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Piggbacking on Human's first point, uploading it ahead of the deadline means players might try it out while there's still time to update based on their feedback.

Players have a knack for finding bugs I miss, and for doing things I never anticipated. As the dev it's easy to get locked into the 'right' approach during testing. You know how things are supposed to go, which can give you tunnel vision. Fresh eyes are invaluable.

Nice. Short and sweet, and the final ability was a fun surprise :)

Went with the caster girl who is fixated on rearends lol. Magic Center initial puzzle clue was very clear, but since there were only 2 places to place orbs was ultimately confusing. Figured it out though. Everything worked great, only small issue I ran into was that you can walk right off the roof here...nbd tho was able to run around awhile and hop back on:

Fun little adventure, gonna give it another whirl sometime with the ninja :)

Nice game Kazuki-san.

I got one of the new Digimon X's recently, such nostalgia. Was fun to see those mechanics in a little RM game. No poop to clean up though lol.

I see you're using MZ now, cool. 

I liked the ending I got, I was wondering whey you sinister style would appear :)

Ohhh, yes indeed you have, sorry I didn't make that connection! i checked the Sandstone comments here for you but didn't think to check RPGM.

Good idea, I added a note about the composer in the description, and added a full credits post for posterity.

The song that plays when you meet Wrix atop the Sowthin Homeshrub in Sandstone is from Kikuta as well, "Enchanted Meadow" from The Calm :)

Thanks again for trying out another one of my creations.

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Ahoy! Nice beating it in 2 tries, thanks for taking Wrix for a run.

She's a major character in Sandstone, if you ever want to learn her story, and dodge some Grubblins and more Spaikers (spikers? hah I don't even know anymore, maybe I'll spell it Spykers somewhere else to really mix things up :)

Glad you dug the music, Hiroki Kikuta makes cooool tunes.

Long time no see, how you been? :) Thanks for trying it out!

Poison death from the damage floors was on the list, but time ran out. At least they make it *seem* like you're being damaged lol.

Ah, yeah I set the shifter ring to shatter if you try to use it a second time (eg if you're transformed and try to use it), but need to code it to shatter once you succeed in regaining humanity. A bugfix for an update, should there be one. Good catch!

Not sure on the save renaming. Could be related to the autosave function.

Regarding the chest: If you explore the far left of the clifftop on the map where you meet the witch, you'll find the hidden path!

Heyoooo again! You've tracked me to the land of itch!  Thanks for trying out (both versions) of Haroldry, and for checking out Hawk's stream.

That's correct, the browser version is v2.

This won't likely get any new updates, but thanks for your notes about the minor errors you found. In 1.0 it was possible to leave the cage entirely during the dialog, so at least now the party is stuck in there until the fight resolves.

I just added a note about the retry option to the description, good idea. 

Yeah, using Zapper and multi-strikes to pound down the groups is a great strategy, and Devastator is especially helpful against the Slippery Slimes since it can't miss; iirc that wasn't in the description for it in 1.5, so a key strength was unclear. That's awesome that you kicked off the Slimelord fight with a Devastator crit! :)

You must be really good at battling if you managed to keep all 4 alive and never ran out of MP in 1.5, and didn't need the Omega potion in 2.0- you are a gamemaster? :)

The credits BGM is 'Blackmarket' from the Gotcha Gotcha Games (Degica) Add-on Series, which I believe comes free with MV:

Such a big, funky tune :)

Ahoy Human!

Thanks for letting me know, I'm in! Won't likely be active until the last couple weeks before the deadline but look forward to diving into the Haroldverse once again :) 

The way you engineered this is clever, using photoshop as the interface. Your pixel art is great.

Oh yeah, props to them as well :)

Thanks a lot! You and KV really nailed it with Harold: Origins, definitely one of my Jam favorites. That you were able to co-op something of that calibre and submit individual entries on top of it is epic, it's inspired me to be more productive :)

For sure! I've learned so much about how to make better games from the jams I've joined, thanks to player feedback.

Those fresh perspectives are priceless in honestly assessing the strengths and weaknesses of our creations, and the ocean of ideas provided by other entries is always inspiring.

-What did you most like/dislike about the jam?

I most liked playing everyone's creations, watching Hawk stream them, and getting feedback on my own.

- Where did you hear about the jam?

I've been on the lookout for it since we finished Last Stand. I saw the announcement on the RPG Maker forum.

- What inspired you to join/submit?

The joy of creation, and the power of Harold.

- Do you have any assets you'd like to make available to the community for next year?

**Some custom face-box icons:

^ Credits to use (OK for commercial and non-commercial use in any engine) :

Shamas Demoret/Studio 3b48

**The Slime Harold face:

^ Credits to use (must abide by RPGMaker MV terms, this is customized RTP ):

[Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD, (C) KADOKAWA, Shamas Demoret/Studio 3b48

**The Slime Harold character sheets:

^ Credits to use (must abide by RPGMaker MV terms, this is customized RTP ):

[Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD, (C) KADOKAWA, Shamas Demoret/Studio 3b48

- Any other thoughts or suggestions?


oh, wait, that's mostly original music and SEs? And you're going to release the OST?


That certainly earns you an extra 'creativity' star :)

It's not that the battle system doesn't have merit, it's just not quite there yet. It has the potential to be an entertaining mechanic.

Overall well done! The teaching mechanic was unique, but it became cumbersome after a few fights to keep retraining Harold, and to not be able to do anything but teach, defend, or soak up damage with Reid.

I loved the graphical style (especially the concept of transporting to an old game world, clever), and that 8-bit Theme 6 remix is hot (as was all of the BGM and SEs you used). The glasses item was a cool idea.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Glad you got some laughs :)

Definitely a few rough edges to polish after the Jam. I wish YEP Savecore didn't highlight 'Save' by default when you select a file; even with the 'are you sure' confirmation I was worried players would accidentally save now and then. I might just set it to automatically load the correct savefile instead of opening the menu to avoid this. 

Thanks for hosting another Harold jam, looking forward to next year!

Maybe there's a good reason to switch engines, but from what I've seen you're nailing it with MV.

It looks and sounds great, and the ghost radius movement mechanic and moving pieces of the puzzles all seem smooth and responsive.

Are the tilesets and sprites your own custom work?

Good to see you here again too. 

I just played through Ghosty Dog, it was awesome! Hopefully you keep developing new parts, loved the gameplay and story.

Fantastic! Creative, entertaining mechanic and puzzles, cool story and lots of laughs. 

At the start it seemed like it would just be an innocent, goofy adventure, then...whoa!

I especially liked the way the banana is peeled :)

I'll look forward to playing the rest if you keep developing this one.

We are all Harold...

Woot! Thanks for playing, glad you liked it.

Good clean fun! Nice job making so much of the environment interactive, and funny dialog. 

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

Ahhh, OK, I understand your reasoning. You created a dangerous world, of course a price must be paid to escape :) It was definitely bad for morale, but does make sense.

Really I don't have a leg to stand on in terms of difficulty/unfairness complaints after I subjected everyone to Haroldry last year lol. Some of the troops had ungodly dodge that really made the fights a slog, I didn't use TP or an equivalent at all, and the skillsets I set up were rudimentary  (especially compared to what you built here).

I appreciated the effort you put into the battle events and dialog, and the second act shift was a cool surprise! Nice style, is the tile/face/sprite work your own? 

One adjustment to consider would be to turn down the battle SEs so they balance better with the BGM. I liked your music selection.

I had fun with this one.

Really challenging fights, but the ample items laying around to find, and the deep skillsets, helped balance it out. The one thing that pissed me off continually was that it seemed like the enemies *always* had initiative. Bah! Were it not for that I probably would have looked for more random encounter trouble to check out more of the cool troops you put together.

Great writing and quality craftsmanship throughout, nice job.

A straightforward adventure, overall pretty fun.  

I liked that you added a Difficulty option, and enjoyed the custom faces and old Harold battler.

Nice work on the burning town map effects too.

Thanks KV! It was fun imagining different ways Harold could biff the quest, glad to hear the illustrations added some fun for you :)

Thanks Nowis! Appreciate the kind words. Glad you like the Fluffy Pillow :) I wanted players to have a (relatively) easy way to catch endings they may have missed along the way.

A unique, wacky corner of the Haroldverse :)

Fun times.

Sure thing. The code deal was nbd, I was able to figure it out what to do next and proceed with little delay. It was just confusing to hear evidence that it worked, but then be told it was incorrect.

 Then again, it IS a hacking puzzle, so leaving it to the player to figure out how to crack the system fits. 

Excellent! I was worried that it wasn't a work of fiction, and that you were actually planning to give up.

More of a cutscene than a game, but a cleverly engineered one!

Adding an extra star to my 'Harold' category rating on account of your entry meeting this criteria so well:

"Is it short enough for Harold's attention span?" 


Boss Ruuuuuush!

I enjoyed this one, especially the way it tied together the trilogy. Cool parallax incorporating the Last Stand screenshots.

Thank you for giving hints at the statues, I was missing the Lucius code and that helped me find it quickly. 

The second passcode entry is a bit confusing. When I got the switch to Theme6 BGM I thought I'd cracked it, but then it was still incorrect. Maybe figuring out what to do next was part of the puzzle.

This trilogy was a ton of fun, great job, and thanks for all of the entertainment!

But now, alas....

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Ah! OK, so the numeric code comes into play in Disc 3, cool.

That was fun! Really creative gameplay. 

My Harold was very heroic, but had no potential. 

"Prepare to be wowed!" :)

That was a whole lotta action for a 15x15 map :) 

At first glance I thought, "man, this is gonna be a grind"...and it was, but a fun one! 

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I was happy to see a SRPG entry, big fan of the FE series, FF Tactics, Ogre, etc...

It was fun while it lasted, but a bit tough to figure out exactly what was going on during the fights. 

The sprites always switched to cavalry during movement planning.

What plugin(s) did you use to make the tactics system? I didn't see Credits but may have missed them, or maybe it's homemade.

Edit: Oh! I checked out the plugins folder, looks like you coded it yourself. Nice!

Nicely done! A unique entry gameplay-wise, fun times. Everything looks great with that MV3D plugin, very cool. Loved the heal snub at the end :)