custom art! Loved the scene where the bird gets snatched! I think the other comments have covered well the issues with the controls.

Nice work!

Neat little adventure game with a cool space garbage truck. Not really sure what was happening in the plot at the start, but it was fun to blow up stuff with bombs and collect the remains with a funny 'trash' voice. Contact damage with enemies is a little wonky as it rapidly damages you consecutively. Maybe a little invincibility frame to let the player a chance to run away.

Nice work!

Interesting roguelike concept of choosing between randomised encounters. I do like how the simplfied looting / dropping  equipment/skills system work. Cool system that could go a long way refined and polished!

I love the plot that is presented that gives a sense of mystery of what exactly they are experimenting in the lab. The mapping for the lab is quite well done along with a nice touch of the decontamination area.

I think most of the other comments ave mentioned about controls of the puzzles. One thing I found it hard to see in the phoenix puzzle was seeing where the empty square actually was since everyhthing was just black and white.

The battles had a cool QTE mechanics that kept me on my toes. I was hoping to see some grotesque failed experimental bird creatures in the basement! I couldn't get past the glitch king boss, maybe my character was too underlevelled.

A little rough in some aspects due to time constraints, but overall good job!

Thanks for playing! Woops I must have left menu access toggle somewhere there, thanks for pointing it out haha.

Nice use of metroidvania-esque items to progress the game. Battles I found challenging at first, but easily managed once I forked out my gold to get the right accessories.

Cool short game!

Cool concept of making a shooting game with rpg maker! Would be cool if there is some sort of gun shot effect when you click similar to those arcade shooting games to give the player more feedback of shooting a gun. Othewise, good job!

A very polished retro-styled RPG! I got up to defeating the harpy sisters at the top of the elevator, but seems like there is still a lot more content left.  I thought the skill tree system is really well done and offers some nice customisation to the party. 

The 8-bit art style is really well used too.  Would have loved to hear some 8-bit music and sound effects to push this style even more. 

Excellent entry!

Nice to see all the custom art. I liked the implementation of the soul grid system. I was glad to find those hidden chests with powerful soul gems :D. The battles are fairly easy and straight foward. I think this is a fairly solid entry. Good work!

Amazing opening with an intriging survival-death-game-esque plot. That pile of body really sold the creepy vibe! Interesting mechanic that each character has their unique item and ability to use.  Would love to see the combat fleshed out more in the future!

I see we are returning colour to the world rather than draining the life out of everything in that other game :P Really cool effect to see the circle expand rejuvenating the land. Nice to see you working on plugins doing all these cool stuff Drag!

Very polished entry showcasing the cool systems I assume is part of the the main game. I played around with the talent learning system which seems to work well.  The battles are straight forward enough once you find the enemie's weaknesses. Cool entry!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! The charge attack definitely ended up being more of a gimmick as attack spam is more damage-efficient. Glad you managed to embrace the power of Harold's spark haha!

Loved the cinematic introduction driving past the fields and the tense walk down the stairs. The strength of this entry is definitely the writing  - to the point that the RPG battle feels a little tacked on at the end to me.

Very intriging plot so far!

Thanks for playing and the feedback, Human!

Thanks for playing!

Neat DnD battle system! I managed to get into the town and managed to kill the winged vampire.  The RNG in combat do make some fights feel like they drag on a bit when enemies and I are constantly missing each others and zombies that keep refusing to die.

Otherwise, really cool what you have made so far :D!

Great art! A penguin is definitely the superior mode of fast travel. I think you've already addressed the main points  below in terms of combat / tutorial / telegraphing attacks etc.

Otherwise, good job!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Nice zelda-esque dungeon! Loved the pixel art and aesthetics. I managed to fumble through and progress past the bugs the others have mentioned and got to the end. My one suggestion is to differentiate floors and walls better in some areas. There were a few block pushing rooms where the floor and walls are both light colored and hard to tell apart. Otherwise, nice work!

I enjoyed the concept of recruiting and collecting enemies to join your party. The enemy designs were really well done! Some of the mechanics too some trial and error to work out. I'm not 100% what the soul experience section means (I kept devouring more monsters hoping it will level me up further). The battles are quite challenging too!

Thanks for the review, hiddenone! Sucking in the buildings and houses hmmm... now that will truly spiral out of control haha.

Thanks for playing, those zelda chickens are truly terrifying when they gang up on you!

Thank you for playing! Haha yeah it is definitely a very trope-y fantasy RPG plot :P

Thank you, glad you liked it!


I'm preoccupied in other projects at this stage, so not in the near future. It is on my wish list to do a set of just more regular enemies. So maybe on day!

Loved the cave-painting-ish art style! I found it a little hard to see in the dark dungeon maps with the screen noise effect. Otherwise, good job!

Some of the puzzles are quite well done. I especially liked the one with the flaming arrows and vines. The last puzzle area was definitely more challenging with spikes, floor tiles and arrows shooting at you. Shotguns should be a standard issue for all RPG characters facing God.

Loved the concept of having different abilites based on how dead you are.  The prison map levels I thought are really well designed and I quite enjoyed working out how to progress. Art and presentation are excellent too!