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What a heartfelt game!

The art is impressive - custom stuff through and through, used well to tell the story. Same goes for the sound effects.

While the gameplay is mostly just going from story point to story point a la walking simulator, I appreciated having the mine cart puzzles to keep things interesting. I also liked that when I messed up and fell down a hole I was instantly restarted back at the beginning of the area, and not have to load a save. Maybe not terribly challenging or deep, but appropriate for what you were going for.

The game didn't feel like it overstayed its welcome, either. Just enough length to feel like the story was told without too many shortcuts, and still not feeling like it was dragging or trying to pad itself out.

While this isn't the type of thing I'd normally play nor would I enjoy it for long, I respect the effort it took to craft this experience and liked what I saw. Well done!

I'm mixed on this game.

First, some positives:

  • Terrific art, as always!
  • Enemies telegraph blows so you know what's coming
    • Additionally, there's (usually) a pretty generous timing window for perfect blocks
      • Hawk's timings feel unfair. Even after I figured out he was messing with the count, I started getting double-attacked.
  • Spot-on music and sound effects.
  • It's not too long and doesn't have much in the way of filler content.

Now for some criticisms:

  • Nothing was noticeably different between the "attack" and "defend" phases to me
  • I'm not sure how I feel about the story. Dark themes (parents & friends getting eaten) followed by light themes (namely jokes) gave me mood whiplash. Plus, Hawk somehow ending up friends with Red was...a choice, I guess.
  • The pacing of the battles is wonky. To me, it seems we start with a medium-difficulty battle (that Hawk was a real damage sponge), then we get an easy battle against a group, followed by a monster-hard final battle.
    • The thing that made the final battle extra-hard was the changes in Hawk's patterns - we went from even-paced countdowns to uneven counts and double attacks. I died SO MANY TIMES here!
    • Not a criticism, but I appreciated that we only have to see the "bad end" "cutscene" once, then it loops back to the final battle until you win.

I normally advocate for shorter, more polished jam entries, but I think this is a case in which drawing out the content more would have made for a better presentation. I can see the potential in what was being conveyed here, but it just didn't have enough time to get fully developed from the player's perspective.

Criticisms aside, I respect you working to break the mold and enjoyed the experience overall. The game has  long-term project potential, with the side benefit of the length probably addressing the biggest criticisms.

This game is super cute and works pretty well overall. I love how the murder mystery was set up. The bullet hell parts are impressive for being in RM, but I have to wonder: why? The play style is at odds with the overall feeling of the game, which would be fine as an optional side thing but feels weird as a required element. Also, minor quibbles about the grammar but I still understood everything.

Overall, impressive work!

Yay, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was indeed a lot of work, but between premade assets, a ton of tutorials, and a little help from my friends when I got stuck, it was actually quite manageable. 😃

Thanks again for playing and giving feedback. 🙂

I’m honored to be the first!
Unreal games look great, but they really demand a lot from the computer to make it happen. Just one of those trade offs!

Shooting the gun is left click. I did try to shoehorn in instructions for that at the beginning of the game but a voice queue would have been better. I would have done that but I ran out of time. 😞

Sorry about the lighting - I tried to keep it from being too dark but I’m still working on fine-tuning those skills. And thanks for the compliment on the voice acting, that means a lot coming from you. 🙂

Thanks for the feedback, and I’m glad you enjoyed what you saw!

🤩 Yay, I’m glad you liked it! Yes, that was me voice acting with a touch of effects to pitch my voice down a little. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

I donated!

😎 Awesome, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks again for playing!

Glad to hear it finally worked!

Sorry to hear that happened. RPG Maker on the web can be kinda temperamental. Did you try reloading? Sometimes it takes a couple of tries before it cooperates.

It’s his game jam, so why not a game starring him? 😁 

Awww, you're too kind! I'm glad to hear that the grind wasn't too much. Thanks for playing, Human!

😄 Talented, indeed! Thanks for playing my silly little game, Human.

Hey Human! Glad you checked out our game and enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback, too.

Sorry you couldn't play the game yourself, but thank goodness Hawk streamed them all! I'm glad you liked what you saw.

This game is impressive, and my favorite in this jam. The art, music, and writing are all very well done, and the game mechanics are easy to understand while still being challenging. I also appreciate that endings based on your performance were included - it makes me feel like my actions mattered.

I find myself hard-pressed to offer any criticism here. Great job, you two!

Things I liked:

  • Beautiful custom art
  • The story
  • Battle UI looks nice

Things I didn't like:

  • Stealth mechanic didn't feel meaningful
  • Battle-related mechanics need A LOT more explanation
  • The VN-related options at the bottom of most message windows

It's a nice start to a game and the polish in the visuals and audio shows, but there are some mechanical things that could be stronger. A fine entry overall.

Things I liked:

  • Custom art
  • Tons of humor
  • Doing something unconventional with RM

Things I didn't like:

  • Toothless minions - they never pose a real threat
  • Boss attack/movement design needs work (instant kills for some patterns, others take too long to kill)
  • Clunky mechanics because RM doesn't do games of this style well

Overall, a fun, silly romp, and it's easy to see why this game has garnered the attention it has. It would work better in an engine more suited to this style of play, though.

I liked the investigation system, multiple endings, and custom art. I just wish the endings had more meat to them.

Wow, this was a lot! While it is a bit much for a jam game, I am impressed by how much you managed to cram into this game in just a month. It's all pretty well polished, too. I respect the multiple endings, it makes the game that much more interesting.

I enjoyed this game so thoroughly that I played all the way to the end (I got the "business partners" ending) despite it going well over the time limit. Nice entry!

I'm a terrible person. Bye, Richard! I went straight for the final "gift," and, well...

I could see this being a cute game with more development. As it is now, it's pretty barebones and gets boring fast. Nice start, and I hope you get a chance to flesh this idea out later, whether it's in this or another project.

Not two; three! 😛 My other-other entry is Exorcism HZ! The first two games of the stream were Bloodline & Exorcism HZ, so if you didn’t see them then you must have arrived late.

I’m so glad you liked our game so much! We really went all-out for it. We did try to make the health display constantly, but that part of the framework really did not want to cooperate with us. As for the damage events, you can dodge them, you just have to either have good positioning or move out of the way in time.

As for someone recording it, well, guess who streamed the game last night? 😛 I’m sure the VOD is right around the corner.

Thanks again for playing the game and leaving feedback!

I agree that the final battle is too much and needs some adjusting. I'm glad you were able to get that far, though! You'll probably like my other entries better. Thanks for playing and giving feedback!

I didn't think I would like this game, but actually it's one of my favorites from the jam!

Things I liked:

  • Directions are pretty clear and I didn't get stuck too much
  • Definitely a horror setting
  • Puzzles do a good job of walking the line between challenging but not impossible
  • Art is used pretty well and the map layouts are easy to navigate
  • Satisfying ending

Things I did not like:

  • While the game on the whole did pretty well guiding me, there was one point near the end when I was trying to figure out how to get past the ghosts in the maze where I did get a bit stuck and almost gave up
  • Grammar is pretty rough
  • Some maps are a bit too large; it takes a fair bit of time to get through them even when running
  • It's not necessary to display the lantern text after the first time, and after you have cleared one of the gates (like getting the lantern or getting past a ghost) it's not necessary to have more of the same obstacle in the player's way.

Criticisms aside, this was a pretty well put-together entry. I am impressed.

I couldn't figure out where to go and what to do. I did watch Hawk's stream before playing, but I didn't pay close enough attention and only got as far as getting the king's crown. The library wasn't any help, either. Sorry!

Things I liked about this game:

  • Music and sprites are dark and horror-ific
  • Enemy pathing feels fair (when you can see them, that is)
  • Simple game, simple controls
  • Generous jump

Things I didn't like:

  • I can't tell where I'm supposed to go, so I just fumble around until I find an exit
  • Exit points for the first few levels are not clearly marked
  • The perspective makes it really easy to run into enemies because I couldn't see them before they were right in front of me
  • I'm not sure how this game relates to the theme. Sure, cats have been labeled "evil," but how does that tie to Satan or Satanism? Like, I know some historical context, but that's not really stated in the game clearly.

You’re welcome! 😄 I’m glad you enjoyed this silly little game!

I love your side view enemy battlers, so thanks for making them, and I'm glad you liked how I used them!

Also, thank you for the feedback. It's all helping me learn to be a better game designer.

Yup, that's right!

By the way, thanks for playing my game and enjoying it enough to check out the growth chart!

What doesn't make sense about it? All of the evolutions after the 3rd are multiples of 30, and there is another evolution on the same tier that requires the same number of points.

Thanks! I must admit that this game is quite undercooked due to me developing it in parallel with my group project and getting sidetracked by various factors. Even so, I did what I set out to do, and your feedback is exactly what I wanted to receive from it, so it’s an all-around win in my book!

Good news: you probably won’t need much time to play mine. It’s basically the polar opposite of Dora’s in terms of time investment. 😛 

I look forward to your feedback whenever you get around to it!

I sent you a DM on Discord with the password just now. Feel free to test it when you have time and let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you seemed to enjoy it overall in spite of the shortcomings.

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😁 Guinea pig, actually, and thanks! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have veggies to munch…

I, too, am glad the game made such a positive impression on you, despite it not generally being your thing! I helped craft the mini games, so I’m happy those helped keep things interesting.

Thanks for playing my game and giving such detailed feedback! I will be sure to keep these points in mind for my future projects.

This was my first-ever game, so I'm curious to know if you see improvement in my other games.

Well, this has been quite a journey! I’m glad you opted for SITL over a joke entry, too. It was nice to finally see TCOL’s mechanics in action and help you make more progress on that project.

I’m interested to see how this archeology game turns out. Best of luck on that endeavor!

Wow, a low-stress development cycle and likely full release afterward? That’s the dream!