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Thanks for playing. Looks like this one is a surprise hit.

Thank you for playing the game, glad you liked it!!

I went in there. Maybe I didn't look hard enough inside.

I scoured the whole map and couldn't find that chicken anywhere

Thanks a lot!!!

Art work and battle sprites were amazing. Battles were okay, not much too them. The game overall was pretty damn fun though the map was a tad big.

Pretty nice. It was a lot more fun than I thought. I got some pretty low scores on a few playthroughs, I guess I missed a lot.


Sorry for all the replies. If you want to try it again, I reduced the number of cars. there is an issue where if the cop hits you once you crash. I tested it 5x in a row and it didn't happen, but it did happen on my first two tries before that.

I took out half the cars. It should make it much easier. I'll repost in a bit.

Okay, I was having trouble last time I played that too. I'll work on fixing that. Thanks for the feedback.

I loved the 3d mazes and that duck sprite was gold. the battles were okay, I had to do -80 damage to kill the last guy. Pretty cool game. great job.

Nice solid game. Not too daunting or too easy. Good balance

That opening quote is both cool and a sweet pun. Love it. Okay, the game was pretty badass. It needs a save. I got kinda wrecked in the last battle cause my healer died and I was out of money. Pretty sweet game though. I love those archers and the AoE girl. They would thin that herd right away.

The map for the hometown looks pretty awesome. The game was pretty short though.

You can play again and try to do better. Did you get caught tailing?

Thanks man.  I appreciate it. 

Thank you so much. 
Didn't make him look like drifty on purpose. I saw something on YouTube that said people in the wild west almost always had facial hair, so I gave them facial hair. lol.

No, you need to find a clue. Use the C button to help you locate it.

I won't lie to you, there hasn't been ONE tower defense game I have been good at. They are all a mystery to me. 

I could not make heads or tails of this game. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do anything. Sorry I couldn't offer more feedback.

This game handled really well, but no enemies fought back. It got kind of old quick. 

Pretty good game. Fun and creative.

Thank you for playing. We appreciate the feedback.

Much better. i was getting lit up by some of those cats. Much more  enjoyable, nothing to. hard to overcome.

No I can get an idea of what you are saying. Thank you.

Thank you for all the feedback. I drew pretty much all the overworld sprites. Which ones looked bad? You already complimented other tiles I drew, so don't worry about hurting my feelings. I'm just curious.

I had a lot of trouble with the game. It was difficult to run and shoot. Also once I got hit, I got swarmed and could aim in time. It may just be me but I found the difficulty way too steep, and couldn't enjoy the game as much as I hoped to.

Once you fall into the eye, it hard to make a comeback. I wasn't sure what I was doing either. I broke a lot of triangles, but was sure what the goal was. It looked really nice though.

Yo....This game was really good!!! It looked and felt great. I died once and then was able to beat the boss. I have a few issues

Using WASD was really tough when you needed to make quick decisions.
You need a pause button. 

Other than that, fantastic job!!! You've gotten the highest marks from me so far. 

The tutorial was fun as hell. The actual game was insanely hard, but also fun. Really good job. I like the original concept.

That makes me feel better. i thought I just sucked. lol

I just kept killing everything and it never stopped.

The game was simple enough, but I kept repeating the same level, and the enemies didn't seem to ever attack.

I have no clue how to play this game. I kept dying over and over

Nice little game that was fun. Controls were pretty good. I don't know if I would call it a shoot-em up. More like a platformer with projectiles.

The game was well made, but it was difficult to play on a computer. I had issues dodging and shooting, so I quickly died. I also had no clue what the cards did. I just picked the three they gave me.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback. We appreciate it all.

Incredible job!! this game was very fun. I love the mix-up of stages. Great challenge. 

This game was super fun. I wasn't doing very well on it, but the music was cool and the gameplay was simple to understand and perform. Great job.