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lol. We'll check that out. wth

Thank you for playing!! I'm glad this game brings you comfort.

Thanks. I checked it out. I appreciate you playing the game. Glad you liked it. 

Nice. We've been having save issues. The next game is being remade for that reason. I'm glad you liked the game enough to play it twice!!

Thanks!! We have another mystery coming soon. Glad you enjoyed it.

try it now. it works on both computers. if not use the download. itch is glitching it

It works on my one computer but not the other. Jeez hold on, sorry

Hey, try it now. It works. I re-uploaded.

Thanks, I'll work on it in the morning.

Are you on Discord? If so what's ur handle?

Thank you. I re-uploaded. Try the new one, please.

I'm glad. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game. We had a blast making it.

You really got to tap it fast. That one is one of the harder ones. I'm am so happy you are enjoying the story though. I hope this helps.

Word thanks for playing

Thanks for playing. I won't lie, I made this game quickly. 

I got stuck on the Katina part. I couldn't activate the escape pod. I went in every room like 30 times and couldn't figure it out. Overall, not a bad game. I liked the combat, and I also liked you could just heal back up at the crystals. The enemies looked cool too.

For real though, the AS was top notch. You're going out on top. The one where you are on the actual mountain was a work of art. 10/10

The graphics is this game are amazing!!! The story was pretty fun as well. I thought the battle system was really strange and would have rather spam attacked. It was sort of confusing what the best strategy was and a lot of moves didn't feel useful. Just my opinion.

I found this to be too overly complicated. Not my cup of tea.

It was pretty fun, though it got a bit repetitive towards the end. The overall concept was a lot of fun.

Nice Action Sequencing, but I didn't even get to do anything. I just watched.

I liked this one. Simple to play. Fun. Satisfying battles. Good job.

Thank you for playing. Sorry the tap Z thing gave you so much trouble. 

Thanks man, I appreciate you playing the game.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. We had a whole cast of voice actors in this one.

It might be a bug. Maybe it's pulling up the wrong picture. I'll look into it

Did you solve all the cases? Demoted means you failed more than one case.  When you talk to Tibbs at the police station there is a quiz where you need to get all three ones right to get 100% and at least two right to unlock other parts of the game.

I'm really happy you enjoyed the game so much. I had tons of fun making it.  Those dancers worked out well, I'm glad everyone liked em. 
With the VA, I have speech problems so if I talk too fast they come out, so I have to slow it down sometimes or I sound like Sylvester from Looney Tunes. lol

I'm Nova Kane in the discord if you want to ping me for any clues, I don't want to drop spoilers.

Also, there is another game is the same vein with similar play style called "Sheriff Tibbs". No VA though, but pretty fun game.

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you liked the game. I appreciate the feedback.

I love the graphic style, but I was confused a lot while playing. It was hard to know what I could interact with. 

It was pretty cool. I wish there were more visuals in combat, but not too bad little game.

Nah, you offered plenty of help. If you have played a video game you should be able to figure your game out. TBH, you left plenty of clues. 

LOL. Thanks man!! Glad you liked it, and thanks for delving into my library of "games"

Damn man, why you got make my game look bad? LOL. Seriously this game was pretty badass. I didn't light the torches at first because I thought it got darker, but once I did, it was on. I couldn't get past the acid or the archer, but still had fun. Game looks spectacular, and controls really well. I could pretty much figure out what was interactable too, which I was worried about at first. A-1 Job for real.

Interesting premise.  It was fun looking for chests, but the enemy fights didn't really pay off. I think you can make this into a really interesting game if you put a little more time into it after the jam.

I'm struggling with how to do clues. I made games where you had to scour for clues and put them together, and got no good comments, but on the other hand I agree with you 100%. To me, it would be more fun to find the clues and figure out how they work, but getting a player to invest their time in that doesn't always work.

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you like the game. I spent like 4-5 hours making those dancers, and I'm glad everyone likes them.

Sweet!!! Thanks for giving it another try. Sounds like you liked the game and I'm glad.

You want to move before the dragon gets to you.  So if you see him moving down, go all the way up and vice versa. Definitely don't wait for the flames.

I thought of others after the fact. Glad you liked it.

thanks that means a lot

Thanks for playing. Making a mystery is a fine line between not giving away the clues and not making it too hard. I think this one is pretty close.