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I just want to add, that I would play a full game of this quality. Keep up the good work Zyphli.

I randomly played this game because of the funny looking 3D Harold, and wasn't expecting the game to be this good.

Everything is well put together, the pre-rendered sprites and assets gave a nostalgic Dink Smallwood/CRPG vibe to it. Combat is simplistic and well paced, more than I'd expect from a jam game. Most of all, the writing holds it all together, as it kept me interested, and chuckling all the way through.

Figured out the meta. Extended day bonus = useless. Get 2x coin bonus, run into guards, dupe money, and profit.

First try. The first few-several deaths I was adjusting the zoom. Fun short little game.

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Haha, I jumped into the upper right. Did I win?

I don't even like platformers, but I was compelled to finish this game after completing the first level. I'm impressed with how long this game is.

The music is really good, I especially like the first level track, and I liked the theme variations on the later levels.

The music/mood remind me a bit of Vagante too.

Haha, nice. The reaction I was hoping for :D

Good work Vintage! These certainly look like 3 day made assets, I'm guessing you did them yourself? They look great.

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Cool! Well keep it up! All it is, is just playtesting and development until you feel like it's "complete" to you, whatever that might mean.

Hmm, aside from the basic polishing, increasing difficulty over time, up to a hard but fair/sustainable speed would be good. Some of the obstacles feel a little too close together so the spacing could probably be tweaked a bit too.

You plan on working on this more beyond the jam?

Thanks Taylor! For sure! Appreciate the kind words haha!

Thanks psl012! Art practice and learning how to paint helps a lot :D

And yes, the kids are currently too crazy for ice cream. Will have to rebalance somehow but still keeping a hectic feeling.

Cool concept, this type of view feels relatively unique. Lot of potential here.

Peeked at your collection page, and I had to try this haha. Would be nice if dying didn't make you restart from the very beginning though. I like playing recklessly.

Feels great though, simple but awesome controls and concept.

Perspective on this is great, and the feeling of speed is really nice. I keep holding down W even though it doesn't do anything haha.

This game is freaking awesome, probably one of the more unique jam entries, and bluntly faithful to the theme. Some of these orders are ridiculous haha. 

It'd be awesome if you plan to update this, some audio would add a lot of value to what's already there.

Haha I getcha. That's probably the best thing about jams, is getting more experience with those crunches and improving your future scoping. Keep it up!

No screenshot, lazy file name, barely any info. I wasn't expecting anything from this game, but it's actually pretty fun and hilarious haha.

I liked the kid sound effects, the fast moving controls/dodging, and the shooting/knocking of kids into the air.

Noticed a bug where sometimes I'd freeze for no reason and stop moving forward.

Anyway good work!

I second itsohclay. I really liked the feeling initially of getting every single customer while dodging stuff, would've been nice if accuracy was rewarded. Aside from that, this played really well, the controls/movement/shooting feel pretty good. Only crappy thing is clicking outside the game, but probably not much you can do about that. I appreciate the effort put into making it browser playable.

Not very ice cream truck-y, but that was pretty fun, that last penguin's physics were amusing :D

This is pretty sweet, nice little mindless runner, the visuals are awesome. 

Would've been nice if the customers didn't spawn so close to the bombs at time, it took a while to realize I should just focus on the bombs first because I can sell to customers as long as we're on the same horizontal point.

This is one of those jam games where it's more fun to not do the objective. Things I liked:

  • Pedestrians pushing my ice cream truck when I'm in their way
  • The time I ran over the pedestrian and they flew into the sky
  • When I ran over that other guy and it dented the tire
  • Trying to drive into the water and failing
  • The repair shop which reminds me of GTA

Sweet little voxel game. The high speed driving feels really nice. Are the reversal controls backwards though? I haven't played racing games in a long time but it feels like A+S and A+D are reversed. Also, the space bar slow motion is really nice touch, but it would've be nice if there was a button to flip the car back up/restart when I tip over.

Thanks Miguel! 

Difficulty is the first thing to address, but until I tweak it, I pretty much just spam ice cream sandwiches and hope I can last for a while XD

Thanks SulkingCrow! Yes, it gets kind of nuts at the end haha.

Haha yes, going to tweak that for sure, but I do like how funny that looks. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for playing!

Yes, unfortunately I couldn't get the game window to focus properly consistently. If I can't figure it out, might just have both web and downloadable version after some minor tweaks.

Lots of gameplay tweaks for sure, adjust the kid difficulty, maybe add some variety, make the cone more useful etc. Probably won't be adding additional levels though. Appreciate the detailed feedback, and thanks for playing, itsohclay!

Thanks Shareshift! Haha yes, I only had one iteration to tweak mechanics before the submission, but I agree. The gameplay in general needs a lot of work.

This is one of the more solid RM games I've played, not just as a Jam game, but as a game in general. I liked a lot of things about it.

  • I like that dialogue is concise and to the point.
  • Interface is nice, also good font choice and usage of said font.
  • Really good use of resolution size and RTP.
  • Tool system is sweet, you must've put a lot of effort into it.
  • The whole farming thing as a whole is pretty cool. Would be even better if it was more streamlined (less messages, smoother/faster farming)
  • Atmosphere of the overworld is really nice. Chrono Trigger vibes from the peaceful music, sprite size, and no encounters.
  • The random little interactive events are a nice touch.

Dialogue near the end is almost a little too terse, but as a demo jam entry I'm sure it'll improve over time. Look forward to seeing more.

Ooooh a comment! Thanks for playing Mark! Glad you enjoyed it haha :D

Yeah. That's new to me for sure. I really like that concept. Full TP/More % TP being like a power up mode.

That game is pretty sweet haha. It deserves more points for the Harold category, but can't give more than 5.

Blemishes huh? There is some lazy mapping going on, but I think that gives it a nice meme feeling, for what is kind of a meme jam to begin with haha. I actually kinda liked that. The only thing I noticed was a little off, was the sparkles for the random stat ups wouldn't always show up/show up inconsistently. But I just got around that by inspecting buncha objects, plus I still beat the dragon even if I missed some, so I kinda forgot about that until you mention blemishes just now haha.

Haha, is that right? It feels like you reviewed it enough times to make sure it felt natural at least. That or you just nailed it the first couple times. Some of the things I recall and liked about the ending:

  • It wasn't so long that you needed too much sprite movement, there was just enough.
  • The dialogue was short and sweet. Good balance of serious and silly.
  • I like how they call each other "Ultimate A/B/C", that was a moment in itself for me. 
    • This is where I feel like there's potential for more stories/alternate dimension stuff
  • The overlay animation of Harold just has so much going on you don't need anything else to distract the eyes haha.

And in general, I feel like if I don't notice anything off about mood/movement/timing, then those were likely well done too. Maybe I was having too much fun laughing too and didn't notice glaring flaws, who knows haha.

I gotta say, I was initially turned off by the caps lock, but this ended up becoming one of the funniest entries, turned kinda epic at the end. 

Really like the production quality for the ending too. Reminds me of some old RM joke game that actually became three whole games. What was originally lazy RM devving became pretty epic alternate reality lore haha.

Also, I died when Lucius went "Nooo." XD

You misspelled Perfect Ending as Bad Ending 4.

Cool little dungeon crawler. The town is cute and simple. This is a nice amalgamation of systems, especially for a game jam game.

Note: I played the drive version with the fixes.

This was fun! Had just enough time to finish everything (I think I finished everything) and beat the dragon on first try. Reminds me of similar timed sequences in FF6.

  • Really like the simplified combat UI system.
  • James/Jessie = Pokemon reference? Haha.
  • Even though it's an unpolished map, I really like the little beach shore area for some reason.

The bars on the HP bar are a very nice touch. The overall presentation is quite nice in combat, the simple UI tweaks make for a very clean modern composition.

Though it's just a short jam game, FYI couple minor bugs. Retrying first battle, the screen stays red until I win. Retrying a random battle after that, it stays red until I leave the house.