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Played up to Kraken then got killed. Some additional comments.

  • When targetting with a skill, cancelling brings me back to the arcane/bushido/menu instead of the menu I was already in.
  • Is there any benefit of killing enemies on the map other than avoiding an encounter?
  • F5 restarts the game, is this intentional or is it leftover debug?
  • Can you guard/pass using a soul summon?
  • Got the quest for collecting souls for Grandma Akja before talking to her, so I was confsued who Grandma Akja was.
  • Sinful Heartwave doesn't have targeting, so I used it by accident when I wanted to check if it was single/multi target. After a while I notice most multi target abilities were like this. Some sort of indicator would be nice, instead of trying to remember which ones are multi-target.
  • Is Lucifer's buff supposed to reduce only physical damage? Hikari Glow does 300x2 damage, whether he has the buff or not.
  • I didn't notice Luna Aura had a quicktime event until fighting the Kraken. Some sort of indicator/prompt would be helpful.
  • I got killed by the Kraken and the game just kind of froze after I hear glass breaking.

The writing is a little too tropey for me at times, and the personalities of Angel + Lucifer seem inconsistent. That said, the game play is my very enjoyable. I'm mostly playing for the atmosphere and the combat. So far still really good!

Yeah I really like the battle system this way. It reminds me of Saga games, it makes them more engaging for sure.

I do like the concept of text pauses, and everyone probably has different preference depending on comprehension speed. I don't mind having to spam OK to make it move. The main thing is sometimes I'm not sure how many times I have to hit OK because I'm not sure exactly how that works, but that's really not a big deal anyway.

As for the size, if your game is actually 400 MB that's cool. It's just a bit of a pet peeve when I see RPG maker demos that are 300+MB because the developer didn't bother to take out the default RTP assets they weren't using.

And thanks for the hints, I thought I re-explored but I didn't re-check all the objects. I definitely want to progress further. 

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I'm stuck trying to find the mirror shards!

That said, the game is quite interesting so far, and I like the pacing. The combat is fun too! Nice and simple, 2-3 turns per battle, and you can die in 2-3 turns if you underestimate those eyeballs.

First impressions:
- Story so far is interesting, I want to keep playing to know what happens. That being said, the writing feels like it could use some polish and be improved, but it's not bad by any means.
- The game is beautiful. I love the mood, the music, it's great
- The camera for the action sequences sometimes make it difficult to appreciate the action as a whole.
- I like that the dialogue is brief, but don't necessarily like the amount of text pausing. I find myself spamming "Enter" a lot, because I want to read everything, but I also want it to go faster. I can't use the fast forward key to do this, because it closes the dialogue on observation texts.
- Also, when spamming OK during messages, the fast forward key is really "sticky" when I try to use it after.
- The battle fanfare feels out of place. It seems too happy and joyous
- The room transition (heart shape) looks like it's only 2-3 frames. Is that normal?
- Also I have to ask because I've seen this before, and it bugs me, is 400mb the size of your game with only its assets, or did you include the MV RTP in the file?
- You may want to consider indicating the quality of the english on the game page so that people know what to expect going in. I was ready to send you tons of screenshots of spelling/grammatical errors until I decided to search in the Discord first to see if you had said anything about it previously. That's when I read that you intended to have a proof reader for the final version and was like oh okay.

That said, the vast majority of these comments are pretty minor observations. Overall, it's really good for an alpha version, and I haven't encountered any bugs yet.

Thanks for the review Jupiter! Super cool that you did this for a random unknown game in the masses of itch haha.

Super cool concept for a puzzle plat former, and hilarious concept.

Loving the art, concept, the death scream. In the middle of writing this, I realized you start with meat, I thought you had to collect it first. That certainly makes things easier. 

That said, the not so intuitive controls wouldn't be as much an issue if the restart/continue was skippable and/or there were infinite lives. That'd be an awesome feature for those who wanted to git gud at the "bad" controls.

Too easy in its current state, but cute game. Love the button icons! Some technical issues, had a couple crashes, then some weird error on start, but eventually it managed to run. Anti virus kept flagging it too, had to tell it to trust the file. 

It feels like you've put a lot of thought into the level design, it's really engaging. Did you compose the music yourself? I really like the track on the third level so far.