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Thank you so much. We worked really hard on the game, so we are glad to see you enjoyed it.

Yeah just weave behind objects as you follow. It's not as bad as it seems. 

Yo....your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you. I am glad you liked the game.  We put a lot of work into it so your positive review means a whole lot.

Thank you so much. We are glad you enjoyed it.

Your custom graphics were awesome!! I had a hard time understanding what was going on or where to go next. It alluded to another ending as well, but all I found were dead ends.

Your maps are super nice and I like the idea, but when I went to the Inn it broke the game. 

The game moves very slow on the map? Is that supposed to be a pun on Dungeon "Crawler"? The battle I fought was not bad, but a bit generic. Music was badass though.

I think people are trying to beat it with Dash On. Turn Dash off.

it happens. Don't sweat it

I fought the overseerer and then climbed out of the hole, then there was no where to go. There was a building but I couldn't go inside.

The attack graphics with the guns looks great!!

I like how the game is fast paced. The boss was killing me a lot, but you just got to be faster. Fun game. Great job!!

It just kept saying "Loading". My computer is pretty weak, so it might just be me

I feel bad ranking this game because I didn't get very far. Like most games, you battle animation ran insanely slow on my crappy computer, so battles were dragging too much. Your artwork is beautiful though.

Your game is pretty sweet. I got stuck on level 4. i kept sticking the landing, but would slam into the wall.

Where is the game?

For such a short game, your game was pretty sweet. The jumps were Mario-level accurate. Great job.

We had an issue where that skill was missing. It should be up. I am sorry for the issues

It takes a lot of healing, but it can be done. We reworked it a bit, and it is easier if you wanted to give it a try.

You have three different points of impact that could easily win this competition by themselves, but you mixed them together into a badass AS. If you don't win it's rigged.

Thank you so much!!! We worked really hard on it.

Glad you liked it!!! I appreciate it a lot.

cut the vines

It is a parody of the tootsie pop commercial. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center? 3

IDK where to find that information. I heard of specs, but have no clue what they really are

I gave your game a try, but unfortunately it was very laggy. The movement seemed very slow which made exploration not very fun at all. The maps looked great, but the lag ultimately made me stop. 

Hey, I am stuck trying to mix the chemicals. I know which ones to mix, but it won't let me choose anything.

Thank you so much, Starmage. We worked really hard on the game, and we had lots of fun making it. Glad you had a great time playing it.

Thanks a lot. I had lots of fun making this game.

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it.

First off, thank you for complimenting the battle system. I worked hard keeping it competitive. I use RPG Maker MV. For the animations, some are hand drawn and others I took from the game. I use Gimp to put them on the animation files used in the game, and then just mess with it.

Very addictive. Great game!!

Simple but very fun!!! Great job!!

What do you mean slow? Battles take too long or the animation is slow?

It was a really clever game. I enjoyed it a lot. Great job. 

Your game is great!!! The controls are more responsive than any game I have every played. My only suggestion would be to use a different color for the paper. It blends with the background too much.

Your game is awesome. Lots of fun. I kept beating my high score.