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Ooooh a comment! Thanks for playing Mark! Glad you enjoyed it haha :D

Yeah. That's new to me for sure. I really like that concept. Full TP/More % TP being like a power up mode.

That game is pretty sweet haha. It deserves more points for the Harold category, but can't give more than 5.

Blemishes huh? There is some lazy mapping going on, but I think that gives it a nice meme feeling, for what is kind of a meme jam to begin with haha. I actually kinda liked that. The only thing I noticed was a little off, was the sparkles for the random stat ups wouldn't always show up/show up inconsistently. But I just got around that by inspecting buncha objects, plus I still beat the dragon even if I missed some, so I kinda forgot about that until you mention blemishes just now haha.

Haha, is that right? It feels like you reviewed it enough times to make sure it felt natural at least. That or you just nailed it the first couple times. Some of the things I recall and liked about the ending:

  • It wasn't so long that you needed too much sprite movement, there was just enough.
  • The dialogue was short and sweet. Good balance of serious and silly.
  • I like how they call each other "Ultimate A/B/C", that was a moment in itself for me. 
    • This is where I feel like there's potential for more stories/alternate dimension stuff
  • The overlay animation of Harold just has so much going on you don't need anything else to distract the eyes haha.

And in general, I feel like if I don't notice anything off about mood/movement/timing, then those were likely well done too. Maybe I was having too much fun laughing too and didn't notice glaring flaws, who knows haha.

I gotta say, I was initially turned off by the caps lock, but this ended up becoming one of the funniest entries, turned kinda epic at the end. 

Really like the production quality for the ending too. Reminds me of some old RM joke game that actually became three whole games. What was originally lazy RM devving became pretty epic alternate reality lore haha.

Also, I died when Lucius went "Nooo." XD

You misspelled Perfect Ending as Bad Ending 4.

Cool little dungeon crawler. The town is cute and simple. This is a nice amalgamation of systems, especially for a game jam game.

Note: I played the drive version with the fixes.

This was fun! Had just enough time to finish everything (I think I finished everything) and beat the dragon on first try. Reminds me of similar timed sequences in FF6.

  • Really like the simplified combat UI system.
  • James/Jessie = Pokemon reference? Haha.
  • Even though it's an unpolished map, I really like the little beach shore area for some reason.

The bars on the HP bar are a very nice touch. The overall presentation is quite nice in combat, the simple UI tweaks make for a very clean modern composition.

Though it's just a short jam game, FYI couple minor bugs. Retrying first battle, the screen stays red until I win. Retrying a random battle after that, it stays red until I leave the house.

TLDR: This is awesome. Instant follow.

The presentation of this one is amazing. The plot is great, and each glitch area is very unique and well done.

I finished the game and got and then realized better performance got a better ending haha. Then replaying the game it was even better than the first time.

Everything is very well done. I especially love the enemy battler design, the dialogue, the combat skills. The hilarious first ending I got (think it was the worst one). The title screen launch XD

You've clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this. This is a really solid game even on its own without anything Harold related.

This is also the most Harold-y game I've played so far. The meta in this is sick. I would give you a 6/5 on the Harold rating if I could.

Not much in the way of gameplay, but everything else is very well done. I really appreciate the production as a whole.

Style, color palette, and mapping is top notch. Great music, especially the ending track. Props for taking the effort to removing irrelevant MV elements to your game.

I really like the short simple writing too, get a really good bittersweet nostalgic mood going. Makes me actually care about where Harold is heading off for his retirement, haha.

I played this one twice. Lots of things I liked.

  • Best art. Interface panels are nice too.
  • I like how regular attack is a multi attack.
  • The TP system is sweet, combined with the action sequencing makes combat fun. Thanks for the pro tip.
  • At first guard felt slow, but after realizing how the TP works. it feels like a cool investment/payoff instead.
  • The map music really fits the atmosphere.
  • This is the first jam game I've played so far where I wished the boss monsters had more health.
  • Since Mrsh wanted the sword I gave it to her.
  • The ending line was awesome XD
  • Thrs's 100 TP attack isn't worth it, but it looks cool

This is great haha, I liked a lot of things about this one.

  • Quest indicators
  • Limited map movement so I don't waste time doing needless exploring
  • Really like how Harold starts off as a bumbling fool
  • Despite the Jam quality, you got a good atmosphere and mood going
  • Enjoyed the writing, for the most part wholesome and to the point
  • Lol'ed at Harold being caught in a net
  • Funny ending sequence

The only thing I would've preferred is faster combat, sometimes felt slightly grindy. This isn't uncommon in a jam game, but I only bring it up on this one because I enjoyed playing and wanted to progress the story without several+ turn combat.

Haha, glad you think so AceOfAces! Thanks for the comment :D

Thanks for the comment Kazuki!

Yeah, re: the plot, I put all my energy into the two endings haha. I didn't do a good job at all of explaining Harold's behavior from the start, whether that be exposition/subtext.

Balance could use a lot more work for sure. As I was building it, I kept going hmm, I think this is too easy, and scaled it up more here and there. 

That said, all the comments have been very helpful, I think I have a good idea of how I would tweak things to get a range of difficulty. There's a lot of quality of life stuff I can add without adjusting the current difficulty/number of resources, as well as a good understanding of what it would take to make a normal/hardcore mode kind of deal.

Thanks KV! I really like the semi-transparent tiles, you're the first one to comment on that :D

Also, really appreciate you taking the time to note down your thoughts. I didn't realize you could fight on the boat, not sure how to fix that but that's very good to know.

  • For some reason, I thought itch was either forced fullscreen/no fullscreen option. That's just my inexperience with the platform. I've enabled the fullscreen button now.
  • I added a download option to the post jam version. I didn't realize until after the fact that it's more ideal to have both. Oops.
  • Battle backgrounds weren't a priority, and even though it doesn't take much time to throw something on, I didn't want to pick a random one. I know some people hate that though, so will likely do something about it in a more polished version.
  • Re: difficulty I'm glad you like it! I knew going in, even if it wasn't unfair that it would be polarizing. That said, I only spent a few hours balancing combat, and I know it could be much much better haha
  • I like the boat too, and that you list it as a pro :D
  • On enemy health bars, I did realize in the final hours that it would be very helpful, but it was crunch time and I didn't wanna add a new plugin even though it's a fairly simple one haha. That's definitely a must have
  • Yeah, I straight up just didn't have time to create the animations haha

Appreciate the feedback!

Thanks TuomoL! Good to know, appreciated. FYI if you ever feel like giving it another chance, I have playtested and uploaded the downloadable version on the post jam page at If you don't feel like playing again that's cool too, thanks again for commenting!

Thanks for taking the time to put this together BerryItch, I appreciate the feedback! I especially am grateful you played through to Ending A even though you didn't enjoy it haha. Re: the writing, oops. Harold basically has 4th wall awareness, and I could've done a better job fleshing that out.

I'm glad you liked the puzzles! Running is a very viable option, currently there's no difference in ending if you win/lose the final battle anyway, I should've put that in a game tip somewhere. thanks for the comment, haha. :D

Oooooh. There is supposed to be a window color actually, and the font is usually white. Thanks for the screenshot! That's definitely a bug. Could I trouble you for your OS and browser? I'm also going to upload a downloadable version for the post-jam version at some point. After my other friends got some loading issues I figured I should have both available.

As for the writing, I definitely could've made it more intuitive, and I plan to on the post-jam edition once I have more time. The intent was that Harold is trying to run away from MZ, and is somewhat self aware, so game "story" becomes trivial to him.

Thanks TuomoL!

Ah I see. Are you talking about this part? That should've been a regular tile, and it shouldn't make the character translucent. I'll fix that in the post jam version later.

And no, there is no instruction for the save crystal, I'll add that into one of the game tips somewhere. Thanks!

Hi GraniteHeart! Thanks for playing and for the comment! Where did you notice the walking on walls? If it's not a room passage, it's probably a bug. And yes, I have gotten feedback re: the constant dying, I'm going to want to add a feature that does instant respawn when death is inevitable to speed up the gameplay loop. Re: the save crystal, you just need to use it over top of a save circle rune, there's one on the main floor, and one in the dungeon. Thanks again for the comment!

So I was able to kill the Kraken this time and the game didn't crash! Basically just got to where I was before on the latest version.

Current feedback:

  • It would be helpful to new players to indicate that killing monsters on the map is for avoiding encounters, and has no other benefit.
  • When targetting with a skill, cancelling brings me back to the arcane/bushido/menu instead of the menu I was already in.
  • Sinful Heartwave still missing the multi target indicator (like hikari glow)
  • Soul Strike and Mana Flow say they heal 30/40% mana, but they seem to just heal 30/40.
  • Visual and audio indicator for quicktime events would be a huge QoL enhancement. I still sometimes forget luna aura has quicktime.
  • Are there plans to allow soul summons to guard or pass? It would help when trying to capture other monsters with summons out
  • Lucifer summon default menu choice is always Oversoul
  • Bug: In the torture room, when talking to the walls by the door, I got the text for demon babies, even though there is none

Heyo, sorry it's been a while. I see you've also made a lot of updates since, I'll try out the new version sometime this week and let you know what I think.

As far as what I can recall though, I remember the most tropey feeling conversation was the one between the "heroes" that showed up in the castle. But yeah, I'll play it again and let you know what I think.

Played up to Kraken then got killed. Some additional comments.

  • When targetting with a skill, cancelling brings me back to the arcane/bushido/menu instead of the menu I was already in.
  • Is there any benefit of killing enemies on the map other than avoiding an encounter?
  • F5 restarts the game, is this intentional or is it leftover debug?
  • Can you guard/pass using a soul summon?
  • Got the quest for collecting souls for Grandma Akja before talking to her, so I was confsued who Grandma Akja was.
  • Sinful Heartwave doesn't have targeting, so I used it by accident when I wanted to check if it was single/multi target. After a while I notice most multi target abilities were like this. Some sort of indicator would be nice, instead of trying to remember which ones are multi-target.
  • Is Lucifer's buff supposed to reduce only physical damage? Hikari Glow does 300x2 damage, whether he has the buff or not.
  • I didn't notice Luna Aura had a quicktime event until fighting the Kraken. Some sort of indicator/prompt would be helpful.
  • I got killed by the Kraken and the game just kind of froze after I hear glass breaking.

The writing is a little too tropey for me at times, and the personalities of Angel + Lucifer seem inconsistent. That said, the game play is my very enjoyable. I'm mostly playing for the atmosphere and the combat. So far still really good!

Yeah I really like the battle system this way. It reminds me of Saga games, it makes them more engaging for sure.

I do like the concept of text pauses, and everyone probably has different preference depending on comprehension speed. I don't mind having to spam OK to make it move. The main thing is sometimes I'm not sure how many times I have to hit OK because I'm not sure exactly how that works, but that's really not a big deal anyway.

As for the size, if your game is actually 400 MB that's cool. It's just a bit of a pet peeve when I see RPG maker demos that are 300+MB because the developer didn't bother to take out the default RTP assets they weren't using.

And thanks for the hints, I thought I re-explored but I didn't re-check all the objects. I definitely want to progress further. 

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I'm stuck trying to find the mirror shards!

That said, the game is quite interesting so far, and I like the pacing. The combat is fun too! Nice and simple, 2-3 turns per battle, and you can die in 2-3 turns if you underestimate those eyeballs.

First impressions:
- Story so far is interesting, I want to keep playing to know what happens. That being said, the writing feels like it could use some polish and be improved, but it's not bad by any means.
- The game is beautiful. I love the mood, the music, it's great
- The camera for the action sequences sometimes make it difficult to appreciate the action as a whole.
- I like that the dialogue is brief, but don't necessarily like the amount of text pausing. I find myself spamming "Enter" a lot, because I want to read everything, but I also want it to go faster. I can't use the fast forward key to do this, because it closes the dialogue on observation texts.
- Also, when spamming OK during messages, the fast forward key is really "sticky" when I try to use it after.
- The battle fanfare feels out of place. It seems too happy and joyous
- The room transition (heart shape) looks like it's only 2-3 frames. Is that normal?
- Also I have to ask because I've seen this before, and it bugs me, is 400mb the size of your game with only its assets, or did you include the MV RTP in the file?
- You may want to consider indicating the quality of the english on the game page so that people know what to expect going in. I was ready to send you tons of screenshots of spelling/grammatical errors until I decided to search in the Discord first to see if you had said anything about it previously. That's when I read that you intended to have a proof reader for the final version and was like oh okay.

That said, the vast majority of these comments are pretty minor observations. Overall, it's really good for an alpha version, and I haven't encountered any bugs yet.

Thanks for the review Jupiter! Super cool that you did this for a random unknown game in the masses of itch haha.

Super cool concept for a puzzle plat former, and hilarious concept.

Loving the art, concept, the death scream. In the middle of writing this, I realized you start with meat, I thought you had to collect it first. That certainly makes things easier. 

That said, the not so intuitive controls wouldn't be as much an issue if the restart/continue was skippable and/or there were infinite lives. That'd be an awesome feature for those who wanted to git gud at the "bad" controls.

Too easy in its current state, but cute game. Love the button icons! Some technical issues, had a couple crashes, then some weird error on start, but eventually it managed to run. Anti virus kept flagging it too, had to tell it to trust the file. 

It feels like you've put a lot of thought into the level design, it's really engaging. Did you compose the music yourself? I really like the track on the third level so far.