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Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! RPG Maker heroes have a knack for getting themselves stuck in walls, don’t they? 😉

Awesome, thanks Michael! I did try to make it repalyable, so I'm glad that point came through.

Thanks for playing, Human, and great suggestions! I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. 🙂

Thanks for the second look and critical insight. I’ll keep working on trying to find ways to elicit those feelings that make horror “horror.”

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing, and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!

There is no time limit on the game, so you have all the time in the world to read the text - assuming you stop clicking when the text appears. I’ll consider other approaches to making the tutorial text obvious but not intrusive.

Yeah, it’s definitely not your average RPG Maker game! 😃 Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback, Wrath! Glad you enjoyed it overall.

Awesome cinematic intro. More RPG Maker games need intros like this. I hope this becomes a complete experience some day.

Things I liked:

  • Clear instructions for what to do next
  • The story is one that keeps me guessing and wondering what’s really going on 

Things I didn’t like:

  • Time resets make sense at first - MC dies, then repeats until they figure out how to avoid it - but later the resets don’t follow this pattern and it’s not clear why a reset occurs
  • Talking to everyone in the room is a simple enough, but the dialog is so bland that it just seems like padding more than giving insight into the characters or advancing the story
  • Grammar issues make it hard to follow the story
  • A scene late in the game fails to fade in, so I couldn’t get to the ending

This seems like a good foundation for a story-based game; it just needs some further refinement to really shine.

Things I liked:

  • Cute sprite art
  • Clever battle system concept where you can choose to kill enemies or end the battle in a “wholesome” way
  • Good music

Things I didn’t like:

  • Bust art isn’t as cute as the sprites
  • Grammar issues made it hard to enjoy the story

Overall a cute game with a cool concept.

This was truly a delight to play. While not *quite* as crazy as last year's Buffet Knight, I still had a lot of fun rampaging through the various stages. I am also impressed with how you managed to make ABS reasonably fun in RM. Having 2 endings that are fairly easy to obtain is just the cherry on top. 

Well done, Nowis!

My thoughts while playing the game.

+ = I liked it

- = I didn't like it

* = Neutral/suggestion


+ Beautiful title screen. I love how the background is animated and the options are arranged nicely.

+ Lovely art, as always

+ No text; the story is told entirely in pictures. Fascinating.

+ The battles are even a simple "Simon Says" game. Creative!

+ You don't kill enemies; you transform them into "good" creatures. Cool!

+ Huh, so the battle commands can be literally any combination of keys on the keyboard, whether they're directions, numbers, etc.
 + Later discovered it's limited to just arrows and 1-4, which makes it manageable

+ No on-map movement and no text makes this a very VISUAL novel. I still think it's cool.

+ In fact, no on-map movement means the plot keeps moving instead of having to figure out where to go and potentially getting stuck or confused.

- This looks like a stage select screen, but pressing a number key doesn't seem to do anything, and pressing the arrows didn't seem to do anything either. How do I navigate it?
 + At least you did add menu tooltips that indicate how to open the menu so I can save the game and adjust audio options if I wanted.

+ I noticed that the battle backgrounds scroll. That's pretty cool. Especially since they aren't too distracting. I guess they make up for the fact that the battlers are static; it adds motion that would otherwise be missing.
 + Also, they're not TOO busy, so they don't distract from the action that I'm trying to see and pay attention to.

* I see 2 icons at the bottom center of the battle UI; what do they mean?

+ Oh NOW I can choose a different stage with the number keys

* The game is so linear and I can't tell what the advantage of doing the stages in a different order would be, so I don't see the point in having the stage select.

- The last boss seems to be hard for the wrong reasons

  • Much longer than the other enemies, requiring I remember for a short time a random sequences of arrows and numbers
  • Getting even 1 wrong character means I take damage; nothing mitigates it
  • There's no decision making involved or strategy, making the process kinda monotonous, especially when retrying
  • There's no way to replay the prompt, so if I wasn't paying attention then I get to just eat damage
  •  There appears to be a revive mechanic if I lose, but it gets thrown at me suddenly so it took me off guard and I failed

+ Cool little epilogue at the end

+ I haven't remarked much on it, but the music fits the mood of the game well



This is a simple game with some creative mechanical concepts and beautiful art. The final battle served to highlight the problems with the system, but overall I think this is an impressive entry. Nice job, Berry!

You’re welcome! Thanks for playing. 😃

What I like:

+ Characters have clear personalities and serve the story

+ Clear, beautiful not-default art

+ The battle system has some strategic depth to it


- Battles are unforgiving 

- Story takes up so much time that there isn’t much time to see the combat


It’s difficult to deliver a jam game that provides a complete RPG experience, and this game is just shy of hitting the mark. With a game this story-focused it might have been better to have gone with a shorter, simpler battle system (though still have some strategy involved) or shorten the story bits down to showcase the battles more.

All that said, it is impressive how much original art is present in the game - I know that side view battle sprites alone are very time consuming to make, so the fact that virtually everything, including the battlers, are custom is commendable.

I also enjoyed the story. The characters feel real and even the good characters have clear flaws to overcome without being unlikable. There also is a lot of mystery built up during the story, which has me interested in seeing the whole story some day. Note: I didn’t play the game to the end so I don’t know if it gets wrapped up in this game or not.

Overall, a noteworthy entry. Good job!

Thanks for the detailed feedback, Indrah! Certainly some things to consider there.


+ = I liked it
- = I didn't like it


+ High-quality choice of art

+ Cool idea with creating parties for each battle

- Execution of that idea is kinda meh: lots of trial and error

The battle concept would be better if there were more hints about how to prepare for them ahead of time. Having to go through the battle with the Scanner, die, then try for real (and possibly die again because there was a twist you didn't anticipate or you still didn't bring the exactly right team) is pretty annoying. It's otherwise a cool idea worthy of further refinement. Creative entry, Filthy Peasants!


+ = I liked it
- = I didn't like it


+ Beautiful art & animations

+ I enjoyed the story

- Awkward movement mechanics

Solid presentation. I bet the movement would feel better in an engine better suited to this style of gameplay. Nice job!

My thoughts while playing the game.

+ = I liked it

- = I didn't like it

* = Neutral/suggestion


+ Nice bold, readable font

+ Pleasant music for the title screen

+ Purple background instead of black for the intro exposition. It's a nice little touch.

+ Big, bold pictures.

+ I love how you're introducing the mechanics up-front.

* Aww, but I don't want to buy that item! It's so low-value!

+ Heh, the polishing minigame is like a clicker game with arrow keys. It's a clever idea.

+ It's cool that you got the characters and buildings to display in such large proportions
 - It makes moving around the town kinda hard though since I can's see as far as I'm used to. If feels just a little too limited.

+ 8-direction movement sprites!
 * Are they entirely necessary? Maybe not, but they're a cool feature all the same.

+ MZ characters in Caz style!

+ I appreciate that the people have self-switches so I don't have to go through a long string of dialog on a second interaction.

+ There aren't too many people to talk to either - keeps things from going on too long.

+ The weeding minigame is a delight.

* That's uh...a funny pose for the ritual! The way the pixels work out it looks like she has one eye half open!

+ Ahaha it's that kind of situation, eh?
 * Though I have to wonder: are there different endings? If not, then why did I do any of the things I did along the way...?

- Aww, I wanted to see what happened afterward!

+ Oh cool, a new game+ feature!
 * I have absolutely no time for it.



This game is beautifully illustrated and I'm impressed by the zoom-in that's maintained throughout the game. The game loop is a fairly straightforward one with a minigame or two off the main path. I also caught hints of other gameplay elements that may have been planned and scrapped as I wandered around the town. There's a heartfelt story with a bit of mystery that managed to fool me at the end.

My biggest concern is over the ending: did my actions have any effect on the ending? It's not clear if there are multiple endings and I'm not sure if there's a point in playing the NG+ mode. If my performance during the game didn't make any difference it kinda detracts from the experience.

It's otherwise a well-put together game with some unique mechanics and a good story. Nice entry, Caz!

+ = I like it

- = I don't like it


+ Cool busts on the battle status HUD

+ Non-linear progression is cool

- The story premise is interesting but the execution suffers from slideshow syndrome

- Battles lack depth and only serve to pad out play time

I got the familiars ending.

My thoughts while playing the game.

+ = I liked it

- = I didn't like it

* = Neutral/suggestion


+ Lovely title screen, dramatic music

+ Cute intro, I love the sprite work

* Symbol text. Is that deliberate?
 + If it is deliberate, it makes sense - why would a cat understand human language?
 * Animals talk to each other without issue, so I guess it is deliberate?
 * I've gotten further into the game and I'm pretty sure it's deliberate

- I'm not sure how much control you have over this, but the lighting is flickering a bit on my screen and it's a little annoying.

+ Beautiful HUD art

- Hey, I can get hit by the cactus just by walking next to it? That doesn't seem fair.

- I have no idea what to do now. I see these "SP" charges but I haven't been told how to use them.

 - So I have to go under the cactus where my character is obscured by the trees to progress? That's kinda mean.

- I'm suddenly presented with a QTE bar with no instruction on how it works. I intuited how to use it, but consider telling the player what to expect just in case they don't.

- I stepped on some red flowers and died from that? Is it the red flowers and not the yellow-flowered cacti that do damage?

* There's an area that has 4 jump spots right next to each other. The rightmost side has nothing in it.
 - First off, it's pretty annoying to have to wait for one QTE bar to progress, jump, then have to do another QTE immediately after in order to progress. What's the point of that?
 - Furthermore, why an empty space? I just wasted (a tiny bit of) my time!

* Some QTEs are slow, others are fast. Interesting that the variety is there, but it would have been cooler if there was some tie-in to skill or difficulty of the task.
 * Upon further experience, it seems the QTEs slow down if you miss one. I guess that's good.

+ I have choices for progressing over the water. Cool.
 - Oooooor maybe not! I hate false choices!

* Oh, now that I can see more clearly, it is indeed the red flowers that do damage, and the SP icons are lives.

+ The choice of tiles for the forest are beautiful
 - I just wish they didn't obscure my vision so much

- Menu heath display doesn't align with the on-map health display. Makes it hard to judge whether or not to use purr.
 - Now that I think about it, isn't purr just basically committing suicide? You lose a life to fully restore health - basically the same effect as dying.

+ I do appreciate that the cat emits a soft glow so you can kinda tell where you are even when obscured by the trees.

- Did I just get hurt by a flame that I couldn't see coming?

+ Interesting house. Seems going in one way can end up looping back into the same room.

- I seem to be stuck in a repeating room with no clues as to how to get out.
 * I managed to get out of it

- I'm not really liking this repeating room thing. It seems like the only way to get through it is to check every interactable object in the room, take damage from something, then press a button (or unpress it) and proceed.

 - What do these buttons even do? I guess I need to press them to proceed but then I open a door and get hurt!

- The first witch avoiding part seems to suffer from "read the dev's mind" syndrome too. I'm first presented with a left or right directional choice, but don't know why I should press one or the other. I can't even tell if I chose the right direction, but I was able to proceed to the next room...
 + Which I found to make more sense. I avoided the witch and was able to proceed.

- Tile passability errors exist in the capture room. I can walk on shelves (not that it is exactly unrealistic for a cat).

- The fog maze doesn't seem to do a good job of indicating where I can and cannot move, so I just randomly move until I find my way out.

+ I'm glad you have the lantern confirm that I am making progress. I'm a little leery after the crazy room puzzles.

* I guess I get an ending based on how I did in the game, but it's not clear what the criteria are.



I'm glad to see you branch out from your household chores-styled game for a different game type, but there are a number of things here that make the experience confusing and frustrating. Most of it comes down to not telling the player ahead of time how the game works and what to expect.

It is nice to see a game that isn't a turn-based JRPG, so I hope you keep taking risks and learn how to further refine your skills and expand your game making repertoire!

Thank you so much for the video, feedback like this is so valuable! I left my full thoughts on the video’s comments.

🙂You're welcome. Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it!

I am, in fact, considering continuing this project. I'll be sure to let you know if it ends up happening. 🙂

There originally were indicators under each character showing their power progress, but I took it out because I felt it was redundant and it made some players think they were clickable elements. I'll think about how to bring it back to the HUD while avoiding confusion when planning the future iteration.

Thanks for the feedback!

My thoughts while playing the game.

+ = I liked it

- = I didn't like it

* = Neutral/suggestion


+ Cool title screen. I love the menu arrangement and design. I also love that there's animation going on.

+ I love the art! Even the character text box portrait gets a lot of love with those colored backgrounds accentuating the emotions.

+ You overcame an issue I'm seeing in a lot of the games in this jam: telling the player how things work and what to do

+ Oh that's a cool custom menu!

- There seems to be a few stray pixels along the lower side  of your window skin. Just a minor issue though.

+ I'm digging the atmospheric soundtrack

- I'm not sure what I'm looking for when I use the life reservoir detector. I know I'm looking for auras and I know that I need fuel, but what does that look like?
 * I think I figured it out

+ I love the big glowing border around the interactive elements.

- It's kinda weird that you can bring up the menu while viewing the save/options menu. Dunno if it matters but I typically use Z and X keys.

- I put down the sign board and couldn't bring up my objects menu for a while. I thought I might have been soft locked, but I moved around a bit and eventually was able to bring it up.
 * I discovered I had to bring up the save/options menu to get unstuck

- I'm not sure where to place the box
 * I eventually figured it out

+ Cool posters

- I got stuck here. The controls no longer respond despite idle animations playing. I have to reload.
 * I discovered the issue was due to the box being behind my character, so a movement sequence wasn't able to play out properly.

- It's possible to put the box in the flooded room in a place where you can't get it back. Oops.
 + Fortunately the room resets if you reenter

+ Is there randomness in the layout of the wire puzzle? It's a pretty simple puzzle, but cool if it's randomly generated.

- Minor spelling error: "This feels...actually good." Has an extra L.

* It's been over an hour and I've gotten to a point where I'm not sure what to do next, so I'm going to stop.



This is a charming game with lively characters and excellent art. It's reminiscent of point-and-click games (it's very similar to another game I've seen, "Moop"), and while you did a pretty good job of avoiding the pitfalls of "what do I do now" and moon logic, there still were moments where I had to just randomly try something because the next step wasn't obvious. There's a pretty good variety of puzzles that aren't terribly difficult and keep things interesting.

The story is a major point of this game, and it does a good job of showing and evoking feelings while maintaining an air of mystery. We know enough about the character to get invested and get motivated to do the next task, but there's also these hints about things not being what they seem. Very cool.

Overall, I'm impressed with this game. Well done!

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!


Thanks for the feedback, Human. I’m thrilled that this game has impressed you so much! 🙂

Thanks for the feedback, Knightly. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback.

😀Awesome, glad you enjoyed the game so much!

That MP bug is probably for the best because otherwise the Demon King is nearly impossible to defeat - I have yet to defeat it in my test runs, and I know all the tricks! 😅

This is a clever little virtual pet game made with MV3D.

My highlights:

+ Simple box area makes it hard to get lost

+ Game loop is pretty simple too

+ Interesting change of mechanics on the end game that reminds me of Buffet Knight

+ Harold


- Lots of waiting around makes for a kinda boring experience

- I'm still not 100% on how the main loop works - I guess you fill up your kaiju multiple times until it evolves? Is there a reason to use foods other than the one you just received that round?

- While the end game is fairly straightforward, the lack of tutorial didn't sit well with me. I think I did it right but it would have been nice to know what I was actually supposed to be doing.

All in all it's another Wrath of Wood classic that breaks the RM mold and features MV3D. A little rough around the edges, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Thanks for playing this game so much and the advice you gave earlier!

My thoughts while playing the game.

+ = I liked it

- = I didn't like it

* = Neutral/suggestion


+ Nice big, readable font

* Sprite style is not default, but not sure I like it.

- The choice of confirm SE is throwing me off. You're using what is normally "cancel."

* Not sure if I should be exploring or heading out of the cave.

+ First impression of the encounter system is that it may be direction-based. Cool little touch if so.
  + On-map encounters are good too. I have some measure of control over the battles I get into.

* No tutorial about what any of my skills do, so it's trial-and-error time!

- I almost died on my first encounter.
  + But it looks like escape rate is 100%
  * Enemies disappear if you escape. A good thing in my case, but I can see this being exploitable.

- I could really go for a full heal location
  * I did find a spirit essence location. Not quite as good, but it will do.

+ Oh, so there's an item shop outside the cave
  - I wish that had been clear from the beginning

+ The water is the full heal location!
  - I wish that had been mentioned at the beginning
  - Nothing really ties it to the story - you just get a "you are rejuvenated" message

* Enemies respawn upon reentry; maybe even when you go outside a certain range

+ I get to choose what happens to a spirit after I defeat an enemy
  - Why am I choosing one or another? What is the benefit/drawback?

+ Stella is cute
  * Gonna give you the benefit of the doubt but I'm currently not sure what this is all about

* I just noticed that there are no energy resources like MP or TP; instead, there are cooldowns

+ Oh wow, if one of your minions dies, it's permadead! That makes for some interesting strategy & tense situations
  - Again, I had no idea this was a thing until I experienced it

+ Minion nicknames are cute

+ Battle BGM is a bop

+ I like that there are HP bars for the enemies

 * Not sure if I like the choice of colors and lack of outline - it makes them a little hard to see against the backgrounds. I still could see them, though.

* I just barely managed to destroy a statue and released a frog. O...K....?

* Apparently the frog is just as confused as I am

+ Frog sprite looks good though
  - Minor thing: I can see a little bit of stray pixels when the frog is moving left

- I have 0 Karma. How do I get Karma?

* Took on a statue that I wasn't prepared enough for. At least there doesn't seem to be a penalty for dying!

- It's a small thing, but having the power up animation play on all party members means it can get pretty loud when there are 3 or more party members. Probably would have been better to have it be a single animation that targets the center of the screen.

* Oh, releasing a spirit into the Aether gives Karma.

- I used stealth but an enemy ran into me anyway

+ I must say, I do like the low numbers. Makes it easier to understand what's going on in battle.

+ Took down another statue. Cool house building animation!

- The large doors don't stay open while Gerard walks through them. Looks weird.

+ I may not be terribly into the main character's overworld walk sprite, the battler images are growing on me.

- There seems to be oddly large impassible spaces on some tiles

- Not sure what the point of having a shop with the exact same items on the other side of the river is.

 * Oh, I see, it's so you don't have to go to the other side of the map. It's OK I guess?

- The lack of sound when opening a door is kinda disappointing. It's minor, but I keep running into it.

- The bird got in my way when crossing the bridge. Consider using region restrictions to prevent players from getting stuck.

+ The introduction of Frost Moss is the way every concept of the game should have been introduced: An in-universe explanation of what it does along with the mechanics of how to obtain it ("come see me if you use the one you have").

+ I like how you used a carpet tile to indicate a door along a wall.

- I'm starting to get a bit fatigued by all the statue destroying. I think this is too long.

+ Hey, it's the Looker! Looks good.

- The overlapping HP bars looks a little sloppy and hard to read.

- Selecting the eyes goes in the opposite order of what I would expect

* And it's over



It seems that in your efforts to avoid the info dumps that so many RM games fall prey to you instead went too far in the opposite direction. I may not need to know the full history of the gods and their politics and yada yada yada, but I need to know the rules of the game and why my character is doing what he is doing.

It's otherwise an OK game, if a bit repetitive. There are a good variety of enemy types, skills, and even some cool mechanical ideas like the devour/recruit/release system.

I'm glad you made this entry and hope you keep improving.

You're welcome! One of my favorite things about jams is receiving feedback to learn how to do even better in the future, so I'm glad you found my level of detail helpful. I know I complained a lot in my feedback, but I really did have a good time with your game. 🙂

I wonder why MP carries over from level to level. It’s not supposed to do that, but on the other hand it’s good that it does or the Demon King would behave been virtually impossible to defeat!

Anyway, glad you enjoyed my game again. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

My thoughts while playing the game.

+ = I liked it
- = I didn't like it
* = Neutral/suggestion


+ Custom cursor looks slick.

+ I've seen some of the art on Discord already, but it's just as lovely to look at again.

+ I like how you made the pictures move around on the intro to the title screen.

- Auto-advancing text makes it hard to read the story
      * To be fair, I  did set the text speed to maximum, but it's still generally an unwise practice to feature auto-advancing text because you don't know how fast your audience will read.
      - Showing your player "when you see this icon it means click to advance the text" then auto-advancing the text confuses the message

+ I'm liking the tutorial so far. You're describing all the tools slowly in detail and the first puzzle is not timed.

- I wish there was a sound when I clicked an object. Those little bits of feedback are helpful.
     * Animations and changing the color of found objects would also help

* Not sure why I would want to hide the object tray at this point.

- I restarted and slowed down the text speed because I couldn't read the text. Too much auto-advance!

+ I want to point out how lovely the font is. It's fancy but readable.

+ Even the window skin looks beautiful. I rarely see this level of visual quality in a RM game.

* There's an awful lot of empty space in the middle of the text boxes. Is that intentional? It seems like some text goes to a new line needlessly.

* I can see why I would want to hide the tool tray now. Some objects can be covered by it. That said, perhaps in the future you could design around the tool tray always being visible?

- You were doing great introducing each new element as it appeared but then suddenly there's a QTE with no warning? To be fair, it's not hard and I remember you talking about it on Discord, but you should have said something in the game since it pretty dramatically departs from the game loop that has been established thus far.

+ Oh cool, there's a bonus ending!

* This one is challenging.

- Why a save prompt just before "the end?"



While it's not flawlessly executed, there is much to appreciate about this game. The visuals are so customized and the game loop is so vastly different from a top-down turn-based RPG that I occasionally forgot that this was made in RPG Maker. The puzzles are challenging to complete and the story is portrayed well. No on-map player movement keeps the game on track and focused, while having the cutscenes acted out gives the story substance and impact. There are some rough edges on the user experience front, particularly with information presentation and feedback - I really did not like the auto-advancing text, and the lack of feedback when clicking items made the experience feel a little hollow.

I like that you took a risk and stepped outside of the traditional RM game types, and I think overall you succeeded. With a little more polish, I could see this being a whole series of games. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback, Retro! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

😃 Awesome, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by again.